New TLDs under £3 a year

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As the amount of websites available on the World Wide Web surpasses all expectations, finding the right domain name for a website becomes challenging. Like choosing a unique baby name but not wanting it to sound wacky. Or finding the right car registration plate without needing a loan to pay for it. Choosing the right domain name needs let the world know who you are.

Top-level domains add credibility, but can be expensive, especially if they include well-known words like apple, potter and frozen. And sometimes the only available TLD might be completely unsuitable, such as a reputable charity with a .biz domain. Fortunately, demand for more TLDs has sparked a new breed of NTLDs, and at some knockdown prices too. have launched 4 of the most competitively priced NTLDs on the market, available for less than £3 per year! (.store for £3.99 in the first year).

What are NTLDs?

New top-level domains are the latest members of the Top-Level Domain family, forming the new acronym NTLD, the originals including extensions like .com and Top-level domains are the most prestigious extensions to your website name, thanks to, scooping a new one just became easier and cheaper than ever. Best of all, the choice in their NTLDs cater for individual tastes, profit or non-profit enterprises, small or large businesses.

What are the 4 domains for? have a brilliant choice of new top-level domains, especially for e-commerce websites, independent projects, and professionals who missed out on the .com craze.


A .site domain has a more modern feel to it, it’s sharp and to the point. Like the .online domain, it can also be used by a variety of businesses in most sectors: profit or non-profit, small or large.


With more people buying and selling online, having a domain name with words like shop or store on the end can mean the difference between getting a sale or losing business to a competitor. If you wanted to buy a new pair of wellies, would you click on or Buying a .store domain for only £4 a year will give seedling e-commerce businesses a real boost, are practically giving it away for free.


The .online extension, similar to .com or .org, can be used for virtually anything. It doesn’t offer any clue as to the nature of the business, so can be used broadly, appealing to a wide-range of people. It also has a professional ring to it, like it’s been around for years.


Could there be a more perfect domain for a website? Having an online presence, in some entity, for an almost unlimited amount of reasons, seems unavoidable. All you know is that you need a website. The .website top-level domain will appeal to everyone who says things like “I don’t want anything fancy. Just a website. I’m not selling anything.” Perfect for blogs or projects to raise awareness; a digital home for a project.

Who should use one of them?

There’s no doubt .store top-level domains will be an instant hit with e-commerce websites. For existing brands, perfect for landing pages promoting new products. If it’s a new website, an excellent extension to bricks-and-mortar shop fronts. For individuals who want to expand their selling abilities beyond the big-name sites like eBay and Amazon, or add a more professional touch to their existing profiles, buying one of these might be cheaper than having the word store in the domain name itself. Besides, sounds just as good as, doesn’t it?

The rest can be used by anyone looking for an affordable alternative to old school top-level domains. The NTLDs .site and .website will suit anyone looking to expand their reach by advertising their services over the internet. From a village bakery to a city school blog about its children’s last school trip, these new top-level domains can be used for any purpose. They also work well for portfolio websites and one-off events.

The .online extension is also a great choice for anyone taking their first steps into the online world. Moving with the times can be intimidating, online sounds unpretentious yet business-like. Whatever their purpose, the NTLDs available from are excellent value.