Top 10 Advantages of Email Hosting for Businesses

One of the most crucial tools of the 21st century for communication and marketing is undoubtedly email. By the end of 2024, email usage is expected to reach 4.48 billion users worldwide (Statista, 2020) further being one of the main sources of advertising and marketing for businesses. Popular email solutions like Yahoo mail and Gmail are free to use and are used by a lot of companies to optimise and expand their business goals and operations. Whether that is the best option for your business is up for some debate. For small businesses, having a free email web hosting service will prove effective when offering a service. Additionally, boosting the credibility of your business while increasing the viability of your brand is just one benefit to be gained when considering the benefits of email hosting.

Explore the top 10 Email Hosting Benefits

1. Safe and Secure Webmail Access

The possession of a secure email hosting service prepares your mail server for industry-standard encryption of your data. Having secure webmail access guarantees that when data is sent from/to the server, this data is processed under encryption protocol during the time you sign in to your account until you log out. Many email hosting companies often furnish their mail servers with 128-bit encryption which is active right throughout your webmail session. What this means is, when data is sent to the server, it is encrypted. I would expound on data security but that is a given.

When operating a business, data is a paramount priority that should be drafted with all electronic procedures. With that said, with secured webmail access, the protocol guarantees that messages especially those that are confidential won’t be compromised.

2. More Storage Space

Megabyte (MB) storage is offered by some providers and with others Gigabyte (GB) storage. Some companies provide convenient Office 365, cPanel free emails and Microsoft Hosted Exchange services and have flexible hosting plans while offering more storage via upgrades. Providers offering this service often guarantee that their users have sufficient storage space.

Storage space of hosting providers is often sufficient to store thousands of messages with a flexible hosting plan. With a MB storage plan, you are afforded the opportunity to store thousands of email messages. Email hosting plans offer great deals of storage space per mailbox. With that said, it is important that you verify that as a business, you possess a flexible email hosting service if it is that you upgrade for additional storage space.

3. Enhanced Performance

When your business employs the tool of email hosting, you ensure that the immediate productivity of your company is at its supreme best. In this stead you can effortlessly communicate with your customers, suppliers and stakeholders inside and outside your organisation. Within the scope of the internet, there are many ways your business can choose to receive and transfer emails and a plus is that it will be under the domain name of your business.

4. Say No to Spam and Viruses

One superb quality of an impressive email hosting service is that it can block damaging email before it enters the network. Anti-virus scanners are integrated with the SMTP gateways. It would be in your best interest as a business to keep spam at bay by using filtering techniques such as blacklisting, whitelisting, greylisting and allow configurations that provide a folder for automatic quarantine rather than your inbox.

90 percent of the time, your inbox is predominantly spam and most times you don’t want to exert time reviewing spam mail. With the use of effective hosting solutions, you will be equipped with filtering services which means, spam is removed way before they arrive at the doorsteps of your inbox. This advantage saves you time which can be better used for achieving other business goals.

5. Hello Better Communication!

One prominent advantage of employing a business email hosting service is that it will keep your website and your email host independent of each other. Just in case you host both on the same domain and a network problem occurs, the risk of both being affected is reduced. If your hosting is affected, your email will still be standing. This gives you the chance to still have open lines of communication with your clients, avoiding damage to your company reputation.

6. The Adventure Beyond Messaging

Seeing we have already established the vital importance of email, we can now look beyond the aspect of messaging for clients as hosting companies do improve their expertise and cost-effectiveness through different devices. This incorporates the capacity to strategize meetings, provide added functions such as contact data, schedules and significant records. Enjoy the benefits of one streamlined stage that addresses each clients’ requirement and specification.

7. Email Forwarding

Another critical advantage that should ignite your interest in employing the service of a hosting provider is Email Forwarding. Email re-direct is a function allows you to forward emails that normally go to a person. So, that the action is operated without delay. This is a feature that many business owners love because it could mean the difference between retaining or losing an important business deal. Implementing this feature is worth it and most importantly it is very easy to use and proves vitally effective.

8. Cost-Effectiveness at its Best

The growth of your business often accompanies the desire to do your own hosting of your email service. This desire is not without many added costs. The use of the strategy would mean that you purchase an expensive server and hire an IT professional to manage and update this server. After reconsidering, you will find that it is more lucrative to engage the services of an email hosting provider. With this option, there is a certain guarantee that your email hosting is managed by trained professionals at an affordable cost.

9. No Migration Required

During your business operation, there may arise the need to move your website to a new hosting provider. This is often an unplanned occurrence in business but is the reality. For the best of your business, you may choose to move to a service that provides faster speeds and/or a better price. The moving of a DNS, mail exchanger and zone files is usually not an easy undertaking. This task may come with many technical challenges which when you think about it, could be avoided if there was a separation of your email hosting. If your domain happens to be on a halt, your email hosting provides answers for your customers during this period.

10. Professionalism Pays

An added benefit of email hosting is that it makes your emails look more professional. It is an agreed notion that email addresses that look like this – “[email protected]” is more appealing and professional looking than “[email protected]”. Professionalism attracts persons to your business and your email says a lot about your professionalism and your approach as a business person.

Additionally, your credibility is boosted when you utilise this feature. Customers are less likely to take a company seriously when a professional stance like this is ignored. When customers receive a marketing email with a domain name associated with your business and your own logo, your brand is seen as one that is significantly noteworthy.

With that said

There are a number of ways email hosting can assist your business to improve its email functions. Many providers usually offer different plans to customers and it is usually up to you to select the best one that suits your business needs. An effective email hosting service is always recommended and worth adding to your business if it is that you would like to stand out from the competition. It fosters credibility, boosts the nature of your brand and offers a professional edge.