What To Look For In The Best Domain Reseller UK Domain?

If you have researched Reseller hosting, you most likely have come across Affiliate Hosting. What is the difference, and does one have more potential than another?

Reseller hosting allows you to reuse hosting services and sell them yourself. Sure, you most likely will pay a monthly fee for the resources you are renting, but you can upsell your services and ensure a direct profit from recurring clients. Reselling is much more advantageous. It is more expensive to gain new clients than to keep the veterans. Selling to your loyal audience who will keep coming back to a face they know is much more beneficial than passing them off to an affiliate and losing that future profit. The only downside to Reseller hosting is dedicating more time to customer service, but better and more personal care can lead to clients who will never leave your side.

4 Things to Look Out For in a Domain Reseller Program

Let us explore 4 things to look for in a quality domain reseller UK?

1. White labelled Reseller Hosting for branding

When you are creating your own business, it is important to have your own branding. This is exactly what white label domain resellers offer. In fact this business model resellers your able to design all the details of your brand from the font, the colour layout, to the logo. This is excellent because you get to market your services exactly how you want to. This is also advantageous if you already have an online presence where you are known to have a certain colour scheme and logo in order to help with brand recognition. Think about it when you register domain name UK, you are either communicating that you are marketing to UK buyers or that you’re from the UK?

But a domain reseller UK is so much more than just the “.uk” after all “What’s in a name?”

2. Plans for every kind of domain reseller UK

What To Look For In The Best Domain Reseller UK Domain? 4

Whether you’re a small business to an established agency the best domain reseller UK will cater to the needs of the many at appropriate prices. You should look if the plan being offered will give you enough disk storage and perks to simplify your life as a web host. This site offers a price for all their payment plans so you don’t have to worry about the price increasing out of nowhere. Plus, its scalable meaning if you started with the cheapest payment plan and you realize you are steamrolling then you can simply upgrade without losing your clients data.

Learn more about what to look for in a profitable reseller plan.

3. WHM for easy management

Web host Manager is an easy to use software that automates the tasks necessary in for web hosting and registering a domain name UK. WHM simplifies and manages webhost services like automating the creation and management of clients accounts while tracking client billing so you can keep a solid archive of your customers.

WHM allows you to see the service that your client is currently using, the domain name they are registered under. Additionally, you can suspend clients account if you suspect or know they are doing something sketchy like fraud or copyright violations. If it’s something more dire like scamming you can terminate their account outright. Just as good white label resellers sell different payment plans to their clients according to their needs, you should be doing the same for your clients to accommodate several types of users. Naturally, while using your service they should be able to upgrade or downgrade their plan and with WHM this is an easy task. While managing a particular client you can select “Change Package” to modify their service.

You do not need an accountant as WHM automatically tracks the billing of your different clients. You can track activated plans, the products they have used during their time using your hosting service. The tool keeps a record of how long clients had their account when and why their account expired. Even if one of your potential clients leave and you purge their accounts it can still be useful to have on record the longevity of their account with you. In so doing you can see how many clients you generally have at a time and study trends.

This can be useful for you if you decide to upgrade your business if you are doing well and therefore would need more disk space for your clients’ website. Moreover, you can manage the credit of your clients if they have overpaid or paid in advance for your services as well as other transactional related tasks like recording refunds and underpayments.

4. 24/7 Hosting support

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An error you do not know how to deal with, tools that have got you muddled or maybe a query about the product you are redistributing It is quite a relief that you have a shoulder to lean on in times of uncertainty. You should be on the lookout of a webhost company that is ready to answer your concerns. Because let us face it, if there is a delay on the domain reseller’s end about something you can’t tackle yourself then your clients have to wait that much longer. That is not good for brand loyalty now, is it?

To wrap up

All in all, this convenient tool streamlines most of your webhosting management services so that anyone can get started in this line of business.