6 Key Benefits of Hosted Exchange UK

Email plays an important role in your day-to-day activities as long as you are a member of a company. It is one of the main channels of communication for internal and external customers alike. With that being said, you need a trusted email-hosting provider to handle your high volume of messages, while assuring you that all your information is safe and secure with features such as end-to-end encryption.

Allow us to introduce to you Microsoft Hosted Exchange/Hosted Exchange UK email hosting. Hosted Exchange UK is a world-leading email system for businesses.

Here, we will explore some key benefits of Hosted Exchange UK. Before we explore these benefits though, let’s get a better understanding of what Hosted Exchange UK is.

What is Microsoft Hosted Exchange?

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Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a secure and private emailing platform. It is preferred by many organizations around the world. This platform allows you to sync emails instantly over multiple devices and also helps with fast email migration services. Hosted Exchange can be accessed from anywhere and can either be installed on your company’s Local Area Network (LAN) or hosted online in the cloud.

Key benefits of Hosted Exchange UK

Here are 6 key benefits of choosing to use Hosted Exchange UK.

1. 100% Security

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Without a doubt, the security of your emails should be a top priority. With Hosted Exchange UK, you receive enterprise-level security that is sure to protect all your information and communication from any form of threat.

The hosted exchange mail server comes with cloud security and is compliant with all major compliance standards. It also has multi-layered filtering which prevents spam from ever reaching your inbox. These are excellent security benefits and should be considered as an option for your business.

2. Guaranteed productivity

Productivity is guaranteed when using hosted exchange webmail. This is possible with an ever-present hard-working team on hand to ensure that your hosting environment is managed efficiently. Work without interruption, since all the backend work is taken care of. Of course, this means an increase in revenue for you, which in turn helps your company grow.

3. Even more savings

If you weren’t convinced by the other benefits we’ve covered so far, then maybe the benefit of saving will inspire your need to choose Hosted Exchange UK.

Yes, the costs associated with using a physical server are very high, but the growing popularity of the cloud option is fast becoming the preferred choice for many users. In addition to that, when you use web hosting with Microsoft Exchange, there is no need to think about monies for firewall security and salaries for more than one system administrator. With Hosted Exchange UK, you can choose a self-hosting option or just have a single administrator. Anything that you will need will be taken care of by your hosting administrator Hosting.uk.

4. Ease of access and increased availability

As long as you’re using the Hosted Exchange webmail server, you can access your mail round the clock and on multiple devices. Whether it’s your email, your contacts or your calendar, you can sync them all and access them from as many devices as you choose.

5. Continuous updates

Your Hosted Exchange mail server will require regular updates as long as you have a web and email hosting service. With Hosted Exchange UK, you will always get the latest updates for your email service, as your email host takes care of all updates. You won’t need to worry about the backend of things when you have a trusted email host such as Hosted Exchange UK.

6. High sending and receiving limits

With Hosted Exchange, sending and receiving limits are extremely high for the day. The sending limits for any email address under the service is 10,000 recipients per day while the receiving limit is 400 emails every 10 minutes.
These limits are in place to prevent users from being spammed. The limits also help with the overall speed of the service.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, 6 key benefits of Hosted exchange UK with still many more advantages to be explored. If you want to get started with your very own piece of the pie that is Microsoft Exchange, sign up with Hosting.co.uk. We guarantee the best sign up rates, excellent security and a support team that is always available to help. If you already have an email but want to transfer it to Hosted Exchange UK, it’s simple to configure. Check out the steps here or contact support for assistance.