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What is .uk?

In short, .uk is a shorter, snappier alternative to the and top level domains (TLDs). Since its launch in 2014, .uk has rapidly grown in popularity, with many businesses choosing to use this new extension with their existing domain names.

Claim Your Free .uk Domain

If you currently own a domain with, you can get a .UK domain for free. Once you claim your free .uk domain, you can redirect the new domain name to your existing website. This ensures that you won’t miss out on valuable traffic, no matter which extension people type into the URL bar when looking for your site.

Domain Names From

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Free .uk Domain if You Own 4 offers a range of domains to suit every business need. Whether you run a UK company that needs a sleek .uk domain extension, or prefer to stick with the non-commercial for your charity or non-profit, you can find the domain name you need right here.

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