What Makes a UK Web Host Stand Out: Features to Look For

When you create a website, you need to put it online so people can see it. That’s where web hosting comes in! Web hosting is a service that lets you put your website on the internet for everyone to see. But, there are a lot of web hosting companies out there, so it’s important to pick the right one for you. Some things to look for when choosing a web host include: how secure they make your website, how helpful their customer service is, how fast your website loads, and if they give you a free domain name. By paying attention to these things, you’ll be able to pick a web host that will make sure your website is safe, fast, and easy for everyone to find. 

What to look for in a great UK Web Host?  

Website hosters are a dime and dozen, making it even more important to sift through and choose the right one for you. You may not be fully aware of what you are looking for and what you should avoid. 

Today, we have compiled a list of features you should be on the hunt for when picking out a UK Web Host. These include the following; 

Server-side security

Web hosting cheap is possible when you use Free website UK, but this may not always be the best cause of action due to cyber-attacks. To add a layer of protection against vicious cyber-attacks, it is recommended to get a Webhost manager. The free services include; 

  • They run the latest firewalls 

Secured web free trials are a great way to try out and judge if a UK Web Host is suited for you. If your needs are met, you are set on the host; if not, you can leave without much financial damage. 

Free backup 

With a regular package, you are better placed to ward off the most common security threats from hackers and fraudsters. Another tell-tale sign that your Web Host is dedicated to securing your website server is that they run regular security checks and fix problems fast. Secured web features give you the peace of mind to work on your content without fear of a crippling attack on your site. 

Dedicated customer support

Problems need to be resolved quickly in the internet space because laxity may worsen the problem. You need to check which communication channels a potential UK Web Host offers before settling on it. 

A good way to find out the quality of customer service is to check their reviews on social media platforms. Is it a 24/7 customer service system or designated hours? Answering this question will help you determine which Web hosting cheap works for you. Consider companies with a dedicated customer support department first. For sensitive data, be sure to spring for a package that caters to that; Free website UK hosting may not suffice. 

They have reliable website uptime

Did you know that slow-loading pages will heavily derail the uptake of a website? The users will refrain from using your site if it takes ages to load after they click on a link. Furthering the downside is that the algorithm starts to disregard organic search results on your site, which pulls you down further the ranking. SEO ranking is important for businesses with an online presence, and lack thereof is detrimental to a business. Be on the lookout for Secured web hosts with limited sites on shared servers or servers that use solid-state drives (SSDs). 

Uptime refers to the time users can be able to access your website and how fast that happens. You want an uptime that is almost at 100%. Web site hosters worth their salt will have an uptime that is between 90% and 99%, which is where your website needs to be. A Webhost manager with great uptime will achieve this by having one or multiple backup servers in different locations. Dedicated servers are a great feature to have because they cut down on traffic, thus reducing the chances of slowing down your website. 

They offer top domain names 

Most businesses are already Domain owners because they need one for business emails. You will also need to host domains because they are the digital address a business needs to hold its digital space on the internet. 

Domains UK hosts usually have a free domain name registration in place for new clients. Often, domain owners require more than one domain name so a web hosting provider who hosts domains need to allow room for diversity. Host domains that enable multiple websites to run on single web hosting offer the best package deal for features you need and want to have. UK Web Host companies that understand the need to have different domains and sub-domains over time are dedicated to the growth of your site in the long run 

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Bonus: Other important features

Affordability – Cheap web hosting companies may not be all bad as the money factor is not always an indicator of quality. Expenses will usually be attached to extra services. However, if you find web hosting cheap online, often this can be a result of discounts. So, ensure you take full advantage of sales – just be aware of the renewal price and the terms of the discount. Hosting UK is a pocket friendly and quality-driven web host, perfect for new site owners or seasoned developers. 

Transparency – You should always read and understand the terms of engagement because then you can steer clear of offences that may lead to a suspension from a UK Web Host. Hosts that offer building tools for your website will ultimately be better partners in the long run. 

To sum up

When it comes to choosing a UK web host, don’t settle for anything less than top-notch security, speedy uptime, and friendly customer service. Look for a host that offers free domain names and allows for multiple websites to run on a single hosting account. A web host that offers a free trial is also a great option so you can test it before committing. Trust me, investing in a great web host is worth it for the long-term success of your website. 

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