Create an Amazing Website for your love!


Whether looking at a business idea or a personal touch for your special love this Valentine’s Day, you have the chance to set up your own website and shout about your love from the virtual rooftops!


Love is in the air

Even though we have seen the release of many new gTLDs over the last couple of years, nothing says it like a dot love website. The warmth, personal touch and the genuine affection created by .love should not be underestimated. Immediately barriers come down, the trust factor grows and our hearts begin to flutter. So, how can you set up your own .love website?


Create your own website

Today there are many ways to create. For instance, you could hire a professional designer. You could  modify an already existing site that you purchase. Unfortunately building websites from scratch or modifying one requires highly skilled personnel. Which brings us to our topic. We will discuss how you can create your amazing website easily by using a website builder tool.

In fact, the internet has a wealth of website builders, some better than other for sure. The best part is that website builder tools cater to advance users to individuals with little to no website building skills.  For example, this “Easy Site Builder” takes you by the hand, allowing us to keep everything as simple as possible. How? Well, website’s are already made! So, all that’s required of you is to add your perfectly tailored content and pictures to your theme of choice. With that said, if you are looking to create a personal .love website or perhaps you have a special love or hobby that you would like to flip into a business idea, this is perfect for you.


Features of the Easy Site Builder

As the name suggests, the Easy Site Builder service is extremely useful for those perhaps more experienced in business and less experienced in building a website. The step-by-step process is extremely simple, cutting the overall process into a range of subcategories. In no time at all your website can be up and running, allowing you to access the worldwide market.


1. Quick and easy domain name registration

To begin your website you will need a domain aka an Internet name for your site. You can transfer an existing website or perhaps you already have a domain you wish to use. If you are yet to buy the domain name for your business, then you should aim to register a suitable domain name that you will love! Fortunately, a few website builders provide a domain registration service. They make registering a domain name purchase/hosting services, offering a seamless process.


2. Fast loading websites using the best hosting service

Very often when starting a new website it can take time to fully optimise the settings on the server with the demands of your new e-commerce site. Small tweaks can make a big difference but thankfully all of best hosting packages are fully optimised for all kinds of websites. This means that from day one you are running at maximum efficiency, minimum load times and basically ready to do business.


3. Fully automated backend

The back-end system is already fully automated. So whether you are looking for a personal website or to begin building your e-commerce empire, the process is always as simple as possible. This ensures that as much time as possible is focused on your business activities and growing your audience.


4. Choose one of many e-commerce templates

Sometimes it can be near impossible to find that “perfect” e-commerce template, with around 200 themes to choose from. The beauty is that if you find one which is “just about there” the system allows you to tweak and change various elements. This degree of personalisation lets you put your stamp on your website and create the vision that you probably had in your mind from day one.


5. Secure hosting as well as SSL certificates

Unfortunately, many people seem to underestimate the importance of secure hosting, SSL certificates and encrypted data transfer via the HTTPS protocol. Well don’t! Find a package that lets you install an SSL certificate with the latest data encryption technology. The simple fact is that website that are not secure is a disaster waiting to happen and a situation which does not encourage customers to return.


6. Link your site with the leading e-commerce payment systems

If you have ever tried building your own website from scratch, you will be well aware of the difficulties and the challenges in linking your e-commerce website with popular payment systems. Account numbers, link details, currency issues and an array of other variables make what should be a relatively simple process extremely complicated. Simply select the e-commerce payment system providers you would like and presto!


7. Multilingual software packages

We fully appreciate that the world of e-commerce moves quickly, trends change and once you are live, you are literally worldwide. The use of multilingual software packages should be the default position today but many people fail to appreciate the benefits. The software package behind Site Builders ought to include different languages thereby significantly increasing your potential pool of customers.


8. Built-in SEO tool

Even to those with experience with SEO, this can be something of a minefield which changes on a regular basis. Therefore, an advanced SEO tool will remove some of the headaches, the challenges and make things a little simpler to optimise your website. Increase your visibility online and perhaps just as importantly check your rankings with a site builder that provides a built-in SEO tool.


9. Free 24/7 support

As time is money in the world of e-commerce, and downtime in dead time, having a support service available 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year should be mandatory. Don’t be afraid to contact us your service provider!


Types of .love website

So, now that you have the tools, what type of business/personal website would benefit from the .love gTLD? Sit back, close your eyes and think about love, romance, and see what springs to mind?

  • E-commerce retail sites
  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Births
  • Pets
  • Personal stories
  • Dating sites
  • Books


Marketing/brand names

There is no doubt that the dot love gTLD is one of the strongest marketing/brand tools available in the world of e-commerce today. The most successful businesses are based upon an individual’s passion/love. Those who have a deep understanding of a particular market and an infectious enthusiasm will more likely succeed than those purely focused on the money. It will take time, effort and a varying degree of expenditure but with an easy Site Builder option you have a chance to kickstart the next leg in your business career.



Over the years we have seen the release of many ground-breaking gTLDs but few have had the impact of dot love. There are many different business types which fall into this particular category and will benefit from the .love domain extension. Your passion for a particular subject matter will soon be visible to the world, and you could create yourself a great long-term business.