Dedicated Servers: What to Look for in a Great Host

You have finally decided to move your web presence to a dedicated hosting service, like Congratulations! There is a myriad of advantages to having your professionally maintained dedicated server, like:

  1. You do not have to share server resources with other websites and worry about them jamming your traffic.
  2. Your professional hosting service will guarantee maximum uptime, optimal performance, and state of the art security.
  3. Your server is more flexible and your host can tweak the CPU, the RAM, or the software on it to your specifications because nobody else is using it alongside you.
  4. You can grow your website and add more functionalities without sacrificing on speed and performance.
  5. You have your own IP address and do not have to share it with another website which, if nefarious, could drag your page ranks into the gutter. A dedicated server is also a must for online merchants who need to process credit card information.
  6. You can save on equipment purchase and maintenance because your hosting provider takes over the cost of building and maintaining your server.

These are all excellent reasons to take the dedicated server path, but keep in mind: Not all dedicated server hosting were created equal. In fact, some you may regret ever signing up for this type of service. However, let us instead cover what a good dedicated server hosting provider will do for you and highlight how is a good choice for running a dedicated server for your private or commercial website.

Secure Location and High Bandwidth for Optimal Performance

Your dedicated server needs to be located in a secured data centre. It also needs access to the telecommunications network via high-speed bandwidth connections. is on the UK’s fastest network, and our servers run according to the state of the art in terms of security. As traffic spikes, our servers keep performing with lightning-fast speed across the UK.

Tier IV Data Centre

Not only are our location and speed top notch –’s servers reside in a Tier IV data centre. This means we offer you, among other vital features:

  • independent power distribution paths;
  • concurrently maintainable, fault-tolerant site infrastructure;
  • dual-powered cooling equipment.

This adds up to an expected uptime of 99.995 per cent. In other words, barring the apocalypse, your site will stay online.

Quality Hardware

safe and fast: dedicated server hosting

Dedicated hosting needs prime-quality servers and hardware to deliver on its promise. works with branded servers which run on the latest Intel Xeon processors and guarantee performance and resilience. We supply the setup that is right for your needs and your hosting plan, so you don’t need to worry about what goes on under the hood. Reliable, stable, and dedicated – it just works.

Customer Support

When running a dedicated server, you don’t just need tech support; you need expert help. takes great pride in its 24/7/365 technical support where web hosting professionals with years of experience and the latest know-how will troubleshoot any and every issue you may be having with urgency and precision.

Near-Instant Deployment

Whether you are migrating an old website or starting a new online presence, time is of the essence. We will put your website online within a couple of hours – or it might just be a matter of minutes. And how does a one-click CMS install sound? Now that’s fast, and not a single detail will be overlooked.

Free Migration

Speaking of migration, you have to consider the time and financial costs of moving your website to a dedicated server. This can be a complicated and daunting task and some companies might downright refuse to help you with this, but has your back! We will migrate your old site for free within 24 hours. Everything will be as you know it – just better, because we are running it on your behalf.

Linux and/or Windows – You Decide!

Whichever OS you prefer, has the know-how and the licenses to maintain and grow your website. Many other providers simply won’t offer Windows support to you; we, on the other hand, offer Windows Server 2008 Web and Standard as well as Windows Sever 2012 Standard, Essentials, and DataCenter for small additional monthly fees . With us, you are in safe and competent hands, regardless of your operating system of choice.

Full Programming Support

Your dedicated hosting service should speak your language – also computer-wise. We cover all major programming languages – PHP, MySQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails and more. Our experts know how to get into the nitty gritty of your code, and you will notice your web presence will speak more freely and fluently with their dedicated support and attention.

The Best Control Panel Around uses cPanel/WebHostManager control panel for managing your dedicated server. This is the top industry application with a host of useful features which a good dedicated hosting service ought to cover. Creating and managing accounts, email management, security, full-server backups and many more vital functions are all covered by the all-powerful cPanel/WHM.

Full Root Access

Your dedicated server is your own, after all. To keep you in control from anywhere you are, offers you full root access, including KVM remote access through IPMI. You can utilise any web browser and manage your hosting with your keyboard, video and mouse.

Hardware Replacement

As with any other piece of machinery, servers or parts thereof will fail. Other hosts will string you along with long waiting times until a broken element is identified, removed, and replaced. offers you a 4-hour support response guarantee, from the moment a part begins to fail to the moment it is swapped out, as part of our standard server offering.

If a dedicated server is not what you are looking for, then perhaps one of our web hosting, reseller hosting,  or  VPS hosting packages will suit your needs.