Most Popular ways to use a Virtual Private Server


What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) has grown to become a popular website hosting choice by many. It has its own physical resources such as RAM, CPU and disc space that is used to create a virtual computer space. Users are able to install an operating system (OS) that gives them the ability to customise and use it like a dedicated server.

Unlike shared hosting, VPS has dedicated resources with added benefits of working as a dedicated server but without paying a lot.

How VPS Works?

A VPS is really a server operating on a bigger dedicated server. So initially, the service provider owns a dedicated server. Instead of using it to create many shared accounts, it is turned into fewer smaller servers. When you use shared hosting, you only get an ‘account’, while with VPS you get your own ‘server’. There is still a level of privacy even though the physical server is shared because each smaller server is isolated from each other.

Your virtual server is reserved only for you. This means you do not have to share your RAM, CPU or any other data.

VPS as the name suggests, stores your data virtually.


Popular Ways to Use Your VPS

Website hosting is the most common use for a VPS however, there are several other ways you can put this technology to work.

1. Use It to Run Your Website

This is the most popular use of a VPS and understandably so. VPS offers more resources than shared hosting and yet is affordable. These resources allow you to install custom software. You can also control your server by installing and removing software instead of being stuck with the one a particular hosting platform offers.

2. Hosting Your Own Server

Talk about turning the tables.  You do not have to just host your personal site on your VPS. You can also lease space to other Websites. It can also simply work as storage and holds files and other media.

3. Personal Syncing Service

Most of us interact with the internet using our smartphones, laptops, tablets, or even desktop machines. There are a number of services which allow you to sync all your devices in real-time.  However, instead of outsourcing this service you can create your own which is more secure.

Use your VPS to sync all your devices and create a personalised dropbox-like service.

4. Mail servers and VOIP Service

Many persons are starting to use their VPS to run email servers and for VOIP services. This is because users can benefit from direct control over their email services.

Since VPS uses special encryption software, it can provide a more secure environment for your emails. As such a number of business are starting to use VPS as their mail server.

Your VPS can also facilitate internet calls, limiting your need for traditional landlines.

5. Hosting A Gaming Server

VPS for gamers
VPS for gamers | Image source:

Are you into games? Do you wish to play with your friends who live in different geographical areas? Use your VPS to bring you and your gaming friends together. Go big and create a gaming community by hosting multiplayer games for online gamers all over the world.

6. Data Backup

It is important to back-up your website’s files for worst-case scenarios. These copies will help you to recover easier and faster should you lose all your primary data.

The left leftover space on your VPS can also be used to backup data on your local machine. Not only is it cost-effective but it creates an easy way to move important files off-site. You can also use additional disc space on your VP to store and backup important private information.


7. Testing Out New Software

If you are into the latest technology, a VPS gives you the option of testing out new operating systems, software and some hardware components before putting them to use publicly.


8. Use as a virtual desktop

Your VPS allows can work a personalised virtual desktop. It will look and function just like your regular desktop on your computer would.  Storing your information virtually will help you and your business to save money.


9. For Seeding Torrents

If you regularly use torrent to upload and download files, you are aware of how quickly it drains and depletes space and other resources on your computer. Your computer speed can even be reduced to a crawl. If you have a VPS, simply transfer your torrent activities to that platform so your computer no longer has to suffer.

Go ahead and free up your bandwidth while running your torrent 24/7 using your VPS.


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If your business has outgrown shared hosting but does not require the strength of a dedicated server, a VPS is the perfect in-between option.  VPS will give you the power and flexibility of having your own server without the limitations of a shared account.

If you have more questions about VPS, we have answers.