Reseller Hosting Profit Calculator

Are you familiar with Reseller hosting? Well, essentially it is a way of creating a steady recurring revenue stream for your company. With Reseller hosting you can white label your complete hosting offering towards your website clients. Reseller hosting is the ideal solution for web designers, hosting companies, consultants and many more businesses.

If you want to find out how much you could earn by selling webhosting towards your (existing) client base, you can check out the estimator below.

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How it works

1. Perform a Competition Analyses (30 min)

Let’s start by appraising the prices your competitors currently charge their customers for. If you’re new to reselling web hosting we, we have the average retail prices charged per month already entered for a few competitors.

2. Find out what package suits you best (10 min)

Now the main distinction of the reseller offering is the number of users it can host. How many clients are you expecting to onboard to your hosting plans? Fill them out here. Remember that your always flexible to up and downgrade at the end of the billing period.

3. Choose the segment you like to be in (5 min)

At first, it might be hard to think about what segment you want to be in. And of course, this fully depends on your business model. Here some tips to help you decide:

Are you a web designer?

Your clients love to have a single point of contact for their website. And research tells us that your clients do not mind of paying a bit more for having a single point of contact.

Are you in an emerging market?

Some notable emerging market economies include India, Mexico, Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, and Brazil. From experience we know that the price point is often an important thing. Often in these markets the rule is:

“Masses equals cashes”

Meaning that often your price-point will be a bit lower than selling in the UK markets, but you need to find out a way to get a lot of clients on board.

Don’t become the next “CHEAP” Hosting company

Your clients are not looking for CHEAP, they are looking for a company that can add value.

Make sure you clearly communicate how you or your service adds value to your clients. This can be: 24/7 support, hosting on UK servers, phone support or anything else that can distinguish you from the (cheap) bulk hosting companies.

A lot of hosting companies do not offer good phone support or help with Hacked WordPress sites. So, find out your unique proposition!

4. Calculate your profit (5 min)

Last but not least, when you have a raw understanding about the packages you would like to offer, and the prices for each plan, you can calculate roughly how much money you will make in the first year.

Now you can start your hosting business

Now all you need to do is purchase the reseller hosting plan you like to get started with. Get 50% off when you order below.

 Most Popular  
For small businessesPerfect for a small resellerIdeal for agenciesAll you can need
25GB Disk Space75GB Disk Space150GB Disk Space250GB Disk Space
Unlimited Data TransferUnlimited Data TransferUnlimited Data TransferUnlimited Data Transfer
£2.00/month Dedicated IP£2.00/month Dedicated IPFREE Dedicated IPFREE Dedicated IP
10 CPanel accounts included25 CPanel accounts included50 CPanel accounts included75 CPanel accounts included
100% White Label100% White Label100% White Label100% White Label
Free DomainFree Domain*Free Domain*Free Domain*
Order NowOrder NowOrder NowOrder Now

There is a 50% discount only for the first year. The discount will be added automatically by clicking on the order now option above.

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