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What is next after shared hosting?

What’s next after shared hosting?

  The vast majority of online businesses will start with shared hosting. It is a relatively cheap way to start an online business. As the term suggests, shared web hosting involves the sharing of one dedicated server/resources amongst many different accounts. In effect, the host company only has the costs of running one server. In […]

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Managing an E-COMMERCE site

Managing an eCommerce Website

  In principle the idea of managing an eCommerce website is fairly straightforward. There are numerous packages out there, different hosting accounts and many ways to market your business. It is only when you sit down and consider the options that it becomes a little more complicated – where do you start?  What is the […]

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Cloud Based Backup

Compelling Cloud Based Backup Case Study

Every series business owner online understands the need for website back-ups as a line of defense in their internet security detail. However, sometimes, like those coffee and anxiety-fueled panics we experienced during University to complete assignments for a looming deadline, we forget to back up our work. Only to lose our entire document hours before class. A […]

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Managed WordPress vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting vs VPS

  Choosing the wrong hosting solution will cost you time, money and even customers. The question is, ‘what is the right hosting solution for me?’ You can answer this prudent question after you have determined what your hosting needs are. After deciphering this, select the one that best suits those needs. Let’s look at two possible […]

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Hosting Misconceptions

8 Dedicated Server Myths – Busted

  Currently, there are several web hosting solutions available. However, did you know that a dedicated server is at the foundation of every type of web hosting solution? From shared hosting to huge cloud hosting platforms there is a physical server in a data centre somewhere. Every single one starts with a dedicated server even […]

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What are dedicated IP addresses

What are dedicated IP addresses?

  The world of website, hosting and search engine optimisation is constantly changing with different trends and different strategies. While many subjects come and go, the buzz surrounding dedicated IP addresses and shared IP addresses is one which continues to be a hot topic of debate. As you might have guessed, there are opinions for […]

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CPanel Price increase

Massive cPanel Price Increase. How Does This Impact Me?

  cPanel has attracted negative attention from the web hosting community after it was announced their pricing plans would change. It turns out cPanel is moving away from their standard pay per server for unlimited cPanel accounts. Instead, they will use a new payment structure based on a pay per account system. Now cPanel users […]

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Successful email marketing campaigns

10 Tips for Running Winning Email Marketing Campaigns

  All e-commerce businesses and professional blogs should use the power of Email Marketing to drive their campaigns. Building your email lists is an important aspect of your marketing plan. With e-mail, you get to engage your customers and build a trusting relationship. Every day billions of emails are sent and read. If you want to […]

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