.app the New TLD on the Block and the first to include HTTPS

Calling all app developers and business owners, there is a new TLD .app by Google and it is here to stay. In case you have been living under a tech news rock, we’re here to give you the latest on the new TLD extension that has been made just for app developers.

What Is .app?

.app is a more secure domain for applications. From games, to news, to education, . app is the perfect home for your app. Back in May of this year, Google unveiled. app specifically designed for app developers to give them their own TLD extension on the internet and help in ushering in a HTTPS only internet future.

How to identify a TLD Extension

What is a TLD Extension?



TLD stands for top-level domain. It is the extension that is at the end of domain or URL addresses. The more common ones include .com, .co.uk, .net, .org, .edu, and .gov. There are also popular country specific TLDs like .co.uk, .de and .fr.

Well .com is the most widely used and recognizable domain extension on the internet. No matter where you are in the world .com is trusted and gives a website a level of trust and legitimacy. However, this year more specific TLDs are become trendier among website owners.

What Makes. app So Great?

So, we just talked about specific TLDs becoming trendier, well. app is one of them. Google made. app specifically for app developers to use as their TLD extension. Not only does it identify a developer’s site but it is also the first TLD to use HTTPS as an absolute prerequisite. This means that App Developers will have automatic security applied to their websites and SSL Certificates will have to be used in order for them to work. This is great news, considering developers require their users to input sensitive information and account details to their sites in order to download apps from them. That is the beauty of. app; it automatically requires HTTPS ensuring their users and developers are both secured. This translates to 100% encryption.

Why do you HTTPS to get .app?

.app requires HTTPS because Google added it to its HSTS or HTTP strict transport security; it is a mechanism that ensures a browser only makes secure HTTPS connections. This is crucial, because it ensures that attack vectors that could potentially allow someone to strip a connection or hijack a session are eliminated.

This means, that in order to use a .app TLD extension you must use HTTPS; they literally will not work without SSL Certificates installed. If you don’t load your SSL Certificate, when users try to access your website, they will receive an error message stating that your site is inaccessible. So that we’re clear: .app’s inclusion on the HSTS preload list doesn’t mean you won’t still need an SSL certificate. In fact, forced HSTS, means now you need an SSL certificate more than ever or your website will not work. This, of course, is a part of Google’s plan to ensure encryption reaches every corner of the internet.


Who needs the .app TLD Extension?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, .app is specifically for App Developers. Even if you are an app developer that works in the world of mobile apps, you can still benefit from .app by opening a landing page on the web for your apps. With a trendy and memorable .app domain name, you can make yourself application or business easily identifiable to your users and benefit from the security features of having this TLD extension. You can create a landing page that has secure downloadable links, and collect user data without worrying about security breaches.

The .app benefits breakdown:


  • Be more secure: Your security is priority. The .app top-level domain is included on the HSTS preload list, making HTTPS required on all connections to .app websites — no individual HSTS registration or configuration required. The result is built-in web security for you and your users.


  • Get a memorable and brandable domain: The name is self-explanatory. Find a brand new .app name to match your company or product, so you can market and brand your apps with a unique and relevant URL. Stand out in the crowd.


  • Be discoverable: With a unique domain, it’ll be easier for people to find your application.


  • Engage your audience: Use your .app domain name to keep your audience engaged and up-to-date about your app — from relevant, trustworthy download links to release notes, reviews, and more. There are absolutely no limits.

Who’s using .app?

Many companies, causes and individuals from all backgrounds are already using .app to create a secure environment for their users. Just, have a look for yourself.

  • Outdoor Voices at ov.app: Outdoor Voices makes high quality apparel and technology experiences to inspire more people to be active on a daily basis.
  • Albert at albert.app: Albert is your pocket financial expert. Text Albert a financial question and their team of financial geniuses will answer.
  • Picnic at picnic.app: Picnic makes grocery shopping in the Netherlands and Germany quick, easy and affordable with up to the minute accuracy and free delivery.
  • Cash app at cash.app: With cash app, anyone can send and receive money easily, buy and sell bitcoin, or deposit funds instantly.
  • Sitata at sitata.app: Sitata keeps you safe while you travel with real time information about travel disrupting events like protests and transit strikes.
  • Trail at trail.app: Trail is a smart daily checklist helping the service industry run more smoothly.

Here is a list of other companies who use .app:

  • BNEXT at bnext.app
  • The Local App at thelocal.app
  • Call app at call.app
  • Bark App at bark.app
  • Chicisimo at chicisimo.app
  • Myra at myra.app
  • Veem at www.veem.app
  • Lola at lola.app
  • Join at join.app
  • NimbleDroid at nimble.app
  • Patient App at patient.app
  • Tread at tread.app
  • LBB at lbb.app
  • The Podcast App at podcast.app
  • BYJU’S at byjus.app
  • MENA Virtual Reality at menavr.app
  • Steps App at steps.app
  • Balloonr at balloonr.app
  • Sitter App at sitter.app
  • Pezesha LTD at pezesha.app
  • Puppet Inc. at puppet.app
  • Increase at increase.app
  • Pickle at pickle.app

As you can see from the companies listed above it is so easy to create a brandable and memorable name for your app and use the domain name at .app. There are so many benefits for App Developers, and companies wishing to market mobile apps to users with .app landing pages. If you want to get ahead of the race then choose yourname.app, youridea.app, yourapp.app domain name as soon as possible.