8 Things To Learn From Web Hosting UK Reviews

Almost every decision made in the 21st century is preceded by reading web reviews. This also includes which website host to use. While you may be paying very little money to your web host monthly, your website could generate thousands of dollars over the same time. For this reason, choosing a website Host deserves a methodical evidenced-based approach.

Note well, not every website owner wants the same thing from their web host. This is because websites are different! Therefore, a service provider that may be found wanting by some may be perfect for others. In this light, ensure you conduct your research with your own needs in mind.

Web Hosting Reviews

Web host reviews provide a summary of the service usually from the end-users’ perspective.

Sometimes there may be paid reviews. That is, a review is written at the request of the provider being reviewed. Oftentimes, and preferably, reviews are written by customers who have used the provider and are voluntarily sharing their opinion of the service. For example, web hosting UK reviews may include reviews from satisfied customers about Web Hosting UK, since we provide “the hands-down best website hosting online”.

Why the Reviewer Matters?

User Reviews

These are the best type of reviews, though they are not free from bias and grudges. For example, customers who feel slighted may be overly critical in their reviews by highlighting the negatives and ignoring any positives. On the whole, however, these types of reviews are generally varied, so there is a high probability that the information received is balanced and trustworthy.

Paid Reviews

While it is not always true, paid reviews can possess a tinge of bias, or a tendency to downplay less than flattering elements. In this case, the full picture may not be presented, so a potential customer may be misled into choosing a provider that may be inappropriate for their needs.

Deliberate Reviews

A deliberate review is similar to a paid review in that the review is not a genuine user of the product. Signing up for web hosting services was led by the desire to complete the review. The service may not be continued for an extended period, especially since migration away from said provider would be included in the review.

This type of review is usually done in comparisons. Therefore, there could be affiliate links and other secondary associations between one or more of the providers involved in the review process. So there could be unconscious biases and/or preferences lurking. But these types of reviews are mostly done by trusted names in the industry, and often come with recommendations.

A clear advantage of this approach is that a lot of information is available at a glance. The information is synthesised to include pros and cons of each or at least the major ones, but there is a strong focus on hardware-related features such as speed, uptime, and security features. In addition to these elements, genuine product users also include information about customer service and support, the softer side of the provider.

Where to Find Web Hosting Reviews

There are no shortages of places to find reviews online. There are websites dedicated to reviewing products and services, including website hosting providers. One often overlooked and undervalued place is the website of the service provider. Ignore the temptation to say they are fakes, or only the most glowing reviews are published.

The problem lies in how we are programmed to think of reviews. Let’s break it down to web hosting in the UK, and use the website ‘Hosting UK’ reviews as an example. If a customer experiences poor service or the quality of the product falls below our standards, what we do to correct the situation shouldn’t be ignored. Customers know that occasionally a business will falter. What matters is what we do to redeem the situation. We openly publicise our guarantees and will be the first to accept when we failed to meet a customer’s expectations.

What to Look for in Reviews

By now, you should know what makes for a great website hosting provider generally. This list should also include anything that makes your circumstances unique, such as location. In other words, if you are looking to have web hosting in the UK, add server locations and other geographic features to your list of things to watch out for in reviews.

1. Web Servers

What kind of business will/do you operate? This question is important because in scouring reviews, you need to look out for the various types of servers your potential provider offers. Hone in on anyone that offers cloud-based web hosting, as this is the most efficient method of website hosting. You will learn that Web Hosting UK offers this, and most other types, such as VPS and dedicated servers.

2. Hosting that scales with you

Think about your potential business from its inception and two years from now. Has it (hopefully) grown or (unfortunately) shrunk? The relevance of this lies in the fact that it is a waste of space and money to be paying for server space and package features you do not need regularly. Scalability is being able to adjust your resources as needs require. Will your website hosting provider allow you to do this? Website Hosting UK does.

3. Website Speed Matters

Visitors to your website will bounce if they are not rewarded with a fully loaded and functioning screen within three seconds of entering your URL. Because your web hosting is in the UK, servers located within the UK will help boost speed. The web Hosting UK servers are located throughout Europe, including the UK, for speedy loading websites.

4. Website and Server Uptime

Another important factor to watch out for in reviews is uptime. Uptime is the overall amount of time that your website is available to visitors. As mentioned before, at Web Hosting UK, we proudly promise an uptime of 99.9%. Nevertheless, you should actively monitor your uptime.

5. Customer service and support:

One of the biggest non-hardware aspects of any web host package is the way customers are treated. Perhaps above all other aspects, genuine customers will talk about this the most, especially if support and customer service are poor. If reviews indicate that most customers are disgruntled, then you are likely to be too. But as we said earlier, do not get hung up on the problem, but determine what was done to remedy the situation.

6. Website Security

Website visitors will want to know that any personal information shared, such as their ultra-sensitive credit card details, will be kept safe before they do business with you. Common security features to look out for include SSL certificates being offered in the plan, and frequent backups to multiple locations.

7. Technical skills for Hosting?

Are you relatively new to web hosting in the UK? Then hunt for website hosting UK reviews aimed at the less technical. These are the reviews that will speak to your unique needs and level of expertise. You will learn how much support to expect from a provider, and what you will need help getting done. Most providers, including Hosting UK, offer 1-Click installation applications and cPanel control panel to limit the amount of expertise needed.

8. Average Cost to Host?

Most people may be interested first in the price they will be paying for their plan. Cost is like beauty: subjective. Weigh your needs against what is being offered to determine if it is value for money.


In the back of your mind should be the motive behind the review as this will colour the review. Remember, each website developer has different needs, so bear this in mind when reading website hosting UK reviews. As best as possible, try to apply objectivity to all reviews.