How to Choose? VPS Linux Hosting or VPS Windows Hosting

VPS hosting is becoming increasingly popular for people who are looking to host their websites. This type of hosting allows you to have a high level of customisation without paying an excessive amount for dedicated server space. There are two different types of VPS options available, Linux and Windows-based servers. Which one should you choose and why? Let’s dig deeper.

Distinct Features of Linux VPS Hosting & Windows VPS

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1. Linux is an Open-Source Software

The Linux software one of the biggest open-source and collaborative communities globally, which brings lots of freedom and flexibility. Linux VPS hosting allows you to customise your server any way you want, which makes it perfect for developers.

2. Hosting Price

Linux VPS hosting is often cheaper than its Windows counterpart because it doesn’t require you to purchase licences of the operating system (OS). As the OS does not cost any money, this allows you to save on costs elsewhere. This is what makes Linux VPS hosting one of the cheapest options on the market.

3. Customisation and Flexibility

Linux VPS hosting provides you with an incredible amount of customisation possibilities, which is why it is ideal for developers and those who want to experiment with different configurations. You can change the core functionality of the server, such as how it runs or what applications it installs.

4. Control Your Resources

With Linux VPS hosting, you can fully control your resources, which gives you a high level of flexibility in terms of how you allocate tasks to these resources. In addition, it is easier to add more memory or other VPS services if needed.

3 Distinct Features of Windows VPS Hosting

1. More Secure

One of the main benefits of using Windows VPS hosting is that it is more secure than other options. This is because the majority of exploits are based on hacking into vulnerabilities within the operating system. As Windows offers many more standardised configurations, there are fewer opportunities for hackers to use security breaches in its development.

2. Pre-Defined Options

The question what is Windows VPS hosting? pops a lot in the minds of website owners. With Windows VPS hosting, you have a lot more pre-defined options, which is why it is easier to set up and configure. You can easily set up your server without having any prior knowledge or technical expertise, as the installation process is often simpler due to the standardised configurations that come with it.

3. Easy to Use and Maintain

Windows-based VPS hosting is also ideal for beginners as it has a familiar desktop interface that is easy to use and maintain. This makes it easier for people who are less tech-savvy to set up their server and add or remove files when needed.

What to Consider for Your Hosting ?


Number of Visitors

The number of visitors your website receives daily, weekly, and monthly plays a large role in understanding how much server space you require. We all know that more visitors mean more work for the hosting provider, and for this reason, they usually suggest more expensive packages to people with high traffic sites. However, some providers, such as Linux VPS hosting, offer packages that can handle high traffic.

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Number of Tasks

Before you select a Linux or Windows-based server, it’s important to understand the type of tasks your website will require from it. Will visitors be able to upload images? Consider this beforehand.

Additional Hosting Features

What kind of features does a hosting provider offer for a VPS server? These can be anything from website statistics to mailboxes, databases and multimedia support. This all comes at a cost, and you must choose a package that offers the right features for your site.

Business and Consumer

When you choose a hosting package for your website, it’s essential to consider the type of site you are creating. Is it consumer or business-oriented? Some providers offer packages for each, and this can be beneficial as they would provide dedicated server space and different website statistics such as visitors, hits and bandwidth usage. This enables you to have control over your website and track everything about how it’s performing.

Website and Network Security

Security is one of the most important aspects when you choose a hosting provider for your website. It needs to be taken into consideration that there are different levels of security available, ranging from shared servers to dedicated or managed servers. Often people opt for managed servers with varying levels of security.


Price is always a major factor when you are selecting a hosting provider for your website. There are many options available, and they offer different packages, so it’s important to know what works best for your site. Linux VPS servers are often more economical than dedicated server space but remember that you will need to pay extra for added security, additional features and support. If you choose the right provider, you can still get a reasonable price for Linux VPS servers, so do your research before making any final decisions.


Is your website going to have specific traffic peaks throughout the year? Make sure that you choose a hosting provider that has packages that offer scalable bandwidth. This will ensure that you can handle high traffic when it is required without shelling out massive amounts of cash for more server space. If your website never has heavy traffic, this feature won’t be needed, and Linux VPS hosting may still work well for you.


While both operating systems have their benefits, you should consider your specific needs before choosing between Linux and Windows VPS hosting. As a business person, you should find the VPS hosting that works well with your pre-existing systems. Windows-based hosts are generally more expensive than Linux servers because they offer more security, extra features and technical support. However, Linux servers are often more economical and can offer just as much support for your website. You need to decide if the extra features provided by Windows servers will be beneficial for your business.

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