8 Scary Signs to Switch to New Hosting Provider

People often never know that they can switch to another hosting provider! Yes, it is possible, and in fact, it is recommended if you feel that your current provider is not offering you the right services you asked for. Choosing a hosting company that is in better alignment with your current website is necessary to build your online presence. Here are 8 scary signs that it’s time to switch to a new hosting provider.

You experience downtime

If every now and then you find that your website is offline, kindly switch to a more reliable host. Downtime can cost you a lot of traffic as well as money. This is even more costly to those running eCommerce sites since they rely on their website being available to their website visitors and customers. Customers will get frustrated if they can’t access your site. Other than that, unreliable hosting service can lead to a search engine penalty. If Google pushes your site down in the search results, it means you will lose potential customers and revenue.

So it’s essential for a web host to have adequate networks and servers to keep your site online always.


Your site loads slowly

The speed at which your site loads web pages is important not just for your visitors but also search engines. People are time poor and don’t have the patience to wait for your website to load, figures say if your site doesn’t load within 8 seconds, it might even be less time on a mobile device, they will click the back button and this is another issue for your website as search engines will record this as a bounce rate and the higher a bounce rate it’s telling search engine like Google that your website doesn’t care too much for user experience (UX). Causes for sites loading slowly can be due to lack of enough bandwidth, which is common in cheap web hosts and shared hosting services. Test your site’s speed by running it through tools like GT metrix and perform a few speed tweaks. If you notice that it’s still loading slowly, migrate for free to a reliable host such as hosting.co.uk.


Annoying customer service

It is no wonder to find that some hosting companies have lousy customer support staff. They can be damn outright rude and have poor website hosting knowledge and not sure how to help you. Any person or business that has a website hosted, should be receiving spectacular support from an experienced and knowledgeable tech support team. Other than rude support staff, availability of support staff when your website is experiencing a problem is crucial to the success of both the customer and the hosting company. You should be able to reach customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is frustrating to wait the whole weekend for you to restore a database you deleted accidentally. Never compromise or settle for less when it comes to customer support, if you feel you are not being given full attention, or clear and specific support, it is time you choose hosting.co.uk as your new hosting company.


Lack of crucial features

Some web hosts don’t offer SSL certificates. This is a huge hindrance to those planning to sell goods or services online since every eCommerce site must be secure. SSL is supposed to be offered freely, or if not, it should be inexpensive. If your host is asking for arm and leg for SSL certificate, then it’s time you migrated to another hosting provider with cheap or free SSL. Other than SSL, platforms such as WordPress and ability to use PHP scripts are a crucial part of any hosting package. At one time or another, you will be required to use these features as you develop your site, and in case they are not available in your current hosting company, then you will encounter problems; changing to another host would si advised.

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Hefty Hosting Prices

Are you paying too much to host your domain? Do prices seem to always increase yet there are no additional features or benefits? Then it is time to find a suitable host. An increase in price should only come with great improvements in both hosting support and performance as well.


Weak Security Features

A host that does not use the latest security features will be putting your site at risk. With the increasing rate of online fraud, a secure website gives peace of mind to owner and customers. Offering secure payment options and ensuring your customer’s information is kept secure, safe, and you are required to see that your customer’s information is kept safe, secure, and uncompromised.

This can only be achieved if your hosting provider runs the latest security procedures. Hackers can access systems via numerous methods but are only able to do this as a result of outdated software, poor monitoring, limited policies as well as inconsistent patching. Although nobody can be impervious to these attacks, a hosting company that implements industry leading security strategies such as two-factor authorization will be hard to hack. Some managed providers also offer security packages such as protection against DDoS attacks, intrusion prevention, and vulnerability scans, which translates to reduced risk of data theft.

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Hard to use C-panel

Some hosting providers don’t offer a c-panel. If your provider offers one, ensure that it is easy to use. There is no need to have a c-panel that will always be giving you a headache anytime you want to update or undertake a site development. In this case, choose a host that provides an easy to use c-panel.


Undelivered Promises

Most hosts will promise new users lots of features yet they never fulfill their promises. Were you promised unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and so forth, yet they never delivered? It is time to move to a new provider. Hosts that only sugar coat their packages to attract customers will never provide you with reliable services or support. You should go for Hosting.co.uk, since they can keep up with your needs, grow with you and make you feel at ease knowing that you have whatever you need to keep your site running. In conclusion, your hosting provider should measure up to your needs, but not vice versa. If you are spending too much time worrying about uptime of your site, or worrying about security breaches then you have reached a crossroad with the hosting company- then it’s time you ditched them and migrate for free to hosting.co.uk.