7 Benefits of Squirrel Hosting – Why it Matters?

A simple Google search of this topic may result in you seeing websites informing you how to take care of squirrels and what foods may be best for them. In another sense, persons are quizzical about what Squirrel hosting is and the benefits it provides to website owners. Squirrel hosting stands as a good choice for individuals inclined to a minimalistic and reliable user interface for their webmail. With Squirrel hosting, interaction with emails is on a simplistic basis and this can be appreciated by scores of persons intending to delve into its benefits.

What is Squirrel Hosting?

Squirrel Mail or Squirrel Hosting is an online service that hosting platforms provide to grant you access to Squirrel Mail via a dashboard interface. There is the possibility to download Squirrel Mail from its main web address and install it on your server using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a command line if it is that your web host does not provide it.

What is an Email Client?

To fully understand what is being discussed further in this article, it is important for us to look at the definition of Email Client. An Email Client is an application that allows a user to send and receive emails over a server managed by a web host. The transmission of emails is possible by the email client if the user is offline or online. By default, computers/devices running Windows, Microsoft Outlook is the email client responsible for the transmission of emails and is regarded as one widely used.

It is important to make a distinction between webmail and an email client as often, persons may tend to misconstrue the two. Unlike an email client, webmail is a server-based mailing service that exists on a server and not a device. This simply means that emails are accessible via webmail only when a user is connected to the internet.

What is Squirrel Mail?

Squirrel Mail is a Webmail client for reading and writing emails. Written in PHP, Squirrel Mail is a light pared-down application that is free, open source and utilizes JavaScript and HTML 4 programming languages. This simply means that browser compatibility is possible and no limitations are present with plugins, extensions or normal web functions.

7 Benefits of Squirrel Hosting

The mere fact that Squirrel Hosting is such a hot topic in many circles reveals that the benefits are attractive to its many users.

1. It’s Free

Distribution and usage of Squirrel hosting is free as a result of its General Public License (GNU). There are no licensing fees and you have the liberty to modify it as you desire.

2. Security is Strong

Email security on any platform is vitally important and with Squirrel hosting, Squirrel Mail utilizes updated encryption measures for its clients through its compatibility with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and STARTTLS. Clients can rest assured that messages sent and received on the platform are within the most private state.

3. Rivals Your Local Email Client

Accessibility is key and with Squirrel Mail, messages are available on the go in that your messages can be accessed from another device besides the email platform. There is no long waiting time to download your messages. These features along with the functionally simplistic interface of the platform rivals other email clients making it a favoured choice for many users.

4. Widely Available and Easy to Use

Often times there can be a learning curve attached to different platforms. However, with Squirrel Mail the ease of use is evident. With that said, it is available in over 50 languages. Browser compatibility is not a challenge and accessing the email client is possible with your preferred browser.

5. Compatible with Email Protocols

Squirrel hosting supports POP3/SMTP and IMAP email protocols. This means that Squirrel hosting is available for whichever email protocol you use.

6. Easy Search and Flag Features

Searching for emails that may have a certain interest is easy with Squirrel Mail despite its pared-down interface. Users can search and flag emails easily by highlighting the email and selecting this option.

7. Plugins Overload

Over 200 plugins and extensions are compatible with Squirrel UK. Therefore this means as a user, you have tons of high-end features such as email signatures, spam filtering, spell-check and more while still maintaining the light feel of the platform.


If you are looking for an easy to use email client that satisfies your daily mailing needs, this is it. The pared-down interface coupled with the distinct efficient features makes Squirrel Mail suitable for many diverse users. Despite the basic text-mail base, it boasts an instinctive show of compatibility, accessibility and performance. Choose a reliable web hosting service on Hosting UK and we’ll configure your plan to suit your squirrel hosting needs. Get started now!