Why Use an Email Marketing Tool to Automate Campaigns? 

Besides pitching an offer, email marketing plays a significant role in an organisation. It enhances customer loyalty, improves direct sales, and nurtures leads. Email marketing also increases brand awareness when customers click on your emails.

Sending bulk emails involves hectic and time-consuming processes – creating a list, dividing it into different subgroups, sending the emails, and generating feedback reports. However, email marketing software helps to do away with all these tasks as it automates most of the manual workflows.

Furthermore, email marketing tools help you to measure ROI and split-test campaigns. You can use these tools to analyse how branded email campaigns are performing in real-time as you can stream the main metrics as they happen.

If you’re not employing a tool in your branded email campaigns, you may be limiting the full potential of your campaign. This post aims to shed light on the functionalities associated with email marketing tools. Please keep reading to get an in-depth explanation of Hosting.co.uk’s Email Marketing tool and its benefits and key features. In addition, we have included some challenges to look out for to avoid spam traps and the recent trends in the industry.

About Hosting.co.uk Email Marketing tool

Hosting.co.uk’s email marketing tool makes it easier for small businesses to communicate with their consumers by allowing them to manage contacts, design bespoke email campaigns from templates, and simply send. It’s a low-cost, simple-to-use solution designed to assist small businesses to get started with email marketing, regardless of their marketing resources, design experience, or technological ability.

Our Email Marketing software is ideal for a wide range of authors due to its numerous features. It’s perfect for anyone looking to do the following:

1. Contact List Management

contact list management

You’ll never lose contact with any of your prospects again using this platform. All of your contact information may be stored in one location, making it simple to welcome new subscribers, nurture current ones, keep your list clean, reengage or remove old connections, and much more.

2. Email Communication Management: Send drip campaigns, abandoned cart emails, transactional emails, and much more using email communication management. To generate responsive emails, sign-up forms, and integrate third-party resources, use pre-designed email templates.

3. Sending Transactional Emails: Ensure that critical emails are sent on time, every time – even at scale. All of this is simple thanks to our email tool’s API, which handles all marketing and transactional emails for you.

4. Email Engagement Management: The platform allows you to observe message interactions so you can optimise, customise, and automate to keep your subscribers engaged.

5. Communication Tracking and Monitoring: Our tool has a number of features to help you track and monitor your communications so you don’t miss a chance to connect, nurture, or sell to your audience.

Features of Our Email Marketing Tool

features of our email marketing tool 1

We want our you to concentrate on your message. So, the we’re bring you a tool that is packed with expert designed templates so you never have to worry about design stuff. All you need to do is to choose your fonts and colours, write your copy then add your crafted messages to the templates.

There are no design skills required. Plus, there’s a growing collection of content blocks is available to assist you in realising your idea.

Organise your connections in a professional manner. Maintain contact lists, build groups, and deliver the appropriate message to the appropriate individuals at the appropriate time with ease.

Our Email Marketing tool comes with a long list of remarkable features, including:

  • CAN-SPAM Compliance for Autoresponders 
  • Personalisation & Dynamic Content 
  • Segmentation (advanced) 
  • Management of Consent 
  • Event-Triggered Actions Drip Campaigns 
  • Email templates that are mobile-friendly 
  • Reporting/Analytics 
  • Free high-quality image archive powered by Pixabay and Pexels 
  • Web Forms for List Hygiene Automation 
  • 600 professional responsive templates + managed deliverability 

Template Management, Whitelisting/Blacklisting, and a WYSIWYG Editor are among the extra features.

Core features to power your campaigns

Let’s take a closer look to some of our Emailing Tool’s core features in order to give you an idea of what our Hosting.co.uk Email Marketing software can do for you and your organisation.

1. Simple, intuitive interface

Our Email Marketing Tool’s most recent release of its interface brings together a master user interface with customer management. All the tools you need to get to know your audience and engage them.

Logging in will make it easy to use the platform. You can also send transactional and marketing emails quickly thanks to the variety of templates available.

Flexible design tools let you customise any template to suit your brand and preferences.

There is no learning curve. Everything is easy and straightforward. This means that even those with little technical knowledge can create stunning emails in just a few clicks.

Our Email Marketing Tool’s interface makes managing contacts and campaigns easy and can deliver amazing results.

2. Email Marketing

This platform provides all the tools you need to create, track, and send effective email marketing campaigns regardless of how big or small your business.

Easy-to-use email editor makes it easy to create and send responsive, brand-branded emails in minutes. Mobile-optimised emails are more important than ever, with over half of all email being viewed on mobile devices.

This platform automatically takes care of all this so you don’t have to worry about whether your content will look good on different screens.

You can quickly create email marketing campaigns using the pre-designed templates. You can personalise your messages with dynamic content to make them stand out and increase conversion rates.

