6 Best Reasons to Get a Dedicated Server

Your business is expanding at a rapid pace and you want to remain competitive and five steps ahead of your greatest competition. What’s the solution? This requires a brand-focus online presence that packs a punch and a website that is able to cater and meet customers’ needs.

Doing this successfully requires switching your web hosting environment from shared to a dedicated server.

We’re going to outline the top 6 reasons you should consider in order to propel your business’ website forward with dedicated hosting.

1. A State of the Art Server

The top reason to choose a dedicated server is the server specifications. Unlike other hosting, with dedicated hosting, you rent the entire server to house your website. In fact, these servers pack a mean punch when it comes to robust features and components. With many packages to choose from you can certainly discover one that suits your needs. So why not get a server that can stand the test of time? Get one that is truly capable of growing with the needs of your business.

Dedicated servers come with an added layer of security due to not sharing any of its components with other websites. This is one of the main reasons why security risks are reduced. Additionally, your server includes DDOS protection and reliable hosts also offer services like SSL certificates to further help you secure your server.

2. Anonymity Online

Another great reason to opt for a dedicated server is the added bonus of sending private communications like emails across servers. This adds an additional layer of security for all of your business communications and it’s a preventative measure against email phishing scams, hackers and other cybercriminals. Protecting your company’s data is your number priority as a business owner and dedicated servers are built for security.

How does a dedicated server do this? Well, once your company’s devices are connected through a dedicated server it enables you to cut the middle man out, i.e. the internet and exchange messages directly across servers. Fewer ports will be left open and susceptible to an attack, and messages can be sent much faster.

Again, this creates the perfect security measure against potential cyber threats and cyber criminals trying to steal or infiltrate your network.

3. Data Syncing

Virtual Private Networks are available for use with dedicated servers. This allows systems to connect to their own private network. With data syncing, connections work in a similar way. However, files are transferred between connected devices and are stored on the server to be retrieved later. The difference between VPNs and data syncing is that a VPN only acts as a mediator as a means of transfer, while data syncing enables files to be stored on the server itself. The utility here is that files are safely secured in case of loss or theft of devices, i.e. a hard drive or laptop. Files remain intact on the server for retrieval. Which makes a dedicated server the perfect file storage system.

4. Dedicated Server as a Database

As aforementioned a dedicated server can be an excellent database to store files thanks to data syncing. Due to the reliability, availability of space and efficiency, your server is perfect for storing websites and other applications related to your business. It is also great for archiving and analysing data. Dedicated server hosting is extremely versatile. It is still the top choice for many small businesses who want more control and flexibility. To ensure that you get the most out of your server follow these quick tips to optimise your dedicated server.

5. Gaming Server

Dedicated servers are super versatile. They are suitable for any kind of use. If you’ve ever wanted to host your own gaming platform then choosing a dedicated server would be the first step in providing the ultimate gaming experience for your users.

Because the server is fully customisable, you can fit the server needs to gaming to have faster speeds and less lag for multiplayer games. With a dedicated server, players can join games even if you’re offline because the host remains autonomous.

6. The versatility of Dedicated Servers

We’ve discussed a few uses of dedicated servers, as a web hosting environment, a database and the perfect gaming server. But the versatility of these robust servers does not end there. Dedicated servers can be adapted to function in various capacities and some of them are:

Backup server:

As a business, you always want to prepare for human error and technical failure or just plain old mother nature. With a dedicated server, you can use it as the ultimate back-up for all of your company’s data as a fail-safe against data loss and threats to data security.

Application Server:

You can transform and adapt a dedicated server for a specific application. In fact, you can set up various applications on multiple dedicated servers to ensure load distribution and splitting.

E-mail servers:

Setting up your own e-mail server allows you to manage e-mails and allow you to govern the control of reception, distribution and delivery. For large companies, setting up a company email is very essential. In fact, setting up your own email with your own domain extension helps as a measure of security. Plus it gives you the ultimate control over managing storage and upload limits.

Chat room servers:

If your company requires chat rooms or chatbots, converting a dedicated server to your own custom chatroom server or IRC server enables you to allow secured file transfers, encryption, proxy, and chatbots.

Nagios Server:

This type of server is essential for monitoring issues with your host server and calibrates the approximate time needed to fix the problems. It monitors network issues, host resources and network probes like physical aspects i.e. moisture and temperature. A Nagios server is your own monitoring tool tailored to your host server’s needs.

Video Streaming:

Setting up a video streaming service is made easy with a dedicated server. Dedicated servers have the ability to handle heavy files and large influxes of traffic. Thanks to this very nature, this makes them impeccable and well suited for video streaming.

In the End

The reasons to upgrade to a dedicated server or multiple ones for your enterprise are plentiful. With so many options afforded to you, to recap, you can manage your own email server or transfer files almost instantly over a secure connection. It can securely safeguard your files using a VPN or Data Syncing service.

If you need to facilitate your growing business, you can use a dedicated server to run a stable, fast website for your company. And, if you’re a game developer or simply a gamer who wants to compete with friends and monetise, you can host your own games on a dedicated server. The possibilities with a dedicated server are endless and it is a sound investment for your company’s future.