Reseller Hosting: Your Success Starts Here

Web hosting is important because it forms the core of just about every kind of e-business (online Business) today. For any site to function, it needs a web server and hosting space for securing the files that are required for the website to work. Also, it’s a great business opportunity in itself, although not so many people succeed to decipher this simple secret. You can start a new hosting business by using a reseller hosting plan without having a prior expertise and without investing a fortune. Needless to say, no matter how simple this may sound, it’s hard work to start any business, and not all attempts made by everyone pay off. With that being said, here are some tips you should follow to be successful in this field.

Choose the Right Reseller Hosting Plan

During the initial stages, you have to choose your reseller plan wisely. Why? Because that is how you will gain access to the wholesale server resources. You can split these at later stage when you like, and they can be dedicated exclusively to your clients as per their needs. Therefore, it is essential that you pay attention to all the hosting features before putting your money on it. Buying bulk server resources will naturally give you big discounts, hence you’ll be capable of copping more profit from your customers.

You should also keep in mind the reputation and reliability of the source you’re purchasing the web hosting reseller plans from. Typically, a reliable source is going to offer you great service, and also their reputation is going to help you to quickly grow your business.

Become a Reseller

You can start your hosting business with the help of reseller web hosting programs. This means that you can buy hosting packages in bulk at wholesale prices and then start marketing them at higher prices. This way, you will be able to focus entirely on the marketing front, leaving the technical aspects to those specialised in dealing with the technicalities. Here, we’ve outlined six things you should know to succeed in this rapidly growing industry:

1. Resell WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a completely free, easy-to-use platform people use to make simple to advanced blogs. It’s taking over the internet and making entrepreneurs rich. Many web Hosting providers now sell specialised WorPress Hosting solutions for their customers. You can too with reseller hosting.

2. Select A Niche With Money To Spend

There’s no question that an accountant, lawyer, doctor, etc, all have money they can spend on a site. When you target these micro-niches, you definitely know they will have the money required to pay their bill without any problem.

On the other hand, if you decide to target students who are just out of college or startups, they will have a limited budget, hence you will be forced to do more volume if you want to sustain long-term success. You should find one that has the means and is going to value your professional services.

3. Ensure You Develop a Professional Looking Site

Just because you aren’t a professional web designer does not mean that you cannot develop a good-looking WordPress site: that is why they make themes. users simply want a beautiful site that’s functional across all devices. Therefore, it is perfectly okay to buy themes for your customers and customise them.

4. Offer the “Ultimate Package”

Busy Doctors do not like paying one person to do WordPress development, another one to do their marketing through advertising on Google Ads and another person to set up their Facebook.

Organisations offering all of these services per package or ‘à la carte’ can focus on offering better customised packages and higher-quality services. Apart from developing your  site, you can also do basic integrations of all social media profiles. You can charge your customers extra if they would like you to manage daily postings on their social media profiles etc. Initially, you can set up their profile, making sure everything is nicely integrated on their site.

The recommended social networks include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Also, these profiles will provide nice backlinks that will help them to get indexed in Google. Additionally, if you understand SEO, you should consider bundling it in a package.

5. Take Advantage of Advanced Hosting Features

Most company put lots of thought into all creating hosting packages. It is therefore necessary to leverage website hosting features to find the best-fit for marketing your business online to your customers.

6. Do Not Forget The Domain Upsell

Regardless of who you are selling a website to, everything starts with getting a domain name. You should encourage your customers to make sure they invest in their future. They can do this by securing multiple TLDs (top-level domains) and their family members names. Also, some web hosting companies offer free WHMCS licenses; this allows you to manage all your customer’s registrations with ease.

White Label Hosting Benefits

If you are running a large-scale agency, or you are a solo web developer, it is always a good idea that you expand what you are offering and find new ways of serving your clients. White label hosting, also known as reseller hosting, can do exactly that. The following are some of the ways it can benefit your business:

Improves Customer Retention

Selling hosting ensures you develop a long-term relationship with your clients. Instead of selling your customers a single service and never talking or interacting with them again, you will be able to serve them constantly. You must ensure that whenever your client needs more web-related services, they will turn to you.

Many people also leave their hosting providers due to an unpleasant experience. You can make sure this never happens by acting as the intermediary. You will able to resolve all the hosting issues that arise before the stress pass on to your client. This will further help in strengthening your relationship plus value to your clients.

Expands Your Services

Choosing to add hosting to your service list makes it easier for your clients to get anything they need. Rather than turning to a third-party provider, you’ll be able to do everything in-house. Also, as an all-inclusive service, you can charge higher prices because you can handle all the aspects of getting a client’s website online. Instead of leaving your client to figure out some technical elements themselves.

Grows Your Bottom Line

Another benefit of selling hosting is that it is a recurring payment. If you are stuck doing just one-off services for your customers, you are probably looking for ways of increasing your monthly revenue. Offering hosting can be an excellent way of doing that. With just a few hosting clients, you will be able to cover white label hosting costs, and from that point, you can make a profit.

If you offer your clients hosting on servers you bought, it would prove to be a costly venture.

Plus, server maintenance, extra technical personnel, as well as essential server software are some things you will need to budget for. With this reseller service, you are able to offer hosting without expensive costs on your end.

What Is Commonly Included?

The hosting company you partner with is going to determine the list of extra services you will be able to offer your clients. Most packages will offer the following services:

  • Domain and Email Integration – Many reseller accounts allow you to sell domain names and email account add-ons. Being able to add them to your hosting offerings will take your services to the next level.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel – Control panel is one of the important things for website management. It enables you to make any backend changes, and also give the customer access, if necessary.
  • Easily Scalable – You will be capable of scaling up server resources when your client base starts expanding, or you are managing a website that needs more server resources.
  • Private Name Servers – This will help you in creating separation from the hosting firm whose servers you are utilizing and your brand.
  • Billing Integration – Most of the reseller plans include WHM billing software. This enables you to easily bill your clients as well as manage their payment plans with ease. This takes out the stress of ensuring your clients pay on time.


Running a successful reseller business starts with choosing the right host. This you determine through the scope of their features designed to help you enhance the plans. You should ultimately have features that fit your market, or at best, is customisable to suit it. Remember success starts with planning, developing an attractive marketing plan and creating a professional site (that will attract traffic). In closing, think all-inclusive, give users all they will need to go online and maintain their site.