Everything You Need To Know About Email on VPS

Most businesses rely a great deal on emails to communicate with staff and customers alike. Many web hosting providers offer web hosting and email solutions.  The thought of not having access to this pivotal communication tool can be daunting.  If you use a VPS hosting plan for your company’s website, you may also want to consider using it for your company’s emails as well. Is having your email on VPS even a thing? If so, why should I do this for my business? If those questions echo your sentiments, keep reading.

A Quick Recap of VPS Hosting

VPS is technically an isolated server that operates within a dedicated server. That is because one physical server can be programmed to host multiple virtual servers, with each isolated from the others. Each VPS has its own operating system, which creates the illusion that it actually is its own independent server. You can choose between unmanaged and managed VPS plans.

You may not need all the power of a dedicated server, and may need more than shared hosting offers. If that is the case VPS provides a good bridge between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. With VPS, you get the power and flexibility of your own server with email, all without the complexity and cost of managing outsourced hardware.

Create Your Own Email on a VPS Hosting Service

What are the advantages of creating email accounts on your VPS Hosting plan?

There are several benefits to gain from switching your company’s email to your VPS. With your email on VPS, you have the opportunity to handle your email system and service in-house. It is quite simple to do, making it easy to add your email to your already existing VPS platform. You can even choose a second server just for your email. In addition, you can take advantage of services to enhance your time and team synergy like this one.

Take a look at how easy it is to set up your custom email in cPanel in the video below:

5 Advantages of Email Hosting on VPS

There are several excellent benefits of creating your custom email with your VPS hosting plan. Some of these include:

1. More Privacy for Emails

Privacy is one of the biggest advantages of using your email on your personal VPS server. It makes it possible to keep your company’s email private.  When you use services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail, you really have to simply accept their terms and service. With your email on VPS, you are the one who is in charge. 

2. Better Email Security

There should be no surprise that security is the next benefit on this list.  That is because where privacy reigns supreme you can expect a high level of security. Whenever you give your email to another company to handle the backend, there is a greater potential for it to be affected by hacking. Several email providers are sometimes hacked resulting in client data being stolen to the point where it now seems like commonplace.  If you cringe at the thought of having your company’s private emails and trade secrets stolen and sold to the highest bidder, it is time to use your VPS as a private email server.

3. Eliminates Downtime

Downtime cripples a website in many ways and the same goes for your email.  Not being able to send or receive communication can be extremely infuriating. Most hosting companies offer 99% uptime.  While on the other hand, big companies that handle email services do not offer that guarantee.  And while big companies rarely go offline they are a bigger target for hackers who can cause a disruption in their services.  In a worst-case scenario where there is a malfunction, it is possible to experience prolonged downtime, which is crippling to your business.

In contrast, hosting companies that provide VPS and other hosting packages usually have a team of local experts whose job is to resolve issues in a speedy manner. This way you can call and speak to an actual representative who will be able to offer round the clock support.  Some email giants do not offer that luxury. Large email service companies also will drop or discontinue certain services if it longer suits them without much notice.  These features are sometimes a significant part of your company’s functionality. However, you will not be able to do anything about it.

4. Build your brand with a custom email

Your company’s brand identity is very important.  This is why persons can recognise several big brands based on how much they market their brands-even with their emails.  The same stands true for your business and with your email on VPS you can tailor it to bear the brand of your company.  This also makes it recognisable and verifies it to potential customers, showing the legitimacy of your business. 

When you use the email services of companies such as Google, your email address is [email protected]. While this is a reputable platform, it somehow doesn’t shout professionalism.  However, with your own private email server on your VPS plan, you can create custom professional emails such as [email protected].  This also allows you to have full control over who has access to your company’s email.  You can shut down the email accounts of persons who leave the company.

5. Functionality

Many features come with big email providers. However, they can update or simply remove them in the blink of an eye. Imagine the feature you rely on, being removed without notice.  They may also add new features that you do not like.  When you set up your email on your VPS, it is likely it will not change much, based on the configuration.  When you install and are in charge of your emailing environment, you get to decide if and/or when anything changes.

With VPS hosting services, not only do you get the benefit of a personal server to run your website but the opportunity to improve the functionality of your business email as well.  A VPS email system can improve your functionality in terms of security, uptime, privacy, and branding. Hosting.co.uk has several available VPS hosting plans that make it easy to create an email system on your server.


We know you want reliable performance, speed, and functionality from your email service and you deserve it. That is why, whether you are looking to host a personal website with accompanying email or a whole e-commerce organisation with a fleet of email addresses, we can help. We have designed our VPS packages specifically to suite those needs. If you find that you need a little more power, we still have your back.  Go right ahead and select one of our dedicated server option or business hosting solution.