What Makes a Successful Ecommerce Website?

Your new business plan may be to just set up an eCommerce site on the internet and watch the money roll in. And you’re making the right decision. In fact, over 50% of Internet users shop online, so you’re opening your merchandise to a whole new market.

Most of the elements that you need to make your eCommerce website effective, like strong imagery and a user-friendly design, are easy to implement. You’ll increase your income if you think about the customer at all decision points.

Seven essentials for a successful ecommerce site

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What Makes a Successful Ecommerce Website? 6

Review the following four elements before you start your web design. They are essential to any eCommerce website.

1. Good branding

For your eCommerce website to run smoothly, you need your brand to stand out. Online shoppers want to get products from well-established brands, and as such, your brand needs to represent who you are as a company. Branding plays a significant role in maintaining your audience’s attention and ensuring you generate good sales. By doing this, you will have a competitive advantage over your rivals which helps you get and retain customers in the long run.

2. Reliable web hosting

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What Makes a Successful Ecommerce Website? 7

You might not know the role a reliable host plays, but imagine one with frequent downtime and no way of contacting them? Well this will surely hurt your website’s performance and diminish trust between you and the end user. So, choosing the right host from the start is super important.

You’ll need a Host with a variety of services that come in handy for ecommerce users. For starters, Hosting.co.uk assures its clients of optimum speed and top security to ensure your data is safe and secure. They offer 24/7 support and high uptime to ensure your business runs smoothly and uninterrupted.

3. Keep things simple

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The most notable rule for any eCommerce website is to keep things simple. Simple is always the best option as it makes things easier for the audience. The more the elements on your website, the more it gets jungled and takes away the idea of the website. All the unnecessary pop-ups, banner ads, colours act as a distraction.

Be sure to keep your ecommerce design clean, simple, and clear to close many sale deals.

4. Use of good quality images

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To get a successful eCommerce website, you need to use high-quality images. The images need to be crisp and clear for the general audience to understand. Online shoppers like to see the product they are buying. It is why you require a professional photographer to capture the products you have in store.

You will need to use good lighting, professional framing, and top-notch editing to guarantee the sale of your products. It is why seeking an expert in the photography field is essential.

5. Use colour

The use of good colour theory is essential in establishing a successful Ecommerce site. It’s very crucial to learn how colour psychology plays into the mind of the audience.

Different colours stimulate different emotions and feelings from people. For instance, red is known to trigger feelings of excitement, a driving force behind spending. Businesses use this colour to indicate the buy button. It leads to a massive increase in sales. The colour blue is a universal colour known to create feelings of trust. Once the clients spot it, they easily trust in the company’s capacity to provide exemplary service.

The colour yellow is known to trigger feelings of passion and grab people’s attention which can compel them to buy the product advertised. Once you understand colour psychology, you can use it to boost your company’s sales and acquire long-term clients.

6. Clear display of products, descriptions, and pricing

To get the most out of your E-commerce website, the display of products needs to be well displayed and categorised. One needs to factor in how the clients will identify the different products displayed.

The product description and pricing details need to be very clear and easy to understand.

The products should be well placed and correctly labeled. The client should also be able to navigate easily on the products displayed. As for the product descriptions, the sentences should be brief and straight to the point. The pricing tags should be well highlighted. They need to be bold.

If there are discount prices, you should show both the original and discounted prices. It has a significant impact on the mind of a potential buyer to purchase your goods.

7. Ensure your checkout process is hassle-free

The process of buying needs to be simple, efficient, and straight to the point. For a select number of customers, a well-sorted checkout procedure is crucial for a high conversion rate. If the checkout process is long and complicated, the majority of the clients will abandon their purchases even in the mid-sale. To provide a hassle-free checkout process, you need to make sure everything about the process is very clear.

First off, you should avoid including too many fields, be sure to have those necessary to get you paid and make the deliveries. You should also indicate the information needed to purchase. Such information includes the location, the different shipping options provided, and their costs.

You also need to indicate the steps to follow in case a problem arises or they need to make a return. You will need to direct your customers to a confirmation page to know everything went through accordingly.

These steps will help your clients have an easy time going through your website. Easy navigation on the site increases sales tremendously.


Designing an eCommerce website can be challenging for beginners. However, with the top-tier tips stated above, you have everything you need to design a great ecommerce website that will bring you more benefits and profits in the long run. You can start your superb site with this easy ecommerce builder which comes with reliable hosting and essential website features from your leading UK provider.