6 ways to make Share-Worthy Graphics for your Blog

If you can create share worthy graphics for your blog, this could in theory attract thousands, if not millions, of visitors. We’ve all seen those viral images, viral videos and viral infographics which catch our eye, tug our emotions. As a result, they prompt us to share, share and share again with all of our friends. There are trends and common characteristics in many of the popular graphics which shoot across social media in an instant. Tips range from wacky and zany to helpful and informative. So, what are really the best ways to make share worthy graphics for your blog?

Tap into followers emotion

Recent surveys confirm that the top 10 positive viral emotions are amusement, interest, surprise, happiness, delight, pleasure, joy, hope, affection and excitement. No, we’re not talking gentle amusement, slight surprise or a touch of hope. We are talking about intense pleasure, tear jerking affection and laughing at something you maybe shouldn’t laugh at. Run-of-the-mill images are 10 a penny; even if the information is groundbreaking and headline grabbing the benefits may be lost. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

Example: Love has no labels

The “Love Has No Labels” YouTube video has attracted more than 59 million views and is as emotional as it is educational. The idea behind the video is that you see the love between two people before you actually see them. All you literally see are skeletons on a large TV screen and then the two people emerge from each side. The video is very simple, very powerful and very thought-provoking.

Prompt controversy and heated debate!

Highly informative and extremely controversial are the two extremes when looking to create share worthy graphics for your website. What one person may see as controversial, another may see as truthful, which creates friction – perfect for viral videos. When doing controversial graphics you may need to prepare yourself for a backlash, criticism on social media and comments which will range from admiration to anger. There are lines drawn by society, subjects you should never cover but in the main, creating a controversial graphic can be extremely good for backlinks. However, when you come under scrutiny you need to be able to back up the information/message in your graphic to fight off the doubters!

Example: Is the dress white and gold or black and blue?

The controversy surrounding simple a dress has created one of the most iconic images on the Internet in recent times, prompting an array of viral videos. You know the one, was the dress black and blue or white and gold? If you check the link below you can make your own mind up and then an expert will decipher the different interpretations. Sometimes, it is better not to know the science behind the concept but just enjoy the controversy and the fact that more people saw white and gold than black and blue. But who were right?

Target complex emotions

The targeting of deep-seated emotions via images or videos is a skill in itself. Empathy, admiration, sadness and joy can often come together to create a crescendo of feelings and emotions. Some examples of highly successful viral videos include:

  • The elderly husband who began to do his wife’s make-up when her eyesight started to fail. This evoked emotions such as admiration, sadness, joy and respect made this one of the biggest hits of recent times.
  • Pet rescues during floods are always a tearjerker, edge of the seat emotion and prompt will they/won’t they scenarios.
  • The baby and the husky in deep conversation which prompts amazement, concern, bewilderment and a sense of bonding few people will ever experience. This is a video you can’t stop watching for so many different reasons.

Targeting complex emotions is one of the most difficult traits when looking to create share worthy graphics and images. It has to appeal to different audiences on so many different levels and prompt differing views. With the baby and the husky video, is the dog barking at the baby or are they simply in a world of their own?

Example: Baby and the husky in deep conversation

There are many emotions prompted when watching this video, joy, happiness, concern and wonderment as to whether the baby and the husky are actually communicating? Is there something going on which is beyond our knowledge? We will let you make up your own mind….but it is beautiful to watch.

The element of surprise

Some of the best viral videos are those which have an element of surprise which you know is just not possible but your mind begins to wander. In many ways those viewing the “surprise” would like it to be true and therefore in some way buy into the subject of the video. This can create a whole range of different responses but when you consider some of the tens of millions of views these viral videos receive it shows we like to be surprised.

Example: Walking on water prank

There is a “Walking on water prank” video which has attracted more than 48 million views even though we all know it is impossible. As you will see from the video link, the prankster appears deeply enthralled in his mobile phone and inadvertently “walks on water” in front of a stunned crowd. This video is made even more appealing when the prankster communicates surprise and concern with bystanders. Will they help him?

Unconventional superstars

As consumers we are spoonfed how we should expect those in particular professions to look and act. This is why videos showing unconventional superstars of the future are so appealing and extremely easy on the eye. They not only show that stereotypes can be wrong but in many ways they give us, the general public, hope that one day we can be a superstar. It is fair to say that the emergence of various talent shows have given us a constant flow of unlikely superstars of the future. Which one should we choose?

Example: Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent audition 2009

A rather extrovert lady stepped onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. When she began her interview, there was an audible gasp from the audience. In what appeared to be a mix of mockery and empathy nobody quite knew what they were about to witness. Step forward the singing sensation that is Susan Boyle and more than 232 million views!


When we looked at many educational viral videos on the Internet. We found that there are literally hundreds if not thousands which have attracted millions of views. The one characteristic they all seem to have is simplifying what on the surface may seem like fairly complicated subjects. Many of educational channels target children, making learning fun by introducing an array of cartoon characters. These types of videos can be extremely useful in schools and encourage children to learn at home.

Example: Germs Movie for Kids Virus & Bacteria Introduction

This is a very interesting video which looks at viruses and bacteria in a very simple, enjoyable and informative manner. The use of a likeable cartoon character and various colourful graphic images brings the process down to the level at which a child remains interested. Those which can effectively communicate with children and educate them at the same time are literally marketing gold dust. However, if like this video you get it right you can go viral and attract millions of views!

Monetising your content

There are many ways to tap into the human psyche, create viral graphics and videos but many of the biggest hits tend to happen by accident. In-depth research into some of the more popular viral videos has helped to identify a number of common elements. However, putting together these common elements and attracting millions of natural views is not easy.

Viral videos are marketing gold dust and if managed correctly they can create a very lucrative income stream for your website (don’t forget to make your site mobile friendly). Monetisation techniques may include something as simple as Google ads, incorporating Google analyticsaffiliate links or even selling advertising space to large corporations. What we do know is that if you have the traffic, there will be somebody out there ready and willing to use it. When you consider that the original Susan Boyle audition for Britain’s Got Talent now has a staggering 232 million views, this shows the power of viral content.

This gave the show the type of exposure which money can’t buy. Today, many people are still viewing the audition! If you can tap into emotion, controversy, education and offer an element of surprise and intrigue, you might have a good chance of creating viral content. It is also worth remembering that some viral content will have an effective “sell by date”. This means the buzz will start to die around the subject to make way for fresh content. Therefore, you need to maximise your viral content as soon as possible and secure every last pound of income and backlink. Granted this is not easy but if you pull it off, it can be a game changer!