3. Email Automation

You can engage your subscribers using the powerful email automation tools on the platform. Automation Builder allows you to send welcome and onboarding emails to your new subscribers to your mailing list.

You have many email templates to choose from when sending out triggered drip sequences. The image below shows this:

Our Email Marketing Tool provides email automation statistics so that you can see how many people received an email and which ones triggered your automation.

This is Our Email Marketing Tool’s email automation workflow creator:

Automated list hygiene is also available. You can add unsubscribe links automatically to any emails you send. The platform then tracks and manages all unsubscribe requests to make sure you only send emails to those who have requested them. This protects your sender’s reputation, and ensures you comply with anti-spam laws.

 4. Contact Lists

email marketing contact lists 1

Our Email Marketing Tool allows you to create a customer contact list. This will help you keep track your orders. This allows you to easily target, grow, and manage your ideal audience. You can import contacts from form to our Email Marketing Tool with just a few clicks.

Importing entire lists can be done with or without the corresponding data. You can import part of a list, add data and columns, or add contacts one by one to your list. This allows for a lot more flexibility and ease.

Your contact lists can be segmented using custom fields and previous newsletter activities. The best thing about the platform’s Contact feature is its ability to detect duplicate emails automatically, which can save you the time and effort of manually fixing it.

5. Advanced Segmentation

Our Email Marketing Tool allows you to segment your contacts to send targeted messages. To increase your click-through rate, segment your customers using segments. 

You can also create duplicate campaigns on the platform, so you can send the same campaign to multiple segments. This saves time and helps you to be more efficient. 

6. Analytics

email marketing reports 1

Our Email Marketing Tool provides tools that allow you to connect with your audience and also offers ways to gain valuable insights.

You can track all the actions of your subscribers after they have received your emails using the reporting and analytics feature.

You’ll know:

  • Which emails were opened? 
  • Clicked links 
  • Who shared your content with others? 
  • Who marked your email as spam? 

…and many more. 

All statistics can be exported to another location or used in contact list segmentation. You can send newsletters to subscribers who have clicked on a particular link, if desired. 

This information will allow you to align future campaigns with the interests of your audience to increase engagement and boost conversions. 

You can access standard and custom reports through the platform. 

Performance graphs are simple to understand and read for users. To get more information about your audience, you can integrate social media with Google Analytics and Google Analytics. 

You can view subscriber history and list engagement, compare sent messages reports, and many other things.

7.  API 

Our Email Marketing Tool allows you to do everything, in both the browser and via the powerful API. 

  • Email Marketing API - This tool allows you to send highly targeted, high-volume marketing campaigns to your email subscribers. Unsubscribe requests, bounces and cancellations are handled automatically. 
  • Analytics API – Receive immediate access to all your subscribers’ real time activities. You can see the performance of your marketing campaigns and transactional emails so that you can quickly make data-backed business decisions. 
  • Contact API – Synchronise contacts with their attributes using your app. You can segment your group to send the right messages. You’ll be able run targeted campaigns that are relevant to your target audience by doing this. 

Advantages and limitations of our Email Marketing Tool

Hosting.co.uk emailing tool, like any other piece of software, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most notable advantages and limitations. 


High Sending Capacity: This is one of the features that distinguishes our Emailing software from the competition. It has a massive sending capacity, allowing you to send massive amounts of seasonal or cyclical emails.

Another advantage of adopting this platform is that it allows you to customise even the smallest aspects, such as your customer’s user interface language and contact list language. Special characters, among other things, are supported.

Managed Deliverability: There are several factors to consider when delivering mass emails, including correct authentication, bounces, unsubscribes, spam complaints, and feedback loops. This email service takes care of everything for you.


Manual List Segmentation: On the platform, you must manually segment your lists.

Limited Language Options: The platform only supports a few languages, but if yours isn’t one of them, they’ll gladly work with you to convert the app into the language you require.

Hosting.co.uk Email Marketing Tool Pricing

email marketing tool pricing 1

We offer options to fit the demands of various types of enterprises. The following is the price structure:

Basic Monthly Subscription: 23.95 

  • 2,500 contacts 
  • 12000 emails each month 

Essentials Plan: 39.95 

  • 5000 contacts 
  • 600+ email templates 

Premium Plan: 55.95 

  • 100K contacts 
  • 600+ email templates  

Pro Plan: 111.49 

  • 25K contacts 
  • 600+ email templates  

*Subscription forms, email marketing campaigns, contact management, analytics, email designer, unlimited users, and marketing API access are included in all our subscriptions.

4 Reasons to Use an Email Designer Tool to Automate Email Campaigns

It’s best to use email marketing software for an array of reasons. Here are four of them.

1. It personalises clients’ experiences

According to Statista, 90% of customers find personalisation quite appealing. Furthermore, email marketers’ most effective personalisation experience is automated emails. Email automation helps you produce a channel of automated emails to grow your business and enhance the relationship between you and your clients.

