6 Positive ways a dedicated server impacts your business


Every business wants to have a competitive edge over all its competitors. To gain this kind of advantage online you need a reliable web hosting provider coupled with the best hosting solution. Choosing a dedicated server is one of the easiest and most efficient way to do so. When you select a dedicated server you have control over your assets, with the ability to manage your resources and do configurations more efficiently. This means installing applications and selecting the hardware you want for your server. Positive dedicated server impacts are not limited to just hosting websites. You can use it for data storing, as an email server and much more.


Positive dedicated server impacts for your business

Dedicated hosting is the best choice for entrepreneurs and businesses whose goal is to grow their online business. Here are some of the other ways a dedicated server can benefit your business.

1. Easily customisable

Dedicated servers impacts the management of your server. If provides flexiblity in management allowing you to customise resources, and software as needed. This means that you’ll be able to personally make the necessary changes to your server and website to help your business grow.

All its services have specific workload functions that run accordingly with the background software. Therefore, regardless of the type of business or the industry you are in, dedicated servers will help in managing the workload according to the needs of your business.

2. High-quality security

All dedicated server passwords or logins are unique. Without authorisation from the service provider that information cannot be shared to give anyone else access to your server.

There is a growing number of security threats and cyber-attacks in recent times. A targeted DDoS attack can severely affect your server, indefinitely kicking it offline and reducing your SEO ranking. With dedicated servers, there are additional layers of security that reduce the risk of falling prey to DDoS, phishing and other cyber-attacks.

Your company can easily install the best security available once it has a dedicated server. Especially if you want a higher standard of security than that of the average public cloud hosting solution. If control is what you desire so that you can opt for the best security features, go with a dedicated server. It allows you to safeguard your website, apps, and data with top of the line security.

By doing this, you will give yourself an edge over competitors especially in an era where data security is of paramount importance. Do not leave yours and your customers’ information security to a third party, select a dedicated server plan and oversee the process yourself.


3. Reliable bandwidth

One way a dedicated server impacts bandwidth is by giving exclusive access to server resources. You share none of your resources when you use a dedicated server platform. This includes bandwidth, which unlike shared hosting isn’t affected by tenants sharing it with you. With dedicated bandwidth, the possibilities are endless as it relates to the speed that your site loads at and the number of high-quality photos or videos you can stream on your website. Your applications and systems will all run smoothly. This means that you will also be able to facilitate a large volume of traffic without any system lag.


4. Scalability is never an issue with dedicated servers

There is no ceiling with dedicated servers. You can easily upgrade the resources on your server as your company expands its reach and visibility resulting in more customers. Simply contact your hosting company and go from there.

Enjoy huge bandwidth allocations and enormous system resources with your dedicated servers plan. If you find that you need more resources simply order more. As you company gathers and compiles more data a dedicated server solution will ensure you have all the hardware you need to both store and sort your files.


5. Performance and control

When your company has full control of its server you also get to oversee and direct the destiny of your online success. You will not have to work around default systems as you have the freedom to customise everything to serve your company’s specific needs. This means less unexpected surprises. Simply purchase the resources your company needs and delegate a team to manage, update and optimise as needed.

The server you choose for your business can make or break your performance. It is impossible for your website to get the results it needs or reached its targets if the server you choose is not able to meet your business needs. Poor web hosting service will definitely derail your hopes of having a successful online presence. With a dedicated server, your company’s online performance will continue to soar.


6. No hardware investment overhead

Though dedicated servers use physical hardware, your company will not have to invest in or pay for hardware upfront or routine maintenance and repairs. Surely, this feature is not free, but what you will pay is a flat fee.

You actually get the ‘best of both worlds’. Your company will have top of the line, dedicated resources without the burden of dealing with equipment failures. What you have control over are the server itself and all its software and applications while the monitoring and upkeep of the hardware aspect is that of the web hosting provider.



A dedicated server impacts online businesses positively, especially those seeking to grow and attract organic traffic to their websites. To keep visitors coming back, a website needs to load quickly, be engaging and not cluttered. But most of all when it comes on to performance, your website has to be online. Having a 99.9% uptime is great for business. It says you are open and ready to serve. Huge organisations and smart businesses are aware that only excellent performance for the best web hosting provider can deliver these positive results. With a dedicated server you are able to do all of these and watch your business flourish.

There is a lot of competition online. Your business is just one of many and there are already website giants with years of experience. A properly managed dedicated server hosting can help you to bring your A-game by providing higher performance, high-quality security, huge bandwidth and control. All this is guaranteed to help your company successful.