PIR Marks 20 Years – .Org Domain Manager

For decades the .ORG domain extension has long served as the internet as a home for groups and individuals driven by meaningful missions, hoping to have an impact on their communities. When you want to utilise the Internet for good—to give back, spread your message, or demonstrate your concern—you should go to .ORG. Today the registry that prides itself in managing such an important TLD, PIR celebrates 20 years.

On social media PIR announced, that they are thrilled to commemorate its 20th anniversary! They have been running .ORG domain TLD, the home for people and organisations with missions, since 2003.

PIR was created from the ground up in 2002 by the Internet Society as a non-profit organisation, with an initial staff of 6. With the assistance of other industry titans and the corporate philosophy of “doing the right thing,” PIR took on the largest transfer of a register in Internet history in 2003 by acquiring the .ORG TLD. With 49 staff, they are still a model registrar and provide a reliable digital identity for people who are committed to making the world a better place.

Growth of .org domains. Source Wikipedia Public Interest Registry

What is the .org domain for?

One of the first top level domains to be introduced was the .ORG extension in the 1980s. It was initially created for non-profit organisations. However, restrictions were loosened, so anyone may now acquire a .ORG domain name, which still denotes charitable endeavours. The .ORG domain extension is extremely well-liked and is preferred by a wide range of organisations that want to spread their passion or cause, including cultural institutions, sports teams, religious and civic organisations, schools, environmental initiatives, charities, open source software projects, volunteer groups, legal services, and many more.

It has over 15 million registered domain names.DomainNameStats

What role did PIR have in .org TLD’s success?

The Dir took conscious steps to establish a cleaner online environment as part of their commitment to maintaining a trusted domain space. In fact, they made two ground-breaking moves in 2019 to promote a safer Internet. In order to raise the general standard of the .ORG namespace, they introduced the Quality Performance Index, which has since maintained and increased trust within the .ORG Community. Through the “Framework to Address Abuse,” they also spearheaded initiatives with other well-suited registries and registrars to share collaborative practices that address DNS abuses and, in certain cases, harmful website content.

PIR is no stranger to growth, especially when it comes to its family of .ORG domains. In addition to securing IDNs for the .NGO,.ONG, and.ORG equivalents in additional language worldwide (such as mandarin and cyrillic). PIR also reached 10 million .ORG domains in 2012. With the addition of the extensions .CHARITY, .FOUNDATION, and .GIVES this year, as well as the soon-to-be-released .GIVING, PIR expanded its family of domain name extensions. These recently purchased TLDs provide more mission-driven organisations the chance to improve the world by using well-known namespaces run by an excellent registry.

Dot ORG domain stats you’ll love

  1. .org ranks 7th as the most registered TLD extension word-wide.
  2. Over 15 million .org domains gave been registered to date.
  3. .org tlds amount to 5.2% of domains registered globally.
domain usage stats 2022
Source: domainnamestat

What are the limitations and benefits of .ORG?

Minimum length 2 characters
Maximum length 63 characters
Numbers Allowed (full-numeric)
Hyphen Allowed (middle only)

Extra features – Domain Privacy Allowed

  • DN Supported
  • DNSSEC Supported
  • Realtime Registration
  • Conditions – There is no specific measure taken by the registry to hide your details from the public. We recommend using our domain privacy feature.

The future for PIR registry?

PIR is eager to advance into the next decade with a strong sense of energy and purpose after 20 years of accomplishments. On November 15, 2022, they revealed the recipients of the fourth-annual .ORG Impact Awards, and on January 20, 2023, the public debut of .GIVING, they will continue to commemorate its birthday.

How do I register a .org domain?

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To sum up

The Internet Society (ISOC) established the non-profit Public Interest Registry initially to oversee the.org top-level domain. They celebrate 20 years in 2022 and run some of the most reputed domain extension in the world like .org and .ngo. Hosting.co.uk is a domain reseller. They assist hundreds with fast and easy domain hosting and allied website services.

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