Dedicated Server vs VPS


How well your content is distributed online is highly dependent on your website hosting provider and the type of hosting plan you use. Your ability to reach your online audience may be limited if you do not have a scalable and flexible plan that can easily adapt to the changes your website may need.

Hosting servers are responsible for the security of your files and data on your website. It is also in charge of delivering requests in a safe and efficient manner.

There are many server options to choose from, but for a website attracting a significant amount of traffic, your decision will come down to two options: Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Dedicated Server.

At the core, they both have similar functions. However, there are marked differences and you choosing one over the other has to do with the specific needs of your business or your budget.


What’s VPS Hosting?

With VPS hosting plan you own a private space on a physical server with other websites. Even though you share the same physical server you are entitled to your own bandwidth and resources. VPS shares certain characteristics with dedicated hosting, such as the ability to control and customise your server setting.


What’s Dedicated Hosting?

With dedicated hosting, you have exclusive server space for your website. The bandwidth and resources that come with the server are yours alone and you won’t have to share it with any other website. You will also be able to control and customise the software and operating system on your server.


Comparing VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers


1. Price

VPS plans are cheaper than dedicated servers. Dedicated servers offer the highest level of hosting which is why they cost more. VPS hosting offers a range of price tiers for different levels of resources.


2. Performance

Performance is all about the speed at which your site loads and runs for users. The faster the better. Dedicated hosting offers more resources that allow your website to load quickly even when there is a big surge in traffic. VPS hosting has great loading speeds as well, however, your site may slow down depending on the resources allocated to your site. Resources on VPS are often less than dedicated server resources.


3. Scalability

The ability to scale your website is very critical especially when your website experiences a surge in traffic and growth. This is one of the main reasons persons using a shared hosting plan end up upgrading to VPS or dedicated server plans once their website starts growing.

With VPS you have the ability to scale- up but not as much as you are able to with a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting gives you access to more resources, greater performance and security.


4. Configuration and Customisation

VPS and dedicated hosting both give you the option to purchase a managed or unmanaged plan. When you choose a managed plan, you are equipped with the necessary tools but the duty is yours to set-up, install and update the server. It is up to you to build and maintain an unmanaged plan. A Managed plan is usually the top choice. However, it is more expensive than an unmanaged plan


5. Security

Both VPS and dedicated hosting operate in an isolated setting. Even though other sites share a VPS server, virtual barrier reduces or eliminates the risk of malware and other intrusions from shared technology. Also, managed VPS plans are equipped with additional tech support.

However, in general, dedicated servers offer more security than VPS.

Dedicated servers have their own unique IP address so you are the only one with access to it. There is also 24/7 tech support. A dedicated server plan reduces and can eliminate adware and malware security issues.


When Is VPS Hosting Best for You?

  • If your website is growing rapidly and you need better hosting, with a small budget.
  • Not only do you have a small budget but also you are not technically proficient.
  • You want more resources without purchasing a full server.


When is dedicated server Hosting Plan best for you?

  • You need lots of RAM, bandwidth and resource to support your growing website. You also want top speed while posting videos and high definition images.
  • Your website collects personal customer information and you want top of the line security.
  • You want control to configure and scale your website with a budget to match.


VPS and Dedicated Hosting – Which is The Better Option?

Deciding between VPS and Dedicated server usually boils down to cost, security and performance.

As it relates to cost if you are on a tight budget because your business is not generating enough to purchase a dedicated server, VPS is a good option for you. Also, if revenue you are your business does not allow you to purchase a dedicated server you probably do not need one just yet.

If you operate a legal, banking or any kind of business that requires top-level security straight off the bat you should consider a dedicated server. However, no server can offer you 100% safety from attacks dedicated servers make it harder for attackers and provides real-time alerts for breaches.

Both VPS and dedicated servers allow you to configure which can add to the overall performance of your site. If you need a server that allows for specific hardware configuration, you will need to go with a dedicated service.

Dedicated hosting is best for large, complex, high-traffic websites. However, if you need enhanced speed, the scalability and the ability to configure but do not have the budget to match a VPS is the next best thing. A dedicated server plan will cost more but for a growing company it is worth the investment.


Looking for a server plan that is right for you?

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