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The real reason why you need to monitor your site

Your website serves as an ambassador for your business. It represents your business online, showcasing your products and services to potential customers. You website performance is therefore integral to your business’s reputation and success. To truly know how your website performance racks up, you will need access to information such as: The impact your loading […]

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2019 Dedicated Server Security Checklist

Dedicated Server Security Checklist

Dedicated hosting offers great features and great service, and as revealed by the Cyber Attack Trends: 2019 Mid-Year Report, no environment is immune to cyber attacks and that includes dedicated servers. It is therefore critical to protect your website, company reputation and your business overall, by putting robust security measures in place, that do not […]

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How to Start a Website in 5 Minutes with WordPress

Tips for Creating a Website in 5 Minutes

We live in the technological era. That is why it’s critical to invest in your own piece of online real estate. Whether it is a personal blog, a small business or a major corporation an online presence will help to tap into a larger customer base and aid in your success. After all, a website […]

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Everything About Web Hosting

Absolutely Everything To Know About Web Hosting!

The majority of websites on the internet today are hosted using fast and reliable web servers therefore internet users have come to expect fast loading webpages. As website visitor expect fast loading webpages many become frustrated by a slow loading webpage therefore leave before content loads which results in a lost conversion for the website […]

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Website Staging

A Beginners Guide to Website Staging

Working on maintaining your website is a continuous process. That’s because websites require updates and adjustments over time as your brand evolves, the marketplace changes and you learn more about capturing an audience and building your traffic. It is unwise for you to make changes on your live website as it can slow it down, […]

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Choose between managed vs Unmanaged VPS

How to Choose Between Managed vs Unmanaged VPS?

 When setting up a new website many entrepreneurs will look to keep hosting cost down to a minimum. This leaves more funds to invest in the business. Historically, shared hosting has been the most popular type of hosting package. However, things are starting to change now with VPS (Virtual Private Server hosting) becoming more popular amongst e-commerce entrepreneurs. Competition […]

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Teacher and student hosting plans for their business

Back- to- school Hosting Plans for Students and Teachers

  The education industry makes money even during a recession. When people feel helpless about the state of the global economy, they shore up their chances of a good future by investing in their own education and their children’s education. This investment goes into the pockets of people working in the education industry. And, sure, a lot […]

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What is next after shared hosting?

What’s next after shared hosting?

  The vast majority of online businesses will start with shared hosting. It is a relatively cheap way to start an online business. As the term suggests, shared web hosting involves the sharing of one dedicated server/resources amongst many different accounts. In effect, the host company only has the costs of running one server. In […]

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Managing an E-COMMERCE site

Managing an eCommerce Website

In principle the idea of managing an eCommerce website is fairly straightforward. There are numerous packages out there, different hosting accounts and many ways to market your business. It is only when you sit down and consider the options that it becomes a little more complicated – where do you start?  What is the best […]

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