All About the SSL Certificates UK Providers Offer

To start, SSL certificates are one of the fundamental services for encryption security online. So, to help you understand this claim, we will look at what an SSL certificate is, after which we’ll explore the different types of SSL certificate UK suppliers offer to site website.

Let’s get right into it.

What does SSL mean and what is it?

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All About the SSL Certificates UK Providers Offer 4

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a type of encryption that authenticates the processes that occur when sensitive data is exchanged between two parties. This simply means that the data is encrypted, safeguarding you against hackers attempting to steal your personal and sensitive information.

An SSL certificate provides an added layer of security that is now required for your website to be deemed trustworthy by everyone who visits it. An SSL certificate, therefore, is a digital certificate that offers authentication for your website. SSL certificates also facilitate an encoded connection for your website which shows that you are the true owner of the website and it is a legitimate business.

3 Types of SSL certificate UK suppliers offer

To determine which SSL certificate is ideal for you, you must first understand the various varieties offered. It’s worth noting that each type of SSL certificate offers a different level of protection.

1. Domain Validated (DV) Cert

The DV SSL certificate UK provider sell are on the lower tier of encryption security. It is the cheapest SSL certificate UK hosting companies have and it is the easiest one to acquire.

A DV certificate also has the least amount of requirements for the issuance and only verifies that you are indeed the true owner of your website. The application process is simple and no information about your company is required.

On the other hand, however, it is said that DV certificates, because of their easy acquisition is commonly used by cybercriminals as it can make a website appear more secure than it really is.

2. Extended Validation (EV) Certificae

A COMODO Encryption SSL certificate makes your website trustworthy
All About the SSL Certificates UK Providers Offer 5

The EV certificate is recognized as having the highest level of security among all other certificates. It is the easiest of them all to identify and is the must-have SSL certificate for websites that handle sensitive information.

To acquire an EV certificate you must undergo an enhanced review process, which includes the examination of corporate documents, the confirmation of your identity as the applicant and the checking of all your information using a third-party database.

If the browser’s URL bar displays an https padlock and the company’s name shows in green, you can tell it’s a website that has an EV certificate. Of course, the green company name varies from browser to browser. Instead, what is consistent is the visible padlock in the address bar.

For more on EV SSLs go here.

3. Organizationally Validated (OV)

If you want to get an OV SSL certificate, you’ll need to verify basic information about your company, its physical location, and, of course, the domain name of your website.

The OV certificate acquisition process can take a couple of days. These certificates come with a fair amount of security and is certainly a good option for ‘public facing’ websites that receive less sensitive types of transactions.

Try our PostitiveSSL DV certificate to started

You can test our classic budget-friendly face of online security at by selecting an SSL from our site. It’s vital to remember a few things before signing up for this kind of certificate:

  • PositiveSSL certs fall under the Domain Validated category, which means they are extremely cost-effective and easy to acquire.
  • You have the opportunity to boost your Website SEO ranking because you have a trusted site.
  • There is receive limited encryption because you only have basic security coverage.
  • You will not have a green address bar. Instead, you will only have the green padlock displayed to your users
  • You have to prove that you have the rights to your domain name before this type of SSL certificate is issued.

When you visit our website, choose our PositiveSSL certificate with entry-level encryption for just £7.50 yearly. You’ll also get an unlimited server licensing and reissue feature.

Of course, if your budget increases and you can always upgrade to the other types of SSL certificates we offer. Our Extended Validation certificate offers security for up to 250 domains and is competitively priced at only £159.00/year.

Learn even more about SSLs and why you need them here.

In Conclusion

As more people shop online, cybercrimes are becoming more prevalent. Understanding the many types of SSL certificates can help you protect your website visitors from scams and data theft. As such, it is the website owners’ job to have vital security software to protect both you and your clients.

You will generate more revenue when your customers trust your brand. Once their information is safe and secure from hackers they will freely buy services or share information with you.

Get started today with one of our affordable SSL packages offered by provides.

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