Advantages of VPS Hosting Service

With the growth of your business comes the need for greater resources. Things such as stability and control will also be necessary in order to improve your website’s overall performance. But getting all of that requires a lot of time, which you may not have. With Managed Virtual Private Server, VPS, service, you do not have to worry about doing everything by yourself. Let’s start by explaining what VPS hosting Service is.

What is VPS hosting Service?

Virtual Private Server, VPS is a service where several websites are stored on a single server. Sounds like a shared hosting situation? It does, but they are not the same thing. In fact, with a VPS you get a designated portion of the server. So you don’t have to share any of the resources with the other sites on the same server.

You are also given your own allocation of memory, storage, space and bandwidth. These are some of the factors that differentiate VPS from Shared Hosting. On the flip side, they are also the same things that make VPS hosting similar to a dedicated server.

But with VPS, your web host provider will often only guarantee you a reliable network for your server to operate on; you are left to do everything else and managing a private server on your own, especially if you don’t have the technical skills required, can be really rough.

With VPS you are expected to, among other things, install software and upgrade your system and if something went wrong, you will have to take full responsibility.

If you don’t have the specialised skills and knowledge or have access to someone who does, Managed VPS Hosting may be a better option to consider, as it gives you everything you get from regular VPS Hosting, but requires less work from your side. Managed VPS Hosting reduces the stress and complication of managing your server.

What is managed VPS hosting?

So what exactly is Managed VPS Hosting? It simply means that you can control your server without being an IT expert, unlike its unmanaged counterpart. You are still expected to update your website and have full access to and control over your virtual server.

But you always rely on the team of experts that comes with your managed VPS host package, to do the heavy lifting required to maintain your website. You also have the guarantee that if something went wrong or if you need assistance with your server, there’s a team of specialists ready to help.

The team of professional team work all day, every day, in the background to make sure is adequately maintained.  With that kind of guarantee, users can focus on other aspects of their business that in line with their skill set and expertise.

That guarantee is really the only difference between normal VPS hosting and Managed VPS hosting. But, don’t take that difference for granted as it is a pretty big deal.

Is Managed VPS Hosting like having your own server administrator?

The simple answer is yes. Managed VPS hosting and having your own server administrator are practically the same thing.

They give you the independence and control of a regular VPS plan, but throw in the additional benefit of a team of IT experts or server administrators who know the ins and outs of your CMS and can help you maintain your website, while providing immediate customer support when you need it.

Advantages of managed VPS hosting

If managed VPS hosting service is right for your website’s operation, the price associated with switching from the regular, unmanaged VPS hosting service. Though a little expensive, it will be well worth it; the benefits outweigh the cost.

What are some of those benefits? Here’s the top three.

Frequent Back-ups to your site

Website safety is not complete without routine back-ups being integrated into the process. Back-up saves you and your client’s sensitive data in the event of a crash, security breach or if your site is otherwise compromised.

If there’s no routine back-up and any or all of the above situations became true, you should probably just bid farewell to your data. However, if back-up is done regularly, your likelihood of regaining information is significantly increased, as your website has a safe restore point should anything go wrong.

Frequent Software updates

Along with regular back-ups, you should always ensure your software is upgraded. Upgraded software is usually a developer’s way of saying; we identified a flaw in the software that makes it vulnerable to hackers or our software has been breached, so this is our way of fixing the flaw.

So if you fail to install the upgraded software, you are deliberately putting your website and overall business at risk of being successfully attacked.

You will have to be abreast of everything and with all that you already have doing, this can be a lot to deal with.

Luckily, one of the advantages of a managed VPS plan, is that it makes sure your system is updated. As soon as a system upgrade is available, the host updates it for you. So, you do not have ever have to worry about that.

Better customer support

While this particular point was alluded to earlier, it didn’t get all the attention it deserves, so it’s being mentioned again, for emphasis. Managed VPS hosting gives you access to customer support. So, you can contact support if needed, even though you have complete control over your website. With managed VPS hosting, customer support is available when you need it.

Read more about VPS here from this ultimate ‘all you need to know’ guide.

Choosing the best Managed VPS provider

To choose the best Managed VPS provider for your website, you need to be equipped with some basic information, like what to look for before you make a decision. You want to start by visiting different hosts and see what they offer. By doing so, you will make sure that their offer satisfies your website’s needs. You should also compare prices and features. Do this from the initial stage. It could save you time and possibly a lot of money, in the long run.


You can choose a self managed VPS service. Whereas if you want a specific amount of help from a dedicated team of specialists, you have that option too. You can, for example get access to a managed VPS package. This will includes five hours of work from a dedicated tech support team for just 35 GBP more each month.

Choose an option that works best for your site. is a great place to get a VPS hosting service geared to helping you succeed online.