What is Microsoft Office 365

What is Microsoft Office 365

The number of tools you can use for collaboration, email, spreadsheets, calendar, documents, live chat and to-do lists are quite few and these are also very important for business. The number of tools that you could also install to use for each of them or for most of them is quite wide but instead you could just install Office and take care of all of these needs at once. This is exactly the reason why as a business software tool, Microsoft Office is unparalleled.

Installing the individual applications for everyone of these needs is quite easy, the only setback would be that as an end user you would have to run a personal exchange server for calendar syn and email, and this would not be enough as the exchange server would also need to be installed alongside a Sharepoint install for the purpose of collaboration. These services are extremely complicated to install as compared to an Office 365 for business. In order to simplify things for small business owners and other professionals, Microsoft launched hosted versions of its software. With the hosted version, you simply pay a small monthly fee to host your email instead of running an Exchange server yourself.

Currently, every office tool like Word and Excel that are installed on your PC to Exchange, Sharepoint and other server based tools are part of Office 365. Instead of individual applications to do all of this work an Office 365 subscription empowers you to get installable office applications and online services monthly for every user. This offer represents all of your core business tools in a single package.

What are the positive aspects of Microsoft Office 365 for Business?

The positive aspects of Microsoft office 365 for business help in creating an environment that is beyond office programs. Again users can use services like Onedrive cloud store account and unlimited Skype time. Traditionally, Microsoft Office has been using add-ins for other features like calculations but with Office 365 and desktop has improved the apps presenting an evolution to modern form. This has provided extra subscription in businesses that has been improved in mobile usage since the old Microsoft had apps that were limited to desktop environments. Again it has less formatting options and no Word Art but for the Office 365 we get numerous features including the present view and control for Powerpoint and Pivot Tables.


Why Microsoft for Business?


As a user of Microsoft Office 365 in small businesses you enjoy the modern desktop software as soon as it is released with no top up for upgrade with 24/7 technical support. Most businesses are looking for a solution that’s easy to use on day to day life with multiple devices, companion app and multi-platform which are offered by this Microsoft program. The program has versatile cloud capabilities all wrapped in the same package, this makes sharing and collaboration of work amongst users very easy and this means more productivity.

The core Office program plan runs components with, calendar, email, sites and all other features you can expect from an Exchange and SharePoint server. Such options let a user add personalized domain names to the office program letting you manage your calendar and email professionally. No matter the type of plan you chose it is possible to manage your users form the Office program portal and can therefore know how many copies of office are installed and how much storage is needed for the same. Office is therefore one of the most versatile and robust professional program that you can install for your use.

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