UK IT Pros View of Public Cloud Providers

According to the IT pros, the findings flagged transparency, customer service, ease of migrating workloads, and pricing as concerns with public cloud providers. Studies show that more than 55% of IT industry pros in UK do not trust public cloud hyperscalers. This results from the changes and challenges they run into when using services from public cloud services, like cost issues, migration, and poor customer service. The same study explores over 500 UK-based IT pros and their experience with the public cloud over the past two years.

Background on the research

The overall result of the study showed significant trust and confidence issues with cloud providers. Additionally, it raises doubts about the viability of hyperscale cloud as a suitable long-term solution. This has resulted in a shift toward cloud adoption. While some studies show that the pandemic was one of the greatest causes of the change to the cloud, a different study shows that businesses invested in the cloud even before the pandemic.

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Alibaba AliCloud, IBM, and Oracle are a few examples of hyperscalers. Providers of hyperscaler cloud services are organisations that advise, plan, create, construct, administer, and coordinate software, data, and applications offered by one or more hyperscalers.

Besides the unreliability of public cloud, this study also found a decline in cloud-first policies in the past couple of years. While the cloud is a significant component in many IT infrastructures, cloud-only and cloud-first policies are not as popular. Furthermore, they are no longer viewed as the solution to business issues as they were formerly. So, the survey found that the support for cloud-first policies declined significantly in 2022.

Possible investigation in the future?

The UK’s digital watchdog Ofcom will soon begin an investigation into the condition of the country’s cloud computing business. In light of concerns regarding their prominent status, the research, conducted under the Enterprise Act of 2002, would examine the situation of the biggest companies, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft.

According to a report by Synergy Research Group, this small group of tech companies completely controls the UK’s cloud market, with just three companies accounting for almost 81% of all sales in the country’s public cloud infrastructure services market.

Impending demise of on-premise infrastructure?

The respondents expressed a significant shift away from on-premise legacy infrastructure. However, the findings from the study also indicated that while on-premise infrastructure is no longer critical to IT strategies, many organisations still use it.
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Where to find the best Cloud Service?

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Shared Web Hosting

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WordPress hosting
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Ecommerce hosting
• Cubecart hosting

Reseller hosting

This hosting service allows you or a business to sell web hosting services. So, with this product, you rent a hard drive space and bandwidth that you can sell to other individuals or companies, also known as third parties. This product provides the best hosting for multiple websites, a choice of C-panel or plesk, and affordable pricing.’s reseller hosting plans guarantee high-speed servers based in the UK and world-class customer support. You can choose one of four packages; micro, startup, professional, and master.

Cloud VPS hosting

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Dedicated server hosting

Maintain web hosting servers
UK IT Pros View of Public Cloud Providers 4

Also known as managed hosting service, dedicated server hosting is a form of internet hosting where the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. It is the opposite of website hosting, which various clients share. Dedicated server hosting is more flexible than shared because it gives companies complete control over the server, including their choice of OS and hardware. guarantees quick page speeds, 99.9% uptime, and ever-available and world-class support. Additionally, you can count on high-performance dedicated server hosting in the UK.

Reliable Website Tools

Besides the hosting packages above, also offers various website tools, like:
• Cloud backup tools
• Monitoring tools
• Easy site builder
• SSL certificates
• Microsoft hosted exchange


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