8 Free SEO Tools to Boost Pagespeed & Rank Higher

In life there are tools for almost everything. If you are changing the tire on your car, cutting your nails or fixing your plumbing, there’s usually a tool to help you along the way. Fortunately for you, there are also many tools to help you on the internet. Site ranking as it relates to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is fundamentally important to have your website appear higher in search engine results. There are many different factors that influence this and Pagespeed is a key one.
In this article we delve into some of the free SEO tools available that can help your website rank higher.

8 Free Seo Tools For Better Site Ranking

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

As previously mentioned, Pagespeed i.e. the page loading speed of a website, is an important aspect of site ranking. With better pagespeed comes better site rankings. Coupled with this, users are better satisfied when the elements of your website loads faster and they get an opportunity to engage with your content/products/services without delay.

With Google PageSpeed Insights, you can check the pagespeed of your website and use the recommendations it provides to better your site ranking.

Around the year 2018, Google made a major update to its algorithm stating that pagespeed was now a primary factor for searches on mobile devices. As such, websites are prompted to better their pagespeed in order not to incur any penalties and most importantly to better their site ranking.

2. Mobile-Friendly Test

App Monetisation

At the mention of Mobile, your website if not already, needs to be optimised for mobile users. Optimisation for mobile devices does influence your site ranking.

Unlike checking pagespeed, the Mobile-Friendly Test tool allows users to get results on their websites’ responsiveness as it relates to mobile devices.

Having a website that adapts to different devices is important to the success of your website. When users visit your website, it should be adaptable to the various ways they visit. With Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool, your site can be audited for its mobile adaptive capabilities. This tool helps to decrease your website’s bounce rate and provides you with suggestions to better your sites’ mobile use.

3. Ranking.name

onpage audit

Ranking.name is yet another free tool that provides excellent benefits for site ranking optimisation. This tool is DIY web-based that provides a SEO report/analysis to better your site ranking. The generated report starts with entering your website’s URL on the website. The report provides an analysis on different elements such as pagespeed, social media engagement, mobile device optimisation, keyword ranking, content analysis and more.

Ranking.name is by far one of the easiest SEO tools to use based on its web-based element.

4. Keyword Tool

An alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner is the Keyword Tool. It provides necessary keyword recommendations geared at making your website rank higher. Keyword research can be a tedious task and to have a tool that can streamline the process comes in handy.

Keyword Tool is recommended for searching for specific keyword phrases that match your target group. Using this tool enables your website to add more value by boosting your keyword potential and output.

5. SEMrush

SEMrush is a popular tool used for SEO optimisation. The SEMrush tool performs an audit of your website and shares results relating to traffic and your website’s backlinks count. You also have the ability to perform competition analysis, keyword based research, topic background research and more.

SEMrush helps to audit your website by looking at different elements of your website and comparing it with the elements necessary for SEO optimisation.

The free version allows you to explore all the benefits of the tool but also offers a premium version at a cost.

6. SEO Book’s Robots.txt Generator

When it comes on to search engines, matters of privacy on your website is paramount. With this tool, a special file called Robots.txt is created to instruct which pages of your website search engines should index and which they should not. SEO Book provides this Robots.txt file so that the correct coding is presented and it can be easily added to your website.

7. SERPs Rank Checker

Each page of your website is important therefore, knowing how each page is performing as it relates to keywords is significant to your site’s success. SERP Rank Checker analyses each page of your website and generates a really cool graphic that highlights how each page of your website performs via keywords on Google or Yahoo. Also your website’s ranking based on the different devices used.

SERP is rather helpful as it allows you to know the ranking of your site by keywords so you can avoid a manual check.

8. Siteliner

Siteliner is another online SEO tool to better your site’s ranking. Here’s how it works. When there are duplicate pages on your website, it will negatively impact your SEO. Simply add your website’s URL to Siteliner and the site will generate a list of all the duplicated pages on your site. Siteliner will also provide a check of broken links and give you an update on other pages of your website. Siteliner is easy to use and is free.


So there you have it. 8 free tools guaranteed to help your website rank higher. To say which one is the best is up to you. Test the tools to see which works best for your site. We recommend Ranking.name SEO tool based on its ease of use, web-based element and the in-depth analysis it provides. Ranking.name exists in a free version and also a low-cost premium version to choose from. Or if you’re still deciding, speak with an SEO expert to help learn more about SEO benefits for your site.

SEO goes beyond pagespeed and thankfully when it comes on to making your site rank higher, there are tools for that.