Share your Love on your new Website

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and perhaps you’re in need of a technological way to make a grand gesture of love to show the world your special love, and a great way to do that is by building a new website. Creating a website to showcase your love is an excellent idea for Valentine’s Day.

Building a website nowadays is easy, can be cost-effective, and fast. You don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy or have great skills as a web developer knowing computer languages. It is as simple as a couple of clicks. Ordinary people build and launch new websites daily, in fact, there are over 200 million websites on the internet and counting.

While we know building a website may seem like a monumental task there are tools that help you to create a beautiful, user-friendly, functional website without knowing any code. How? By using a site builder. Site builders are perfect for anyone wanted to create a beautiful website if:

  • You’re not a web developer and don’t know how to code.
  • Want your focus to be on content and message only.
  • You want value and all-in-one

Your new website can be the story of what/who you love, your favourite moments, you can give relationship advice for others and so much more. Your website for Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of love, something that has no boundaries. Apart from building your website you have the option to use the new domain gTLD extension dot Love or any other you deem fit for your new website.

Using a site Builder

Step 1: Choose your Website Builder

A great number of website owners have used site builders to create their new websites. Why is it possible to create a website so quickly with a builder? Well in the beginning days of the internet in order to build a website you needed a working knowledge HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Then CSS became a prerequisite as well, making things even more complicated.

Site builders eliminate the need to employ code languages and instead focus on design and functionality. site builders do this through the use of templates and sometimes just drag and drop interfaces that you can add to your pages. A good website building gives you infinite design options.

Therefore it is important to choose the right site builder from the beginning. Here’s what you need to consider when making the choice.

Features you need

  1. Ease of use: You want a site builder that is simple and easy to use and takes very little time navigating the features.
  2. Value for money: Choose a site builder that has a robust choice of features as well as a great price point. A balance between value and cost.
  3. Design flexibility: Are there templates to choose from? How aesthetically pleasing are the templates? Are they industry appropriate? Are they user-friendly and modern? Make sure that you have full flexibility to edit templates or build from scratch with an easy to use drag and drop interface.
  4. Features: What can the web builder do? Can it handle e-commerce? Is it easy to add a blog? The more features a web builder has the more you can do with it.
  5. Help & Support: Is there a knowledge base available? Do they have a blog with how-to articles and tips? Is tech support available around the clock? All of this is necessary when using a web builder.

You can test a great site builder that meets all the requirements of a great website builder here.

Step 2: Sign up for the Right Plan

Now you have to decide on a plan that suits your needs. Site Builders always offer multiple plans to ensure that you get all the features needed to build and manage your site without paying for things you don’t need.

Many highly affordable site builders are on the market which is good news for you the would-be website owner; because the alternative of hiring a web developer would cost you from $300-$1000 for a custom template. To make matters even pricier the cost of a custom build website from scratch will cost you thousands.

Step 3: Choose a Domain Name

This is one of the most important steps for any prospective website owner. Your domain name is label just before your TLD (i.e. .com, .love, etc.) that tells the world what your website is about. This identifies your website and it is registered to you at a domain registrar usually your web hosting company.

A domain name is essential to your new website so take the time to consider what you want your brand to be associated with on the internet. For making a website about your love, or a website about your significant other, or your journey  consider a name that represents you or one that encompasses what/who you love. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect domain name.

  • Make it relevant. If your new website is going to be about shouting your love story across the internet universe then choose a name that encapsulates that. Same if your site is concerned with giving couples advice on love make sure the name expresses that fully.
  • Create a short name. Make it memorable. You don’t want a long domain name because you want people to remember your website. Keep it to 17 characters max and ensure that the word or words you use a catchy and easy to remember.
  • Avoid using numbers. Simply avoid using numbers in your domain name. It doesn’t lend to being memorable. If a number is in the name spell it out.
  • Check that the branding isn’t already being used. Remember there are over 200 million websites on the internet with millions of domains taken. So do your research to ensure your brand’s domain name is unique.

Once you’ve settled with your domain name go ahead and register it. Once you register your domain name you own it. If you move your website at any time it still belongs to you.

Step 4: Pick your Template

Now that you’ve been diligent and completed steps 1-3 it’s time to create your new website by selecting a beautiful template.

Templates provide the framework you need to help you realise the vision for your new website. They flawlessly allow you to create a beautiful website quick and easy. Templates include a colour palette, customisable headers and homepages, the menu, and the width of your content—so make sure you choose the best template for your nice and website.

With the site builder we recommend you have an extensive selection of templates to choose from, over 200 to be exact across many categories. No matter what your website’s focus there will be a template for it. The great thing is you can try a template on and then change it to a different one to give your website an entirely new feel.

Step 5: Customise your Template

With so many people using the same platform as you to build their websites your template is going to need some customisation to make it completely yours and fit in with your content and brand’s message.

What goes into customising a template for your new website? Well, that’s solely up to you. Site builders are very flexible where customising is concerned. Customisation can include:

  • Adding new pages to your navigation menu
  • Changing the size, colours, and fonts of buttons
  • Adding new elements like social media buttons, contact forms and menus
  • Editing the images on your homepage gallery and throughout the site
  • Choosing a different colour palette from the default
  • Linking and or embedding social media channels

Have fun and experiment with different things. This is where you can completely change the design to suit you, and your brand’s message.


Before you hit that publish button you want to make sure everything is perfect. So check grammar and spelling. Ensure all of your content is error-free, all buttons, menus and links are working, test it on the desktop and mobile devices. Preview and test your website as many times as possible to make sure everything is perfect before you publish. Once you’re all done it’s time to hit publish and share your love with the world. You did it! Now your Valentine and everyone else can share in your love story. Great way to Segway into giving dating and relationship advice too. The sky is the limit and your friends, family and the world will be floored by the effort you’ve taken to show your love from the top of the internet.