Whois Lookup Tool Available on Hosting.co.uk

Hosting.co.uk’s new WHOIS Lookup Tool is now available to the general public. The new WHOIS Lookup Tool will help existing and potential customers find out who is the owner and host of a particular website or domain name. More than 850 new domain TLDs have recently been added to Hosting.co.uk’s database for domain registration. The positive user response led to the recent addition of the Hosting.co.uk WHOIS Lookup feature. The WHOIS lookup will make getting the domain registration information simpler for people who are interested in registering domains.

What is WHOIS and what is the lookup tool for?

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) mandates that whenever a domain is registered, these people, companies, or organizations give their domain registrars current personal contact information. The ICANN WHOIS Database, which functions as the public’s global address book, collects and displays this data.

Anyone can make use of the WHOIS lookup tool offered by Hosting.co.uk because it is quick and simple to use. With Hosting.co.uk’s Whois lookup tool, find out who hosts and who owns a website right away! You’ll find the standard information about a domain’s registration owner, including the related IP address, owner’s email, phone number, address, nameservers, and current hosting company.

Created with simplicity in mind


“We wanted a cleaner, easier experience for users to leverage potential name registration chances,” a domain specialist at Hosting.co.uk said. Our goal was to include the essential information from the WHOIS lookup results so that our users could inspect a domain and, if it was still available, immediately register it. Additionally, we wanted to make it user-friendly, and I believe we have succeeded in doing so.

“We did a competitive analysis, carefully listened to our clients, and then created our standard WHOIS lookup based on industry best practices,” added Hosting.co.uk’s domain specialists.

How can I use the Whois domain lookup tool?

The interface also includes an integrated “add to cart” option that enables customers to choose from a list of available domains and register them right away, thereby saving time and boosting productivity.

To use the tool simply enter the domain name in question into the search field above to get the WHOIS details for any domain name. Using our tool, you may learn the registrant details, nameserver details, and related IP addresses for the majority of top-level domains.

Whois Lookup Tool Available on Hosting.co.uk 4

Advantages of the Hosting.co.uk’s WHOIS Domain Lookup

For owners of online businesses, Hosting.co.uk Whois Domain Lookup can offer the following advantages or benefits:

Track-down shady or illegal activities

Investigates unlawful activity is most likely one of the WHOIS system’s best characteristics. its capacity to monitor fraud, phishing, and spam. When a registrant posts illicit content, the WHOIS verification mechanism can find out about it.

Resolving domain ownership issues

The domain’s administrative and technical contact information is available in WHOIS. At times, problems require notification of the network administrators in order to be fixed. In a similar manner, it is possible to get in touch with the web administrators to resolve any technical issues with the domain name.

Provide networking opportunities for business

For sure, the Hosting.co.uk WHOIS lookup will be most relevant if you are a business owner. It is even more helpful for online marketers who need to contact domain owners for a variety of reasons. For example, they might need to talk about the registered domain names’ potential sales.

Helps to maintain Unique domain names

Making sure that domain names are original is the WHOIS’s primary goal. If there is another website with the exact same name, it is easy to see how managing branding efforts may be quite difficult. Even a simple blog can seriously harm your internet reputation.

What if I want Domain Privacy on the WHOIS lookup?

Anytime someone wants to find who owns a domain, they merely need to run a WHOIS lookup search. They will be able to see all the information you shared with your registrar if domain privacy is not enabled.

Your protection and safety are our top priorities. Our Domain ID Protection service hides your private contact information by presenting our information instead of yours, even though ICANN compels us to supply private information for their public WHOIS database. Learn exactly how to protect your domain in this guide.


Business and hosting owners today have a lot on their plates, including designing and manufacturing corporate products as well as maintaining websites and using online marketing techniques. Not to mention the problems they’ll encounter if they don’t take charge of the factors that will contribute to the success of their company. Therefore, if you’re a business owner attempting to expand your customer base online, control your domain access and the domain name information that is available to you. Make effective and efficient use of Hosting.co.uk’s WHOIS Lookup tool today!