The Importance of Encryption. Do I need an SSL Certificate?

Website owners not only obtain SSL certificates for encryption services but take advantage of additional benefits provided. Don’t overlook the importance of encryption instead protect sensitive data with an SSL certificate. The following blog outlines the importance of encryption to websites and the benefits SSL Certificates can provide. How does encryption work? Encryption the process … Read more

Carpenter reading email client

6 Advantages of Using Microsoft Outlook Email Client

Small business owners require the cheapest email client that provides useful features to improve the productivity of an emailing system in place. Microsoft Outlook is a recommended free email client with a wide range of features for email users to take advantage of. In fact, it’s easy to set up with a cPanel email. Custom … Read more

Cloud server vs. dedicated server hosting

What’s best for a small business? If you have a website, it will naturally have to be hosted somewhere that’s preferably inexpensive and definitely reliable and secure. Two such options are Cloud Server Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Let’s compare Cloud server vs. dedicated server to help you decide on the best service for your … Read more

Your Blog Should Have VPS Hosting. Here’s Why!

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server hosting. VPS hosting is therefore a server, inside a larger server, that has its own copy of operating system and allocated server resources. It gives users their own dedicated resources such as: CPU, bandwidth, storage, RAM, etc. That was a mouthful. So, to break it down, think of … Read more

The real reason why you need to monitor your site

Your website serves as an ambassador for your business. It represents your business online, showcasing your products and services to potential customers. You website performance is therefore integral to your business’s reputation and success. To truly know how your website performance racks up, you will need access to information such as: The impact your loading … Read more

Dedicated Server Security Checklist

Dedicated hosting offers great features and great service, and as revealed by the Cyber Attack Trends: 2019 Mid-Year Report, no environment is immune to cyber attacks and that includes dedicated servers. It is therefore critical to protect your website, company reputation and your business overall, by putting robust security measures in place, that do not … Read more