SEPA payments now offered to all our clients

The all-time purchasing plan

Over an extended period, excellent service provision has been our only goal. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ get the best services that will offer their entities a bright future. Our company has clients from both in and out of UK and therefore paying for our services at times becomes difficult. This is because bank charges across the border are costly, and this makes clients from across the border reluctant to purchase our services. The difference in currencies also makes it difficult for us to agree on the prices with most clients from other countries. For the last years, we have only been offering SEPA payments to clients from the UK alone and limiting the other clients to other methods like debit cards and credit cards from their local banks. Other methods have not been very convenient, and this has led us to lose some of our best clients. Never the less, our company has finally opened up the chance for all clients to use this plan to our clients from out of UK as one of the ways of raising our profit margins.


What is SEPA?

Single Euro Payment Area  (SEPA) is a program by the European Union which is meant to make Euro bank transfers accessible and affordable. By the time of its initiation which was July 2015, it had 28 European Union member countries.
The primary role of this program is to break the banking barriers across the border for member countries of the European Union. This means that anyone who holds a bank account in any of the member countries can receive and pay to any other nation across the Eurozone. Citizens also get credit transfer cards, purchasing card and the direct debit cards to replace the older card that they were previously using to make purchases. The Eurozone initiative is meant to come up with common standards, financial instruments, infrastructures and procedures for all its member countries leading to a collective rise in the economies of scale. Moreover, as the program continues to grow and improve, more countries are being incorporated into using this method. These countries include; San Marino, Norway, Monaco, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein. This means that our market continues to grow as we now can access clients from this countries.


Services offered

I. The Direct Debit card
SDD allows firms and the clients to execute debit card business transactions across the border within a short period and at standard charges. Regardless of the local currency, pays are always in Euros, and the only requirement by SEPA is or clients to submit contract form and local bank details.
II. Credit Transfer CARD
SCT enables Service providers to control transactions between firms and clients. Through this program, our clients can quickly make their deposits to our accounts and thus making our deals convenient.
III. Instant Credit Transfer
SCT allows our clients to make deposits to our accounts on any day and anytime. This ensures that business flows in cyclic and removes limitations to service provision to our clients. With this holidays.



    • Clients get to use one system to buy goods and services electronically in their countries and other countries without any struggle.
    • It allows people working or studying in member countries to send or receive money from their bank accounts in home countries and also to pay for bills while they are still away.
    • This method ensures convenient, cheaper and a transparent way of paying for goods and services across the border.
    • It allows direct debit where we charge our clients directly from their accounts even when they are outside the UK.
    • Banks apply same charges for domestic and external transactions whose execution is electronically.
    • Instant Credit Transfers makes business convenient as our clients can make purchases any day and at any time within a brief period.
    • It has come in handy for our clients as it will save them from massive debts that result from postponed payments.
    • It almost opens up a chance for us to grow as we can now reach out to more clients and thus our service delivery will also improve significantly.
    • Our clients will be getting their service ready without delay as we will not waste time waiting for lengthy bank transactions.


Broad reach of service

With more of our clients betting access to it we expect more orders as our clients are now able to pay for our services very fast. In addition to this, our clients will also have broader options of services to request from us as this initiative also aims at saving clients’ money by having standard exchange rates. We expect that soon more countries will be incorporated into the purchasing plan and thus increase our market range. Within a few years, our company will deliver services to countries all over the world with the help of this initiative and in this way global economic elevation integration will have occurred. This initiative has just started making the business world perfect; we can’t wait for new exciting services from this program.