VPS hosting

Managed VPS Hosting vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, you have two primary options, shared hosting or VPS. You can go for shared hosting as it offers reliability, an easy to use user interface, and affordability all at once. While shared hosting is undoubtedly your best option when it comes to running a blog or a small website, … Read more

Choosing your Content Management System

Content management systems are applications that enable development and management of digital contents. It can be applied in both web content management and enterprise content management. WCM supports the control of websites and their contents. They handle tasks such as web publishing, formal management. The open source content management systems (CMS) available include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal … Read more


Hosting.co.uk launches Monitoring.me – performance monitoring solution

Website monitoring or web performance monitoring is essentially analysing and monitoring a website’s performance. The assessment entails checking a website’s loading speeds and speed consistency, rendition across a range of devices (screen sizes), downtimes, etc. Proper website performance leads to good user experience, which adds to a website’s SEO. A website that doesn’t load properly … Read more


SEPA payments now offered to all our clients

The all-time purchasing plan Over an extended period, excellent service provision has been our only goal. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ get the best services that will offer their entities a bright future. Our company has clients from both in and out of UK and therefore paying for our services at … Read more


Hosting.co.uk change of ownership.

Hi everybody! We are happy to announce that hosting.co.uk and its sister brand hosting.co.uk were bought by Zonat S.A. in December 2017. Because of that our team has entered 2018 with a feeling of a new beginning. Hosting.co.uk start DI S.A., our previous owner which holds a prestigious portfolio of Internet domains, started its web … Read more