6 Advantages of Using Microsoft Outlook Email Client

Small business owners require the cheapest email client that provides useful features to improve the productivity of an emailing system in place. Microsoft Outlook is a recommended free email client with a wide range of features for email users to take advantage of. In fact, it’s easy to set up with a cPanel email. Custom cPanel emails are typically available with web hosting accounts and with cPanel access. A user or company can use this means to create free custom emails which are a vital part of communication and making the right first impressions for your site.,

Compared to premium email clients such as the Microsoft hosted exchange service, free email clients offer less features to email users however remain a cost-effective option for business owners. Microsoft is a market leader in providing free email client software for good reason. The advantages to using the Microsoft outlook email client can improve the emailing system a business owner has in place.

Email Client vs. Email Web Server

Many new email users remain confused between the email client and the email web server differences. First, new email users should know what an email client is. Download the best email client software to a device which establishes a connection over the internet with the email accounts web server. Reliable hosting providers rent powerful email web servers to business owners although the majority of hosting account owners opt to use the Virtual Private Server Hosting service as the email web server. For cPanel account owners the email web server is the same server as the selected web hosting service. Best of all the website domain name can be used as a custom mailbox for cPanel email accounts created.

To set up a custom cPanel email, follow these steps to setups:

How to set up your cPanel Email

In short, you can access the email software via desktop or mobile device with connection to the email web server. This way, emails can be downloaded, and new incoming emails appear within Microsoft Outlook. New emails are sent to the email web server then redirected to the email client for email users to view.

How to Configure your email in Outlook

6 Main Advantages Of Using Microsoft Outlook!

Before selecting the best email client for their internal emailing system, business owners should research the advantages of using Microsoft Outlook. Business owners that do research regarding web hosting services and emailing clients end up selecting the best email client and web hosting services possible.

1) User-Friendly Microsoft Outlook is Easy-To-Navigate.

One of the advantages of using Microsoft outlook is the user-friendly email client that uses a simple but effective self-explanatory navigation menu. Easy-to-navigate email clients for email users are better to use. Email tasks are completed faster using the Microsoft office email client as the easy-to-navigate layout reduces the time spent searching for tools or contact lists.

Business owners can select the most user-friendly email to guarantee the internal emailing productivity increases. The built-in search bar provided with Microsoft outlook is a key advantage to the emailing client offering a way to scan for specific; Tools, Inboxes, Settings, Emails and another service provided.

2) Microsoft Outlook Keeps us connected with Shared Calendars

The best email client keeps track of time sensitive email tasks and events using built-in calendars that prompt the email users with reminders. Forgetting to send an email, complete a task or turn up to a meeting can have an impact on the business therefore the advantage to using Microsoft office is email users are reminded in advanced.

Not only can employees schedule events in their own calendars but business owners have the option to schedule events for all or specific employees.

3) Keep your emails Organised using Microsoft Office

The Microsoft outlook email client is very user-friendly. As such, keep the inbox and contact lists up to date organised is easy. This helps to impact a user’s productivity. For all email users one of the advantages to using the Microsoft outlook email client is the option to organise email contacts and email inboxes into easier to manage tidier categories.

4) Access The Microsoft Outlook Email Client Anywhere!

One of the most overlooked advantages of using Microsoft outlook is email accounts can be accessed from a range of devices from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. With the best email client on the go from a mobile device emails can be; Read, Sent, Organised and email accounts can be managed by downloading the Outlook App. Windows desktop users can log-in to outlook faster using automatic login features.

Upon logging-in to the Windows account the Outlook account is also automatically signed in. This is a useful feature for businesses where employees share computers.

5) Microsoft Outlook Improves Security

The best email client is one that aims to reduce spam and protect email users against malicious files. As more and more cyber-criminals take to email spamming, the risk of a scam email or a malicious program increases. These have the potential to infect the email web server or the user’s device. The security advantages to using the Microsoft Outlook email client is designed to reduce spam emails which improves the overall security of a business. Microsoft Outlook scans incoming emails for specific keywords associated to spam emails or for malicious files designed to cause damage.

The Microsoft Outlook email client also includes a feature to prevent accidental bulk emailing. Sensitive data sent via email to the wrong inbox can result in legal consequences for a business owner. Therefore, bulk emailing sensitive data must be avoided at all costs. With the Microsoft office email client, a Warning Message appears upon sending bulk emails. First the message needs approval from the email user before sending bulk emails.

6) Business Owners Notice Improvements Regarding Productivity!

The main advantages of using Microsoft outlook for business owners is internal emailing systems see an improvement in productivity. Users can customise each email account. Therefore, individual employees configure Microsoft outlook to their preferred style.

Using a personalised email client guarantees the most efficient performance from employees. Flagged emails are used in the Microsoft outlook email to track emails that require urgent attention! All employees with access to the inbox can identify urgent emails by a Red Flag. So, emails with need for urgent attention gets a response faster than non-urgent one.


The Microsoft Outlook email client provides business owners with features that improve internal emailing systems. This can massively impact the overall business productivity. Users with basic web hosting can have this free email system by creating a custom cPanel email. Then, connect it with Microsoft Outlook.

Many companies are already comfortable using Outlook and therefore employees and business owners spend less learning a new software and more time completing vital tasks at work.