Reseller Hosting for Agencies: How it works

Reseller Hosting/ white label hosting is the process of rebranding and selling web hosting services to businesses and individuals. As a reseller, you don’t have to worry about building, managing or operating the web hosting infrastructure. Your web hosting provider will do this for you. Your tasks to operate a successful reseller hosting for agencies include: handling billing and simple technical support. However, for additional resolution of technical problems and more webspace, you should reach out to your primary host.

Offering reseller hosting to Agencies is a great way to generate passive income.

Whether you’re a Graphic Design, Web Design or Marketing agency utilising Reseller Hosting is a great way to stay competitive by offering additional services to your clients.

Let’s take a closer look at how these 3 types of agencies listed above can benefit from Reseller hosting.

Graphic Design Agencies

Reseller hosting will assist graphic designers in showcasing their business portfolios in addition to providing another source of income. The goal is to make your services more enticing and ensure that you provide hosting resources to your clients.

Branding your agency as a design and hosting company make you even more competitive.

Another important element to consider when providing reseller hosting services as a graphic design studio is flexibility. Keeping in mind that not all clients will be technical experts, make sure you provide tailored packages that include maintenance and hosting.

You’ll be able to choose between Shared or Budget hosting, as well as Managed or Virtual Private Server hosting.

Web Designers

Reseller hosting for agencies, particularly web designers, helps to set you apart from the competition. Clients are always searching for a full package of services and the assurance that they will not have to look elsewhere for additional services.

Use Reseller Hosting to offer web space for all your client’s projects.

You can choose between a dedicated server or Cloud depending on your clients’ needs. The Cloud provides flexibility and enables resource modifications for all of your clients. While dedicated server hosting offers all the resources needed to expand and grow websites for your bigger clients.

Not only is it beneficial to your clients if you design and host their website, but it also helps to build your clientele. Saving time and effort for clients will get them talking about your services to other people, increasing your referrals.

Yes, adding reseller hosting to your list of services will cost you more money upfront, but depending on the package your web host offers, you will get the most bang for your buck in the long term. Investing more in your company allows you to grow as a professional, offering more services and attracting more clients.

Marketing Agencies

Reseller hosting is usually a fantastic investment for marketing businesses. However, because the hosting business is competitive, you’ll need to think of ways to stand out from the crowd.

By building a strategic promotion plan to “sell” your hosting services to small clients, you’ll need to promote your brand, execute campaigns, and also rent out space to your clients. Having access to a variety of SEO tactics can help your agency attract more clients to the services you offer.

You’ll be in charge of ensuring the highest level of dependability for your clients. Because you’ll be their host, any service interruptions will require you to contact your host to get them handled; you’ll be the intermediary/middleman.

3 Benefits of Reseller Hosting Marketing Agencies

Here are some benefits of reseller hosting for marketing agencies are:

1. Pricing

If your packages are priced correctly, your agency will be subsidising the hosting cost through your reseller hosting plan.

2. Additional income

Marketing agency services are required by all businesses, large and small, entrepreneurs, and virtually everyone. Providing marketing and hosting services ensures a steady stream of revenue for your company.

3. Low Barrier to entry

The cost to start your reseller hosting business is not as costly as other online ventures. The steps to becoming a reseller are simple.


Though Reseller Hosting won’t necessarily provide a windfall to your finances, it will supply a continuous flow of additional income to your business. Along with the additional income it helps to build your reputation as an agency in the market.

Will there will be additional costs in the beginning? Yes, however, this is a worthwhile long-term investment in your business. It will also help in expanding your offerings, making you more marketable to your current and potential clients.

Invest in your agency, start a Reseller Hosting service, and ensure that you choose the right web host provider that will best suit your requirements and that of your clients. A good web host provides security and all the resources you will need to take your business to the next level. It’s time to level up with Reseller plans or speak to a reseller expert to find your ideal plan.