6 Email Marketing Trends

With face-to-face contact being limited in stores, classrooms, workplaces etc., reaching people electronically and establishing a relationship through this method has become our primary communication style. Covid-19 has shifted the way we market our goods and services and has redesigned the good-ole email marketing service we knew, landing it as one of the best methods once again to reach consumers. If you didn’t have an appreciation for email marketing, you’ll find the power of this tool and learn the 5 best email marketing trends deemed worthy of prioritising this year.

The power of email marketing service

Thank God for online shopping! As we do business more and more online, the importance of engaging and connecting electronically is crucial for many businesses. Email marketing service is now one of the best ways of getting this done. Imagine the power of personalisation and automation integrated to create a communication strategy that connects with your customers and translates into conversions.

You can use email marketing service’s amasing help to introduce yourself to your prospective customers, promote your products/services, send newsletters etc.

The power of email marketing service reaches thousands of people.

Picture the impact of this on your website. You can build organic traffic to your website as your mailing list subscribers read and choose to visit your website.

There are so many advantages and opportunities which email marketing service can offer you and your business in 2021. It’s important for you to be on top of your game in this current year and these 5 best email marketing trends in 2021 is going to help you.

Communicate through authentic personalisation

To achieve this, here are 3 practical tips:

1. The key to authentic email is segmentation

How to do this? Through data capturing such as, age of your subscribers, where they live, what products or services are they most interested in etc. By capturing these small but powerful information, you can tailor your content to the right audience. These important information helps your strategy to drive personalisation and authenticity in email campaigns while being true to your brand’s style and tone of voice.

2. Acknowledge your employees

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Also, people want to know that the brands they love are treating their employees good, value their customers, and have a solid mission that sets them apart from others. So here are great content ideas to showcase these elements:

  • Show a behind-the-scenes brainstorm session so people can see the process when creating the product or service you offer or the content you create
  • Make “A Day in the Life of…” video having your CEO or some other important figures in your company.
  • Highlight your employee of the month by posting about him or her on social media, describing why he or she is an asset to the company

3. Keep in mind that generosity goes along way

You can send subscribers valuable content without requiring anything in return. This shows authenticity and not simply selling something. You build loyalty by giving away some of your best content first and then work your way up to ask later along the email customer journey.

Interested in learning more, read email marketing best practices.

The help of AI in email marketing service

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Having established earlier that authenticity is crucial in all your current communication, you can further look at how artificial intelligence can benefit this strategy.

The reality is that people want personalisation.

The good news is that AI technology can help you achieve this. This technology helps you analyse your subscriber’s behaviour and study their interests to generate data-driven insights. With the information, you can create customised emails that are tailor-made. AI helps you create content that resonates most with your target audience at a personalised level. For a better understanding, here’s a rundown:

  • Optimise surveys
  • Predict outcomes through analytics
  • Deal with large amounts of customer data at a time
  • Add keywords with SEO
  • Write subject lines in emails
  • Optimise send times
  • Restructure email campaigns

You can gather data by asking your subscribers to set their preferences while signing up or after they’ve received their welcome email.

It’s Customer Appreciation Day!

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Don’t you just love it when it’s your birthday and you open your email to see one of your favourite brands, sending you a happy birthday note! Guess what? Emailing marketing service that employs forms of appreciation to their customers is here to stay!

Consider modifying your email style to this type of email. It is current and a good way to perhaps send discounts out to front-line staff and healthcare workers.

  • Personalised birthday notes with discounts
  • Early access invites
  • Thank you emails

The customer experience is key

Since more persons today are doing business online, the need to emulate the physical experience of purchasing has become super important. There is a need for customer experience marketing. Put very simply, if you put your customers first, their reward is loyalty. Putting your customers first means the whole process is:

  • Helpful
  • Customer-Centric
  • Personalised

Your customer experience should be memorable. The experience takes into account the tone of voice, message and your ability to meet your customer’s needs. A good customer experience goes right across the customer’s journey, and this will help you strengthen good perceptions about your brand.

Utilise User-Generated content

To generate organic traffic and convert more customers you can try implementing user-generated content into your emails. It is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Consumers are more likely to trust a product or service if they can see the positive feedback from several persons.

How to do this? Add to your email customer reviews, poll results, or photos of your customers using your products/services. Include a handy CTA button to increase trust.

Final thoughts

Now is the time to get creative, innovative and on the right side of history. AI technology, authenticity and personalised messages are the way forward for email marketing service. To benefit form Hosting.co.uk’s state-of-the-art email marketing platform just choose your plan here. For more information, check out these 10 tips for running winning email marketing campaigns.