Understanding Chrome Updates & EV SSL Indicators


Technological advancements such as the internet have forever changed the way we share information, communicate and do business. With these developments came hackers and numerous kinds of cyber threats. In order to protect users, websites have been installing Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates that encrypt and secure information transferred between site and user.

It offers the highest level of security, which makes customers confident in visiting your website to do business with you.


What are EV SSL Certificates?

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate is an encrypted text file that allows you to secure the communications and information transferred between your server, which hosts your website and the end-users. When SSL is coupled with Extended Validation (EV), it creates an added layer of protection.

Without a valid SSL certificates, it is impossible for websites to establish secure connections with web servers. Meaning, persons who visit your site won’t be digitally connected to a cryptographic key. As a result your company’s and your customer’s information will be at risk of being accessed and exploited by cyber criminals. This is bad for business on all fronts. EV SSL not only establishes a secure connection but also reassures visitors that their transaction and information is safe, using visual cues. Therefore, installing EV SSL is still the best security option for your website and its users.


Chrome Latest Updates & Indicators That a Website Is Secure

The internet opens doors to a vast amount of opportunities but just like the real world, it is not 100% safe. For a while, a sign that a website was secure was the trusted green bar, green lock icon and the word ‘secure’. Since then Google in continuing its move to create a more secure cyber environment with website encryptions has made changes. As such, with the Chrome 69 EV green bar has become outdated and the latest update on Chrome 75. If you’re not sure what version of Chrome you are running, check here.


Chrome 75

With each new release, Chrome makes thousands of enhancements to improve safer web browsing. One of the indicators with Chrome 75 is a warning feature to steer users away from misleading sites that look like common reputable ones. For example, persons can easily mistake “Facebo0k.com” with “Facebook.com”. Chrome 75 will compare the URL of the page you are on to the URLs of sites you recently visited. A warning will pop up so you can go back to safety if the page you are on isn’t secure.

This current version of Chrome 75 allows administrators on Microsoft® Windows® to go back to Chrome 72 or another later version.

Additionally, Chrome 75 removes the security-sensitive parts of https:// URLs. For instance, https://www.eg.com/account?user=783 is replaced by https://www.eg.com/. This helps to reduce any chance of unnecessarily exposing private data.

Chrome 75 has also updated the LegalCopyright and CompanyName fields. “Example Inc.” becomes “Example LLC” and “Copyright 2019 Example Inc. All rights reserved.” is “Copyright 2019 Example LLC. All rights reserved.”


Upcoming Chrome Browser changes

Google is still doing updates and while you learn about the new features and capabilities of this lasts update Chrome 76 is impending.

In the past Google utilised enterprise policies that gave persons the options to choose (opt in to) site isolation early or leave or opt out if or when users ran into an issue with Chrome 67. However, with Chrome 76 the ability to withdraw from site isolation on desktop will be removed.

Chrome 76 is also expected to roll out a new certificate verifier.


Will Evolving Chrome Updates Remove the Need For EV SSL?

With google constantly upgrading and changing its secure badge indicators, many are of the view that EV SSL is slowing becoming outdated. That is not true. Website owners still need EV SSL to protect itself and its visitors.

It is the responsibility of every website owner to ensure the safety of its visitors. Unfortunately, some websites are not secure. Without proper security features in place, like an EV SSL Certificate, persons who visit unsafe sites run the risk of getting malware, having their information stolen, spam and other cybercrimes. Installing an EV SSL Certificate is a great way to ensure that your files, data and your customers’ personal information are safe. Here are some other advantages of opting for EV SSL Certificates for your business.


Advantages of EV SSL Certificates for Businesses

Ensuring that your website is safe for visitors is an indicator to them that they can trust you, which quickly converts into revenues. Using EV SSL Certificate for businesses offers many advantages. Here are a few.


1. Identity Verification

Authentication is important. With so many hackers creating fake websites to represent the original with the sole purpose of stealing information, verification has never been more important. With Chrome 69 websites with an EV SSL certificate will have a grey padlock to reassure visitors that the site is secure. it is worth noting that, some browsers still display a green padlock, but the this colour is not consistent across browsers as some display a grey one. What is certain is that, they all show a padlock with additional details about the Certificate Authority.


2. Certificate Transparency

This is the leg up that you get when you opt for EV SSL Certificates instead of a basic certificate. With EV SSL you get Certificate Transparency which will require that any certificate issued by a provider is required to be logged into the public record for anyone to see. This is to ensure that no one can acquire a certificate for your domain name without you knowing.


3. Encryption Boosts Security

EV SSL encrypts every communication between users and the server. This means that no one will be able to view sensitive information such as, credit card credentials and passwords. Without it, hackers are able to intercept and steal information.


4. Revocation Checking

A website owner should do all in his/her power to mitigate against cybercriminals. However, sometimes even with the best security features in place a hacker or cybercriminal may be successful in stealing your private key. Meaning that they can use it to access your certificate then intercept your traffic and trick site visitors.

If this should happen in a worse-case scenario situation, having an EV SSL is the perfect fail-safe. It allows you to revoke your certificate so that the browser no longer accepts it. You cannot do this with basic SSL certificates, as it is not mandatory. It is however, mandatory for EV SSL certificates so the browser cannot skip the revocation check.


5. Increase Customers’ Trust

Earning the trust of your customers is an important part of operating a successful business. As their trust grows, so will their loyalty to your company/brand. EV SSL, uses visual cues in the browser to reassure customers that their information is safe. With Chrome75 they will still see HTTPS but everything will be in grey accompanied by a grey padlock. This sign of security will help your company to gain both credibility and customers resulting in increased revenue.


Final Thoughts

Google along with other browsers are rolling out major changes in an effort to make the internet a safer space. These updates contrary to popular beliefs do not mean that EV SSL certificates are dead. It is quite the opposite and now more than ever websites should ensure the highest level of safety. Investing in an EV SSL Certificate is the way to do so.