What Makes a Great Web Hosting Company?

In the digital age, a website is absolutely crucial in order for any business to enjoy success. Not only are these portals able to display all of the most relevant products and services, but an online presence will help to maintain a strong customer base. These facts should already be quite apparent. However, many would-be website owners are unaware that choosing the proper hosting service is just as critical. What are some of the features which serve to define a great web hosting company and why are a growing number of individuals are choosing Hosting.co.uk for their needs?

Money-Back Guarantees

All of the best website hosting firms offer some form of money-back guarantee or a free trial period. These are important advantages for two reasons. First, they illustrate the fact that the company is confident that their hosting solutions are adequately suited for their customer base. Secondly, the user is able to perform a “dry run” in order to make certain that the service will be capable of addressing his or her requirements. Those who are on a limited budget should always choose a web hosting service that provides a cash-back warranty within the end-user licence agreement (EULA).

The Importance of Uptime

Of what value will a website hosting service be if the site itself experiences a great deal of downtime? This is very much akin to erecting a billboard intended for public viewing only to realise that it was constructed behind a barrier of trees. So, always see what guarantees exist in terms of uptime. In the event that any downtime does indeed occur, how long will it be before the site is functional again and will the firm ensure this in writing? One of the hallmarks of a worthwhile company is an ability to maximise the uptime on its servers.

Customer Support

It is inevitable that customer support services will be required sooner or later. So, how easy is it to reach a dedicated representative? Is this type of support available 24 hours a day and seven days a week? Does the team take any holidays and if so, do these correlate with busier times of the year? Sites such as Hosting.co.uk offer superb levels of customer support 24 hours a day and 365 days per year. Whether the client has a minor technical issue, a billing question or requires immediate assistance, help is only moments away. It is critical to never settle for anything less than this calibre of service.


What would happen if a website suddenly went offline due to a virus or a DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack? Would all of the data be lost and would the business be forced to start from scratch? Although this represents a worst-case scenario, the fact of the matter that such situations can occur from time to time. A good web hosting firm will store back-ups of files within the site. From blog directories and questionnaires to client details and sales records, this data should always be protected. A growing number of providers are now storing this information in the cloud. So, it can be easily retrieved in the event of an emergency and the amount of downtime will therefore be limited.

Safe and professional server room data center
Safe and professional server room data center

User-Friendly Accessibility

One of the main reasons why companies will outsource the web design services to a third-party provider is that making changes can be difficult and time consuming. However, minor modifications should not require the expertise of a coding professional. Hosting.co.uk offers numerous different accessibility option to choose from. Some examples include (but may not necessarily be limited to):

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Joomla!

So, it will be much easier to enact any on-the-fly changes when necessary. These systems are also great due to the fact that their open-source nature ensures that the client will always be working with the latest technology.

A Choice of Hosting Plans

One size fits all should never be associated with a reputable web hosting service. Every customer has different needs, so there must be a number of bespoke plans to choose from. This approach will also help to address the requirements of a tight budget. Business web hosting, reseller services, your shared web hosting is not enough or simply want more control, VPS Hosting UK based location is the next logical choice for your hosting needs, and VPN (virtual private network) platforms are key areas to address well in advance. Examine what each plan has to offer and determine variables such as data storage limits. A flexible approach is the best way to ensure success now and into the future.

Bespoke Layouts and Designs

Cookie-cutter websites will hardly attract the necessary level of attention to build a strong customer base. It is, therefore, crucial that the host can provide a kaleidoscope of different templates and layouts to select. This will help to guarantee that the site possesses the visual “spark” that will stand out from competitors. Hosting.co.uk provides hundreds of options.

Be Wary of Add-Ons

Add-ons such as widgets, email contact forms, and banners might not be included in the initial pricing package. This is a common trick cheap website hosting providers will often utilise. They will advertise a seemingly low start-up rate only to later inform the client that he or she will have to pay substantially more to enjoy extra amenities. Be wary of this “fine print”, for it can cost a great deal more than was initially anticipated. This is also a sign that transparency may be an issue in the future.


Finally, what are others saying about the services that are provided? How long has the hosting company been in existence? Are there any third-party review portals which can provide feedback from previous or current users? An objective opinion is crucial in order to make the best decision. It is often a good idea to check if the site in question is able to provide customer testimonials, as these can go a long way towards establishing confidence. Some questions to ask can include:

  • What is the ratio of positive to negative reviews?
  • What is the overall public rating of the hosting service?
  • How recent are the reviews themselves?
  • Are there any areas that clients suggest can be improved?

Word of mouth should never be overlooked. In this fashion, potential customers will be able to make the most informed choices when the time is right; saving both time and money.