Why EV SSL Certificates Are Important

In the first part of this 3 part blog series on SSL, we looked at “Facts about DV SSL that you need to know.” If you missed it read it here. Now we will explore what makes Extended Validation SSL certificates better than the rest and help you understand its importance along the way.

EV SSL certificates offer companies the highest tier of secure socket layer encryption on the market. Many respected companies rely on this powerful encryption to protect sensitive data and users’ privacy. The internet is developing at an alarming rate. In addition, an ever-increasing number of people creating their own website. Depending on the nature and scale of a company, shared sensitive user data needs optimal care. Here is a look at how EV SSL certificates establish more stringent online security protocols.

Extended Validation EV SSL

Encrypting information as it travels through the world-wide web must become a priority. Comodo’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Extended Validation (EV) certificate, offers the highest level of trust. In fact, they activate vital security features to assure clients of their online safety. It proves helpful to a website’s online presence.  

Ultimate Security for Maximum Trust

In online business today, many people do not recall the battles that web stores faced in the primitive days. To put it differently, security was a HUGE issue. There was no consistent or sound method to shield data sent from a given site to the server.

EV SSL Certificates: Well Recognised

EV SSL certificates bring the most distinguished level of trust and authentication to a site. This solution conforms to set validation guidelines. All companies must pass a thorough vetting process before issuance. Those who choose EV SSL certificates get highly recognisable trust icons on their webpages.

More online business owners turn to EV SSL to increase confidence and user conversions. They are going past the gold lock icon. EV SSL Certificate, is the e-business standard for trust and security.

Get Noticed with EV SSL

Extended Validation Green Bar SSL Certificate

EV puts internet business security front and center, and thwarts phishing assaults which make EV SSL certificates the most thorough SSL certificates on the market. Visual confirmation helps internet business owners boost trust, increase online shopping commitments, and increase long-term revenue.

How to Identify EV SSL Certificates

You should use a version equal or higher than Firefox 3, IE 7, Opera 9, Safari 3.2, and Google Chrome 1.x. These are the main programs that help to identify EV certificates since December 2008.

So how does it work you may ask?  Well, normally, an EV certificate presence alters the colour and selected text found in the address bar. When a site uses an EV certificate and it is legitimate, it usually changes some piece of the address bar to a shade of green.

ev browser example

Each time a customer visits a web page with EV installed, the green address bar activates. The company name among other trust icons become visible for all to see. To illustrate, you can identify an EV certificate in a browser, by consulting the image below.

3 EV SSL Certificate in 3 different browsers

Increase Search Engine Ranking

Following recommended SEO practices can push your webpage up in search engine rankings. Google started a mission to eradicate malicious unsecured websites to make browsing the internet and doing business safer for everyone.

Today, all kinds of websites can get SSL. Ideally, this can improve a website’s SEO ranking by as much as 5%. This is because Google and popular search engines favour SSL- supported websites.

Chrome 68 July Deadline

As of July 2018, with the arrival of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure.” Hosting.co.uk intentionally encourages customers and visitors to find the most suitable SSL for their business and visit their web store for the most competitively priced SSL certificates by Comodo.

Top 7 features of Comodo EV SSL Certificate

In general, EV SSL certificate users can enjoy the following perks:

  • Green Bar Trust: Gain instant trust promoting the highest level of client conversion.
  • 2048-bit the highest trust SSL certificate
  • Google and SEO: Uses SSL as a ranking signal.
  • Dynamic Comodo Trust icon: Display other company details to reassure visitors of a website’s integrity.
  • 99.9% browser recognition
  • Business validation: Highly recommended to increase online trust.
  • EV certs are mobile-friendly

Cons of EV

More expensive: EV certificates are costly but, considering the increased trust and proven increase in conversions, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Longer Validation Process: Because the certifying body conduct a more comprehensive vetting process for EV certificates, it tends to take more time (when compared to DV certs) before issuance. A company must wait between 3-5 days before issuance. What’s more, if vetted  information is not enough, the period could be prolonged up to 8 days. 

Importance of CSR for EV SSL Certificates

Before you order your SSL Certificate, you must generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for a domain name or host name on the web server.

The Certificate Authority (CA) needs the standard CSR document with each new certificate request. It includes a website’s open key, combined with a private key from the applicant’s server. This important document gives all the relevant data about the requester.

Organisation name, Organisation unit, Locality, State, Country, Email, Key size (bits) and common website name, are examples of what the CSR public key generates.

The private key is a cryptographic key found in the CSR document. It should never be shared with anybody outside your secured server condition. This is numerically used to decode delicate information transmitted and encoded by a specific public key.

What does the CA Check?

Importance of EV SSL Certificate

EV vetting typically take 3-5 business days. This is because the CA has more in-depth vetting to do. They do detailed checks on a company generally not required for regular Domain Validated (DV) certs. Here are some main elements that Comodo CA verifies for new applicants. (The article isn’t authoritative and does not mirror Comodo’s full EV vetting.)

  • Candidate’s Legal Status. Acquired or confirmed straight from the registration agency.
  • Flagged Entity Check. Comodo checks the requesting entity against anti-phishing work groups.
  • DBA/Trade Name (if available).
  • Physical Existence.
  • Operational Existence.
  • Telephone Number.
  • Domain Ownership.

This article is to teach regular online customers about SSL certificates and its importance.

Readers who want more information can contact us or leave a comment below. We love feedback from our customers about data security.