Get Reseller Hosting and turn 2024 into A Profitable Year!

Last updated: Jul, 2024

There are countless opportunities to make money online. Now is the perfect year to become your own boss or create a side-hustle for some added revenue. Starting your own reseller web hosting company creates a great opportunity to do so. Now it’s easier than ever to find the best offers for unlimited reseller plans with Web Host Manager (WHM) ideal for starting your new business venture.

According to Business Insider, the global market for web hosting has been on an upward trajectory and is expected to grow at approximately USD 154 Billion by 2022. Therefore making 2024 is the perfect time to turn over a profit by tapping into reseller hosting.

Here are some tips to help you understand reseller hosting and guidelines on the best way to set up your reseller business.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting allows you to purchase bulk web hosting services. Using WHM you can split them into smaller plans for resale. Reseller hosting gives you the ability to distribute bandwidth, space, and other resources to customers. You can apply your mark-up on the price to make a revenue. As your customers increase, so will your profit margin.

Benefits of a Reseller Hosting

  • More flexibility to monitor your web hosting accounts.
  • The ability to earn more revenue at little cost to yourself.
  • You can focus your attention on supporting your customers since your web host provider takes care of technical support.
  • You do not pay maintenance costs as your web host provider covers them all.

The Downside of Reseller Hosting

  • The quality of service you offer is dependent on the performance of the web hosting platform you use. If their server experience frequent downtime so will your customers who will seek a web host with better uptime.
  • Deciding to change your web host can be a great inconvenience to your clients.

Best Practices When Setting Up a Reseller Hosting Company

Deciding to purchase a reseller account for resale is a business. As such, you will have to treat it just as you would any other start-up.

This Is A Real Company, Treat It As Such

 Once you have decided that you want to enter the reseller hosting market you should for a limited liability company. Then hire a professional if you are not competent in this area to work out the legal and technical aspects of such a business for you.

Do your market research and find out what your competitors are doing and what clients need. Once these things are in place it is time to start looking for the best reseller hosting provider to set the right foundation for your business. Once you have selected the ideal plan for you, ensure you add privacy policy pages, service level agreement, terms of service, an about us page and install WHMCS.

Avoid Cheap Plans – Look for Special Offers

Some cheap plans do not always offer the best technical support you will need to grow your reseller hosting company. It is critical to do your research to ensure the service provider you use offers the required technical support you need, such as:

  • An isolated Control Panel/cPanel WHM for each of your clients.
  • The possibility of free domain names to offer to your clients.
  • There are standard offerings including free SSL available for your users, free emails accounts, FTP and limitless MySQL databases.

Quality always trumps price. So instead of looking for cheap plans that are limited in their offerings, look out for more comprehensive plans. These normally feature great plans at an affordable cost.

Use a corporate billing system

Even if you offer the best web hosting service, if you do not have proper billing in place your business will still suffer. That is why you should sign up for a corporate billing system solution like WHMCS. This will help you to activate customer orders automatically, support client and communicate with them in an easier more professional way.

This will also allow you to do your own affiliate programmes allowing clients to get money by referring your services to others.

Utilise private nameservers

One of the disadvantages of reseller hosting is that it is extremely challenging to migrate to another platform without disrupting your clients. However, namesaver allows you to migrate yours and your customers’ web hosting accounts without requiring that they make any changes from their end.

When the migration is complete, simply replace the old hosting company’s IP address with the one from the new hosting provider.

Ensure You Install an SSL certificate

When you operate a web hosting site, security is essential. As a reseller hosting company your database will contain the personal details of your customers including their names, addresses and credit card credential. It is critical that this information is kept secure. Your customers have to be able to trust you to secure their personal data. Invest in an SSL certificate that will encrypt the information shared between your server and clients.

Are You Ready to become a reseller?

The process is quite simple. Create a domain with us or sign up with your current website’s URL, customise your branding, and immediately start selling. Choose from our affordable reseller packages with a free WHMCS billing platform to help you manage your accounts. Our plans offer high-tech Web Hosting Infrastructure, top of the line WHMCS Client Management Software coupled with a 30 days money-back guarantee. Also, benefit from add-ons such as SEO tools, website backup and monitoring.

Start improving your income right now by starting your own web hosting company and make 2024 your most profitable year yet! Signup now with one of our plans and make your mark in one of the fastest growing businesses today.

Are you looking into reseller hosting as a business option? Still having questions about reseller hosting? We are more than happy to help you to answer all your questions and concerns.