Ten Advantages of Microsoft Hosted Exchange

If you are deciding whether getting Microsoft Hosted Exchange is right for you allow us to help you make the decision easier. People are more inclined to work remotely as the times change and we embrace a world of digital transformation and technical growth.

Microsoft Exchange is a messaging system that offers businesses various services, such as; email, calendar, task management, and address lists. By incorporating Exchange into your organization, you can access these servers from any location, on practically any device. Organizations globally prefer to use Microsoft Exchange for several reasons including its ability to protect your data, keep your employees connected, and reliable access to hosted email and contacts.

Ten Benefits of Microsoft Hosted Exchange

hosted exchange
hosted exchange

Let’s explore ten benefits of Microsoft Hosted Exchange in hopes that your mind will be made up at the end of this blog.

1. Easier implementation

Incorporating Microsoft Exchange involves finding space for the server, then installing the server and Microsoft Exchange. With a Microsoft Hosted Exchange, your IT partner can take care of hosting, management, and installation, while you focus on running your business.

2. Security

With Microsoft Hosted Exchange, the solution provider delivers security that protects your communication against any kind of threat. The cloud security provisions are superior when compared to local security provisions.

HIPAA, ISO 27001, and FISMA are just a few of the important compliance requirements that Microsoft Exchange adheres to. The multi-layered filtering impedes spam emails from getting into your inbox. This makes it a secure and viable option for your business.

3. Lower Costs

Using Microsoft Hosted Exchange can save your organization a lot of money. Say goodbye to overhead costs, spending hundreds on infrastructure, and having to update hardware ever so often. In exchange for the small price of the subscription, the majority of your server issues are already settled for you.

4. Increased Productivity

Employees are more productive with Microsoft Hosted Exchange. The cloud providers certified and experienced engineers to manage their Hosting environment efficiently. While these operations are already taken care of, your employees have more time to focus on initiatives that will contribute to revenue growth within the company.

5. Flexible Options

Microsoft Hosted Exchange, provides tools to move to the cloud on your own terms. You can provide a smooth experience for your end-users by allowing them to share calendars and schedule meetings between on-premises and online users. Additionally, you can remain in complete control in the cloud by testing upcoming enhancements with support for upgrade previews.

6. Always Updated

With Microsoft Hosted Exchange, your company will always have access to the most updated solution for email. Cloud service providers like Hosting.co.uk, grant you access to the updates for an Exchange Server version whenever they are released.

In addition to this, hosting providers help in upgrading the existing Hosted Exchange Server, but only when it is required.

7. Flexible solutions

Growing companies will possibly find it challenging to scale up or down on an in-house Microsoft Exchange solution because it’s limited by the capacity of the server. With Microsoft Hosted Exchange, you can contact your provider, and they will ensure that space and resources are available. Your Microsoft Hosted Exchange provider will also help you to scale your solutions if you change locations.

8. Easily Accessible

Microsoft Hosted Exchange is for the 21st century. It allows you to synchronize your data with devices including laptops, tablets, or your mobile. You can easily access your hosted email, calendars, and contacts anytime and anywhere.

9. User-Friendly

If you are bombarded with hundreds of emails per day, Microsoft Hosted Exchange will help you to sort and make sense of these emails so they are less overwhelming. Emails that are part of the same chain can be combined or grouped. Doing this allows you to spend less time organizing and more time actively getting things done.

You can simply click on a name in a hosted email to bring up a person’s contact information such as their phone number or even the next open slot on that person’s calendar.

10. Keep All Your Data in One Place

The best part about Microsoft Hosted Exchange is that you can preserve all your crucial data such as hosted emails, in one place with an in-place archive with a large mailbox for everyone in your organization.

This provided the option to retain email in the box or a searchable archive if you choose to do so.

Final thoughts

We hope we have helped to make your decision about Microsoft Hosted Exchange easier now that you know a few of its advantages. Firstly, signing up with Hosting.co.uk is a step in the right direction and can significantly enhance your Microsoft Exchange experience. Hosting.co.uk is one of the most professional and efficient web hosts that your organization can use. At Hosting.co.uk the client will benefit from fast, secure, premium support.