Treat yourself to a Dot Love Domain (.Love)

Love—the most sought after, and life-altering, emotion has come to the internet at last. Showcase your passions online for the most unifying and powerful human emotion. We’ve talked about why you need new gTLD to help you brand your business and there is much buzz about dot love (.love) on the market. If you’re wondering what is a gTLD? It’s simply means a generic top-level domain.  As the internet continues to expand more gTLDs will come into play dot love being one them.

Industries Dot Love Targets

You may think dot love is a strange gTLD extension but there are many online industries that can benefit from using this domain extension as a statement. Love is sure to be a popular domain extension for any business looking to cater to couples, wedding planning, engagements, matchmaking and dating sites, and romantics.

Weddings & Wedding Planners

Domains: .Love-wedding-planner
Dot love domain for wedding planners. Image source:

Wedding Planners can set up their online business with a dot love domain. Couples planning their own nuptials can begin their life together by announcing it on their brand new dot love website. New couples completely charmed by each other can share their story with a dot love web address. Just got engaged? Why not announce it along with a save the date on your .love website. True love never dies with a dot love gTLD, in fact, it remains as eternal as the internet.

Online Dating & Matchmaking

Everyone is looking for that special someone to share all of their love with, that is if they haven’t already found them. Discover your true love with a dot love domain. Want to start a new dating service online and help others who fancy a new relationship? Then start with a dot love web address.

Literature, Books and Music

Domains: .Love books
Register a .love domain name for your creative projects. Share the love! Image source:

Romance novels, YA Contemporary fiction, and Fantasy always have passionate love stories woven within their pages. Need a website for your new author page as a romance author? Then use a dot love domain to show your audience what your book is about. New album release with R&B or pop love songs then .love is right for you. Creating a new podcast about love and relationships create the website with a dot love domain extension.

With .Love the possibilities are endless. You can launch websites about your passions and interests using a dot love gTLD to show your audience that it is indeed love that brought you here. Any interest you have whether it’s a blog about your favourite sports team, your hobbies, ideas, and more you can use .love to showcase your growing passions.

Advantages of Choosing a New gTLD

  1. gTLDs are a strategic element of marketing and branding.
  2. Emerging Trends with TLDs
  3. Countless Availability of Domain Names for Purchase
  4. Continued Evolution

TLDs: A Strategic Element of Marketing and Branding

Well, one of the most advantageous elements of gTLDs is the marketing and branding opportunity that helps connect your business with its target audience.

This continued evolution in TLDs enables online businesses to choose a domain extension that fits perfectly with their field/niche, one that identifies their industry, product and brand—Or in the dot love’s case encompasses it.

There is still a bit of uncertainty with companies on using new gTLDs due to doubts on SEO performance, however, they are becoming more and more renowned for their branding importance.

Using the .shop gTLD seems logical if you own an e-commerce store or even more precise a .store gTLD, and likewise using the dot love gTLD if you have a dating service or wedding planning website.

Consider how consumers would benefit from seeing gTLDs that were relevant to industries and more memorable when searching for new products and services.

Emerging Trends

With steady growth in popularity of gTLDs across the internet, new trends continue to emerge ensuring the continued use going forward into the future.

Globally recognised brands like Sony, Samsung, Google and Apple have all launched their own new gTLDs to further expand their brand’s reach and to increase their visibility on the global online market. Google’s and Apple ’s .NEWS are great examples of how new gTLDs can and are being used. Apple’s exponential growth of its .NEWS gTLD has a whopping 40 million users.

Greater Availability for Domain Name Purchases

As new gTLDs continue to gain traction on the market it enables and opens domain marketplace up to increased availability, meaning you’re more likely to secure the domain name you want. Now there are more options for choosing a domain name even if it is already taken under another extension.

These new gTLDs allow new website owners to step outside of the .com box and explore domain extensions that better speak to their brand and offer built-in marketing.

Great availability for domain purchases means a continual evolution across the internet universe.

Many Websites already use Dot Love

While dot love is a relatively new gTLD, there are a few websites already using the coveted gTLD. The table below illustrates the a few websites who use .love that fall within the top 1,000,000 sites on the internet with their ranking showing.


Best Apps for Dot Love

The obvious answer would be dating apps, wedding planner apps, apps that concern hobbies like travel and adventure, fantasy game apps, anniversary apps, pregnancy apps, baby apps, family oriented apps, and the possibilities are endless. This domain can speak to so many brands and make a huge statement with your audience and “would-be” clients.


Love encompasses so much in our world and we use the word to convey so many emotions. In the same vein, registering a dot love domain name would do the same for your brand. It can convey desire, passion, friendship, and so much more. Get your dot love domain from your prefered registrar or web hosting provider and don’t miss out on this charming new gTLD.