2. It maximises the potential of your marketing team

Automation of business processes is gradually transforming how teams and departments run their operations. Automation of email marketing helps improve staff productivity by reducing wasted time, which allows workers to concentrate on the business’s core activities.

This part is great news, especially for email marketing teams. Email automation means less time spent trying to compile responsive emails and schedule messages manually. Instead, the team can use that time to concentrate on crucial activities like in-depth building of customer relationships.

Essentially, automation helps get more things done, and improved productivity offers more value.

3. It helps to enhance your rate of customer retention

It’s simpler and more cost-efficient to sell to an existing client than a new one. With email automation, you can remain in touch with your customers. It lets you schedule your emails, so your clients don’t have to wait too long to hear from you. Also, it ensures the copies sent to your customers are relevant, maximising their impact.

To bring customers back to your business, it’s best to send a message that fulfils a particular need of the prospective customer.

4. It makes marketing strategies scalable

When manually sending an email series, the size of your workforce will limit the population you can reach. It can be hard to remain on schedule if the number of your customers increases or triples in size.

Sending responsive emails helps you to scale your email marketing strategies. For instance, you can set your platform to send a notification when people register for your mailing list through a personalised signup form. The best part is that you don’t need an employee to handle this function – the email marketing tool will do that for you. To sign up for a Hosting account, visit its website and fill in your details.

Why Do You Need a Custom Email Over Gmail or Yahoo Accounts?

If you send newsletters using an email address ending in @gmail.com or @yahoo.com – even if you’re the authentic owner of the email address – it means that you’re impersonating Google or Yahoo.

AOL and Yahoo often request receivers to receive emails not sent via their email clients or staff. As a result, some of the emails you send may bounce. Some free webmail address service providers redirect emails not sent from their staff to junk or spam folders.

Therefore, you’ll increase your email deliverability if you use a custom email address with a custom domain you own. However, it’s important to authenticate the email address to show that you’re a genuine business.

Key Features to Look for in an Email Marketing Tool

The foundation for an email marketing strategy is the tool you use. Therefore, it’s best to pick an email marketing tool that suits your business needs and will give you immense success. The pricing structure isn’t the only feature you need to consider when making your purchasing decision. Here are some key features to look for when searching for an email marketing tool.

Email automation capabilities.

Your tool’s capability to automate emails depends on customisable triggers. Email automation is a key feature because email platforms often provide basic automation without customisable triggers.

Level of personalisation.

Personalisation is foundational to both email marketing automation and the overall growth of the business. You can achieve personalisation by using an email designer tool that supports customer relationship management software integration. Once you integrate with the CRM, you can effectively nurture leads, increasing the growth of your business.

Access to real-time analytics.

To determine if there is a problem in a particular business section, you need to analyse data. In addition, growth opportunities are in the data. Processes without key performance indicators negatively impact business growth in the long run.

Ease of use and customisation.

Email automation tools help save time that can be invested in connecting with customers. To save enough time, it’s best to have easy-to-use, elegantly designed, and highly customisable templates. These templates ensure an appealing design and make it convenient to create relevant templates for any use case.

eCommerce integrations.

It’s crucial to have the capability to send transaction-specific emails to your existing customers, especially if you own an eCommerce store. It can be quite tedious to generate timely emails if your email marketing software doesn’t support integration with your eCommerce platform. In addition, if you don’t have a good overview of your customers on the platform, you can’t create targeted email marketing campaigns.

Number of supported emails every month.

Many free mail service providers have limited the number of emails you send every month. If you have a massive mailing list, this can be very frustrating. Choose an email marketing tool with high sending rate or unlimited emails to make the most of your customer base. 

How Can You Avoid Spam Traps?

Spam traps are email addresses used to gauge your reputation. These email addresses are spread on the internet to identify individuals who harvest emails, buy lists from third parties, or marketers who don’t comply with the appropriate contact list building guidelines.

Use these measures to avoid falling into these traps and improve your deliverability:

  • Regularly update your contact list 
  • Use your contact lists instead of buying from third parties 
  • Process hard bounces appropriately 
  • Send emails to your list at least once in six months 
  • Use double opt-in to confirm the latest subscriber email addresses 

The verdict

Hosting.co.uk’s email marketing software is a strong platform with all the capabilities you need to manage every email marketing demand, as you’ve seen so far.

The programme is simple and attractive, with a user-friendly interface. It gives you both basic and complex tools to help you grow your company. Even non-technical individuals will be able to understand how everything works, allowing you to rapidly get your campaigns up and running.

This platform is ideal for anyone who needs a simple and dependable approach to execute email marketing campaigns without having to bother about coding or development. Need help selecting your email marketing plan? Get a free consultation with an expert sales agent today.