10 E-Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It is more difficult to do things right in e-marketing than it is to do things wrong. It seems like making mistakes along the way is normal when trying e-mail marketing. Marketing is very crucial to business. Doing it right ensures a big boost towards success for businesses. Doing it wrong leads to a big fall towards disaster. Here we’ve compiled 10 blunders you should avoid which will help to boost e-marketing campaigns. 

1. Marketing without good knowledge of the target market

When starting a business, you should think of people or a group of people who can fit into your target market. You should know how your products or services could fix the consumers’ problems. If you cannot answer these questions with great detail, you should consider using an email marketing tool to help with this. If you cannot closely understand your target market, you cannot convince consumers to buy your products or services.

2. Getting consumers to buy without teaching them about the product

It is true that the ultimate goal of marketing is to make sales or to sign up new customers. But that should not be the direct focus of your e-marketing campaign. A good e-marketing campaign offers valuable knowledge, hope as well as comfort to the target market. Customers are more comfortable in buying from the companies they trust.

3. Having only one traffic source

Putting all the eggs in one basket is a risky affair. You might lose the entire business virtually overnight. To avoid this, seek out marketing strategies which could bring sales immediately. In e-marketing, do not just use one marketing strategy. There are a lot of marketing strategies out there. They range from YouTube marketing, Social marketing, blog marketing and many other online strategies. For more on social media marketing learn how you can use Twitter as a marketing tool from this article.

4. Forum spamming

This should be a big NO for e-marketers. Those utilising e-marketing should find good forums and provide a lot of helpful information to the others. The higher quality the information, the more individuals will want to view the product or service and subsequently make a purchase.

5. Targeting anyone rather than someone

If you have not thought of that person that could be part of the target market, then you are not ready to spend a lot of time and money for e-marketing. If you design campaigns for any random person and throw the material there, there is a high chance many fish won’t bite. It is a nice idea for your targeted e-marketing campaign to speak to given persons. Remember that, ‘one size’ does not fit all and that you have real people as clients not robots who have unique needs. Pay attention to this and your customers will love you for it.

6. Not having a capture page

Many internet marketers have the mindset that all you need is that you sell and go look for more customers. That’s okay if you want to be on the computer all day everyday worrying where to find new people to market to. The smart and long-term way of being successful in internet marketing is to capture your prospect’s email address. In that way, you will have a database of hot prospects interested in your topic at your disposal for you to make more money in the long run and sell them more of your products. (That’s you right?)

7. Being overly logical and professional

This is boring and you will lose the interest of most prospects visiting your website. This may work if you are trying to sell your English professor into giving you an ‘A’, but if you want to make money online, understand that it is emotion that sells. The only time logic is useful is when your customer uses his logic in buying your product! So add more emotional copy into whatever you are selling and watch your sales soar!

8. Treating your list like robots

Instead, you should try treating your list of subscribers as friends. A friend you can trust and a friend that will give money to you. Establish a trusting relationship with your list of subscribers before shoving your products down your throats. It’s important to customise campaigns for each target group. For instance, in your email marking campaigns using effective tools can help to increase your reach. Here are some top e-mail marketing tools to consider. First rule in e-marketing is to give your users some useful information about the subject/topic you want them to opted in for (newsletter, e-book, etc.). Establish credibility, trustworthiness, and authority and you will more likely build long term paying customers… I mean friends.

9. Making a wonderful product with a less-than – wonderful market

You have a wonderful product, your friends love it, your family loves it, it’s a sure bet, right? Maybe. But usually it’s not. Unless you have way too much money to burn on developing a product that might sell, you should first find the demand of the market and then create the product to satisfy that demand.

For us e-marketers, strategy or a well thought out plan is much safer and cost way LESS. And most important, it’s also very profitable.

10. Not concentrating on your current customers and looking for new ones

Many people overlook the fact that your current paying customers are more likely to purchase another product repeatedly than fresh new customers. Internet marketing experts will tell you that the best buyers usually come from your current database. If that’s not enough to convince you, remember that it takes an average of 5 times or more following up with your customers before your sale is made.

Now it is your turn

Avoiding these things can give you a great push if you want to get your e-marketing campaigns off in the right manner. Remember what’s on the list and avoid them at all cost to ensure your success in e-marketing. The more you focus what to do and put these actions in play, the sooner you will get your hands on the profits you deserve.

Finally, if you realize today that you fall short and commit some of these internet marketing mistakes, you need to stop immediately! Go back to the drawing board and be sure to correct these bad practices. Do not waste your time, money, and effort on disastrous practices. Remember this wise saying, “half the battle is in knowing what the real problem is.” Avoid these mistakes and to claim victory on this half of the battle!