Our New Backup Service

Simple, Reliable Protection For Your Digital Assets

Remember when backing up your server meant spending hours downloading information onto portable drives, tying up your system, and struggling to deal with an IT service? Worse yet, perhaps you’ve experienced that dreaded feeling that comes with realising that your entire website has crashed, and your data wasn’t backed up?

We’ve created a simple, reliable solution that makes backing up your website server simple, reliable, and worry-free. Our new automated, cloud-based backup service lets you get on with your business without the stress that comes with scheduling manual backups or dealing with external drives.

With our backup solution for web hosting, your servers will be automatically backed up every day at 2 a.m., giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing all your valuable data is safe and up to date. Better yet, you can customise the time of your backup to suit your specific needs by increasing the frequency of the backup, changing the time the backup occurs, or even creating on-demand backups when you have critical data you need to protect. Users are also always able to download backups where needed.

Affordable, Automated Server Backup


Here at Hosting.co.uk, we believe that protecting your server should be both simple and affordable – that’s why we’ve created a broad range of web hosting backup packages that are competitively priced. You can choose the ideal package for your specific needs, and if your requirements change, you can always shift to another package.

Pricing for our backup service is set as follows:

cloud backup plans

As you can see, we’ve fine-tuned our backup service plans to fit the needs of every user, whether you’re looking for a secure, hassle-free way to keep your family website safe or you need reams of data backed up for your organisation or enterprise.

With our backup service, you’ll be protected against local hardware failure, theft of your equipment, and catastrophic loss from malware, viruses, and cyber criminals.

Secure, Safe Backup Service From Hosting.co.uk

Like all the services offered through Hosting.co.uk, our new backup service is protected by high-level security technology, allowing you to rest assured that your data is safe and secure. We also use the fastest network in the UK, with our servers being located in a dedicated Tier IV data centre that consistently logs an industry-leading 99.98 percent uptime.

To learn more about how we can help make backing up your website data one less thing you need to worry about, contact us here at Hosting.co.uk – we’re here to make managing your online presence easy.

What’s in Our Cloud Backup Plan?


Store all your files and data using a secure cloud storage software. Your data is always completely within your control. On all servers, daily internal backups are done to prevent “worst case scenarios.” To guarantee you have a perfect uptime, we have enhanced our backup and restoration tools. Additionally, our backup software outperforms RAID systems. here’s a closer look at the features:

Scheduling automation.
You may configure the backup frequency, time, and filters. Intervals may be configured for daily, weekly, and more.

Limitless variations.
You can keep several copies of your data (most rivals do not provide this feature).

Instant restoration via Acronis.
Systems may be restored in under a minute by restoring files from a backup.

An intuitive dashboard.
You may securely access your dashboard from any device to see and examine backups.

Secure all your work.
Get backup for Office 365, Windows, Linux, Macs, iOS, and Microsoft apps.

Quick backup recovery.
Users may instantly locate and recover backups from any place thanks to access to a secure online portal.

Ransomware protection.
Acronis uses AI technology to safeguard your data, systems, and backups against ransomware.

Live patch feature enabled.
While a system is active, patch it. When installing or spreading new updates on your machine, there is no need to reboot it.

Why is a Backup and Recovery Strategy Essential?

Our New Backup Service 6

Every company has to be prepared for a variety of calamities, whether they are expected or unexpected. Disaster recovery is all about doing this. After experiencing natural or man-made events, it is the procedure by which organisations restore their data, systems, and IT environments. Natural catastrophes like storms or hurricanes as well as cyberattacks may fall under this category.

Companies will have their data backed up on an off-site facility through a third-party cloud backup agency or provider in the event of a catastrophe recovery. The lost data may be quickly recovered from the disaster recovery backups in the event that a calamity strikes and the company’s servers are destroyed.

Because huge data losses from natural or man-made disasters are something that every business wishes to avoid, disaster recovery is essential. Losing data without a plan for recovery will reflect poorly on you.

Why use Hosting.co.uk Backup Service?

While moving to the cloud has advantages that transcend common security worries, it is crucial to consider if a backup service is the best option for your company from a strategic perspective. You might wish to evaluate variables like cost and billing, security measures, reputation, usability, and migration processes. In essence, a cloud backup solution should make it simple and inexpensive for your company to scale up.

Additionally, Hosting.co.uk uses your Acronis account number to identify any incoming data. This is why, whether you are backing it up or restoring a complete system, you can only access your data.

The infrastructure of the data centre is built to reduce risk and get rid of single points of failure. The data centre also features an electrical power system that continuously powers the whole system every day of the year. Your data is shielded from power spikes thanks to this.

One of the most adaptable, scalable, and affordable solutions is our cloud backup service, which can back up your data from any source and retrieve it to any location. We offer the top option available to safeguard your data. Our billing and technical support teams are also available to assist.

Using Hosting.co.uk Acronis Backup, you can secure your data and backups in the cloud without any problem.

  • Data may be quickly restored from anywhere.
  • Data and IT systems may be moved easily.
  • integrated solution on a single dashboard.
  • protection from ransomware and viruses.

For advice on an Advanced Cloud Backup plan that suits your company’s needs and ambitions, get in touch with Hosting.co.uk Backup experts right now.