Graduates need a website to showcase their skills


After spending years developing your skills in a particular field, you’ve finally graduated. Congratulations! The big question is, what’s next? Most likely a job.

The job market is tough to get into and so as a college graduate your goal is to shine brighter than your competition. Creating a website dedicated to displaying your skills, qualifications and experience can definitely make you stand out from other candidates. By putting yourself out there, Recruiters or Hiring Managers will be able to find you. You could even get your dream job without directly applying for it.

Companies get a number of resumes each day and the process of going through them is daunting. So what is it that makes one candidate stand out from the next? How can you as a recent college graduate ensure that you are the one to rise to the top? One of the first things employers do after receiving a resume is a search for you online. A Huffington Post article states that 80% of employers search for potential employees online long before inviting them for an interview.

What they find after that search determines whether you are selected our passed over for someone else. You are a brand. Spend time using the unlimited resources of the internet to present your skills, interests and competencies in the best light possible.

It doesn’t matter what you studied in college, a website creates the perfect atmosphere to market yourself.


Types of websites you can create

There are different kinds of websites you can go with which for global marketing of your qualifications. The top four which are perfect to carry out this function are landing pages, virtual resumes, blogs and portfolio.


Add a Link of Your Resume to Your Landing Page

Adding a PDF version of your resume to a professional single page website or landing page is a simple and fast way to get your resume online. On this page, you can add a brief bio, a photo and your contact information.

This approach has a number of benefits. This includes the fact that it is a simple and effective virtual business card. Therefore, once your name is typed into a search engine your landing page will pop-up without much work from your end. Hiring Managers will be able to find you, download your resume, print and/or share and contact you for a potential job without you even applying for one.

The downside of this is that search engines do not read PDF. Therefore, if a Hiring Manager searches for just experiences on skills they may not find you. However, there is a simple way to combat this. Do this by ensuring that your landing page itself includes keywords related to your industry. Highlight your skills, experiences and qualifications in your bio on your homepage. Also, use other on-site SEO features to optimise your landing page.


Create a Personal Resume website

If you are seriously looking for a job, having a virtual resume will significantly improve the chances of companies finding you. It details your skills, qualification and previous job posts. Unlike a landing page, a personal resume website does not limit you to a single page. Turn sections of your resume into single pages. This is a great option for graduates regardless of the industry you are planning on entering.

On your home page, give visitors an idea of who you are, what you do, your competencies and your interests. Feel free to add professional high-quality photo(s) and videos to give Recruiters an introduction of not just your expertise but your personality as well.

By creating individual pages with details on your education, skills and achievements Recruiters will be able to find specific information without having to go through one long document. Ensure you add links to all the companies you have worked with and projects you have worked on. If you don’t have any past work experience and you are looking for your first job, add links to all the voluntary work you have done.

Ensure that there is a link to your contact information and social handles on each page on your website.


Create a Personal Blog

A personal blog is ideal for persons interested in a career in Journalism, Public Relations, Content Writing etc. However, it’s not limited to persons in the Journalism industry. Having a personal blog means that you can improve your writing in things that interest you.

You can also write about the industry that you wish to enter. Get personal and talk about how this particular industry motivates and drives you. What was the spark that created this initial fire to not just be a part of something but to help move it to the next level? Also, feel free to link your resume to your personal blog.

You can even choose to do a blog that doesn’t even speak to the industry you wish to enter but highlights your other interests and skills.


Create a Portfolio Website

This is the perfect kind of website to show off your work. It’s similar to a resume website, only this one features mostly your skills as in actual work you’ve done. This is ideal for but not limited to animators, filmmakers, graphic designers, dancers, architects and photographers.

Some fields do not require a portfolio but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. The idea is to stand out from your peers and impress Recruiters, so go ahead and create one even if it’s unconventional. Let’s say you are into marketing and had the opportunity to successfully pull-off a number of social media campaigns. Why wouldn’t you share that? Get screenshots of the analytics showing the growth and reach that took place because of your marketing expertise.

You can use our website building tools to ensure you present your work in the most professional and flattering way possible. Choose a stunning template with a visual emphasis from our vast catalogue.



Maybe you’ve chosen one of the formats mentioned or you’ve merged them to create an authentic website geared towards wowing Recruiters. Whatever the case, once you’ve published your resume online ensure that you share it so Recruiters or Hiring Managers can find you.

Post in on your LinkedIn profile, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Also, your website could do really well to the point where it becomes your job. Buy a domain name, select one of our professional and stunning templates and build your brand online. Check out these services for cheap web hosting packages, ideal for hosting your website. Don’t wait another second, start creating your website today!