Managed VPS Service: Is it like having your own server administrator?

The bigger a business gets online, the more resources it will need if it is to continue thriving. You may also want more control, stability and to simply improve the overall performance of your website. Achieving all of that can be time consuming, so what happens if you don’t have the time to do it yourself? Then, Managed Virtual Private Server, VPS, service is a fitting solution to consider.

What is VPS hosting?

Before getting into the details of managed VPS Hosting, let’s look first at what VPS Hosting is. As stated before, VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. With this hosting system, several websites are stored on a single server. But, unlike shared hosting, your website is given a designated portion of the server. You will not have to share any of the resources with other sites on the same server. You get your own memory, storage, space and bandwidth. Take a look at this VPS plan to see how it compares to Dedicated Servers.

Now that you’ve had a look at a VPS hosting plan you will have noticed that it is very similar to having a dedicated server. However, because providers will, for the most part, only guarantee you a reliable network for your server to operate on, the rest of the work is left up to you and it is a lot of responsibility to manage the private server yourself.

You will be expected to have specialized skills and knowledge to do most of the work required. Think about software installation and system upgrades. You will be responsible for all of that and if something were to go wrong; you’d have no one to blame but yourself. Managed VPS Hosting lightens the load and makes managing your server less complicated.

What is managed VPS hosting?

Having explained what VPS hosting is and how it works, let’s look at what ‘Managed’ VPS hosting is. Managed VPS hosting means you are not required to be an IT expert to get the job done, unlike its unmanaged counterpart.

Managed VPS Hosting requires you to still be responsible for updating your website, whether you do it yourself or outsource help to do it. What it however does is provide you with a team of experts that will the heavy lifting as it relates to the maintenance of your site.

You’ll still have full access to and control over your virtual server, but you have the peace of mind that if something were to go wrong or if you just needed some help to ensure your server is operating at its maximum, you can have a team of specialist that you can to provide support. This allows you time to focus on other aspects of your business that are more in line with your skill set.

That team of experts working in the background 24/7 to ensure your site is properly maintained is really the only difference between regular VPS hosting and Managed VPS hosting. However, that difference matters significantly.

Benefits of managed VPS hosting?

While switching from regular or unmanaged VPS hosting to a managed platform will cost more, the benefits far outweigh the price, is that’s the kind of service you’re looking for. What are some of those benefits, you may ask. The benefits are virtually the same having your own server administrator.

1. Regular Software updates

Hackers are bad news, but they are smart individuals, who keep software developers on their toes as it relates to the security of their products. So, if developers or companies recognize flaws in their system that may be vulnerable to or worst yet, have been breached by hackers, they use software updates to fix these.

For that reason, it is crucial that you install updates as soon as they are available. With a managed VPS plan, you do not have to worry about trying to keep up with these updates, as it makes sure your system is updated as soon as upgrades are available. The administrators that come with your plan stay up to date with all the changes to your content management system (CMS). This ensures they know what you need to make your system safe and secure.

2. Regular Back-ups to your site

Routine back-ups is another sure way to protect your website. If your site crashes or is otherwise compromised, for example, back-up allows you to scrap it and start over from where the last duplicate was saved. You can do your own updates if you have the time and know how to, as you’ll be required to schedule each one and stick to the plan.

An administrator however relieves you of that task. The administrator will back-up your site regularly and on time, so you don’t have to worry about that, which assures you that your website has a safe restore point should anything go wrong.

3. Better customer support.

This point was mentioned before, but it’s worth highlighting again. With managed VPS hosting, you still have control over your website; you can still be as involved as you want to, but you have access to customer support if and when you need it. You won’t have to wait for assistance that’s provided through a ticketed customer support team that may get back to you on their schedule. Managed VPS hosting offers immediate assistance!

Is Managed VPS Hosting like having your own server administrator?

So, to the main question about whether managed VPS hosting is like having your own server administrator, the answer is yes. They are practically the same thing. Managed VPS hosting offers you the benefits of having your own server administrator.

There are self managed VPS services that you can opt for or if you only want a limited amount of help from a dedicated team of experts, you can choose that too.

For as affordable as 35 GBP extra, per month, you can have access to managed VPS option, which includes five hours of work from the tech support team. can provide you with either VPS option, thus giving the support and tools required for you to be successful.

How to choose the best managed VPS provider

Choosing the best managed VPS provider for you could seem a little difficult. So, here are some things to look for before you decide:

  • Visit the hosts and see what they offer
    • Make sure what they offer satisfies your website’s needs.
  • Compare prices and features
    • This will save you time and possibly a lot of money.


Managed VPS hosting is definitely like having our own server administrator. It gives you the independence and control of a regular VPS plan, but it throws in a bonus – a team of IT experts (server administrators) who know the intricacies of your CMS and can help you maintain your website, while providing immediate customer support when you need it.