The Importance of Encryption. Do I need an SSL Certificate?

Website owners not only obtain SSL certificates for encryption services but take advantage of additional benefits provided. Don’t overlook the importance of encryption instead protect sensitive data with an SSL certificate. The following blog outlines the importance of encryption to websites and the benefits SSL Certificates can provide.

How does encryption work?

Encryption the process of scrambling or encoding information in such a way that the original message is no longer readable. The SSL Certificate best encryption method for website owners encrypts website traffic creating Secure Socket Connections (SSL).

Encryption uses Algorithms

Algorithms are an important aspect of the encryption process. Algorithms generate two encryption keys one of which scrambles messages into unreadable data for the other key to decrypt. Unreadable data must be decrypted with the second key before the original message can be read.

The reason encryption is important

Keep messages private between sender and receiver with encryption services removing the risk of eavesdropping. Send traffic encrypted over the secure connection between browser and webserver to protect data.

What is the SSL Certificate Definition?

Secure Socket Layout is the SSL Certificate definition that creates secure connections used for encrypting website traffic. SSL Certificate best algorithms are specific instructions that webservers use to create secure connections. Established secure connections require public and private keys that webservers generate using ssl certificates.

How do I obtain an SSL Certificate?

Reliable hosting providers sell web hosting plans and offer SSL Certificate best services so customers can secure websites using encryption. Before purchasing make sure your SSL Certificate cost is within your website budget plan. Select the best certificate type suited to website requirements for the most affordable price. A domain name must be registered before website owners can obtain ssl certificates. Get unique domain name registered from the most reliable hosting provider today.

SSL Certificate best reason for investing!

What impact does a website have on my business? Security features such as SSL Certificates improve the overall safety of a website. Increased security can positively impact websites which directly affects the business. Business owners compare huge legal fines faced for data leaks to SSL certificate cost to establish the investments worth. Leak customer personal data and receive huge legal fines that can cripple a business which is prevented by encryption.

Why do Website Owners Encrypt Traffic?

Encrypting traffic is a smart move with one of the SSL Certificate types to protect sensitive data during transit. Plain text traffic is readable and easy to steal for fraudulent purposes if intercepted by cyber-criminals. Encrypted traffic is unreadable near impossible to decrypt therefore is less likely to be stolen.

What SSL Certificate types are there?

On the market a range of SSL certificate types are available to purchase for multiple website requirements. Basic providers sell one certificate type limiting website owners to basic encryption services often at expensive prices. Browse all of the SSL Certificate types on the market with the best web hosting provider then purchase at the most affordable price.

Dynamic VS Static Certificates

Compared to dynamic the most cost-effective SSL certificate type for web hosting beginners is the static certificate. Static certificates encrypt traffic for one domain while Dynamic certificates encrypt sub-domains in addition to the main domain name.

DV, OV and EV Certificates.

DV Certificates

Popular among many small website owners for good reason. Being the most affordable price DV certificates use basic domain authentication and provide entry level encryption for less sensitive data.

OV Certificates

Get encryption services with more advanced domain authentication. Visitors can check the domains authenticity manually by viewing personal or business information made visible by the OV Certificate. Personal or business information is visible on the certificate allowing for manual domain authentication for increased security.

EV Certificates

Easy to identify by the Long Green URL bar. EV Certificates offer high domain authentication and the most secure encryption service. The highest level of domain authentication uses the personal or business information provided to check for legitimacy.

Benefits of using SSL Certificate!

Many website owners are unaware of the benefits SSL Certificates provide in addition to protecting data by encrypting traffic. Security is a top priority for website owners and many follow our 2019 website safety checklist for new website security tips.

Gain Customer Trust

Customers check websites for Green Padlocks before making purchases to guarantee the security of their data. SSL Certificates websites see increases in sales due to more trust gained by new potential customers due to Green Padlocks.

Secured Websites Rank Better

Even with the best keywords a website with bad security is less likely to rank within search engine such as Google. Search engines do not rank malicious or non-legitimate websites. SSL Certificates indicate a secure website that is more likely to appear within search engines. The most secure websites authenticate the domain name often ranking the highest within search engines.

Authenticate Domain Name

Hackers redirect domain traffic to phishing websites leaving visitors unaware if SSL Certificate domain authentication does not occur. In fact, on fake phishing websites visitors can expose personal sensitive data to hackers. As the SSL Certificate knows the webserver used for establishing connections domain name authentication can take place. The certificate detects a redirected connection then prevents by warning the visitor of the potential phishing website.

Encrypted Website Traffic

The most known benefit to SSL Certificates is the encryption of website traffic. An SSL certificate establishes secure socket connections between your web server and the visitor’s browser. Send website traffic via the ssl connection to encrypt sensitive data protecting from theft during transit. Therefore, sensitive data such as; Login Details, Banking Accounts and Personal Customer Information needs to be protected.


SSL Certificates protect sensitive data such as banking information during transit using encryption. If a website does not handle sensitive data encryption is not required however website owners still benefit from SSL Certificates.